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The Adventures of Alexis and Brook London


Want to see what happens when the Seeking.com squad goes to London for a coaching tour? Watch our new vlog, The Adventures of Alexis and Brook London, to find out!

Seeking Lifestyle Coaching in London

Seeking.com might be based in the states, but we’re international baby! The site is also big in places like Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. We want to get to know all our members and provide them with specific advice and tips based on their needs, desires, and locations.

London is one of our biggest cities for members, so we got on a flight and headed over to do what we do best: help people date on Seeking.com! It was a long journey from our headquarters in Las Vegas, but worth it to visit the members and learn about how the UK is different than the US for Seekers.

Keeping Up Appearances

When news got around that Alexis and myself were going to be in London, there were some stations that wanted to cover us in a news story. That’s how we get more members on the site and spread the word about what Seeking.com is all about.

We were stacked with press opportunities and appeared as guests on the UK’s national morning show, Good Morning Britain. If you want to check it out, click here! And you know we couldn’t leave without getting a fleeky photo.

Seeking Lifestyle Coaching Events

At our events, we provide advice on using Seeking.com like profile help and site hacks for more traction. Being on the site is only half of the trouble with dating, and Alexis and I love providing insight on finding the right partner. Much of our expertise is based on personal experience, so attendees always get a sneak peek into our personal love lives.

Attend an Event

Do you want to attend one of our exclusive events? Check out the Seeking Events page to see a list of current events. Most of these are waitlist only and offer free entry to attendees. Sign our waitlist with your Seeking.com email address and be sure to check your email for access to your ticket and venue info.

Questions about events? Email [email protected]

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