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The Adventures of Alexis and Brook London


Want to see what happens when the Seeking.com squad goes to London for a coaching tour? Watch our new vlog, The Adventures of Alexis and Brook London, to find out!

Seeking Lifestyle Coaching in London

Seeking.com might be based in the states, but we’re international baby! The site is also big in places like Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. We want to get to know all our members and provide them with specific advice and tips based on their needs, desires, and locations.

London is one of our biggest cities for members, so we got on a flight and headed over to do what we do best: help people date on Seeking.com! It was a long journey from our headquarters in Las Vegas, but worth it to visit the members and learn about how the UK is different than the US for Seekers.

Keeping Up Appearances

When news got around that Alexis and myself were going to be in London, there were some stations that wanted to cover us in a news story. That’s how we get more members on the site and spread the word about what Seeking.com is all about.

We were stacked with press opportunities and appeared as guests on the UK’s national morning show, Good Morning Britain. If you want to check it out, click here! And you know we couldn’t leave without getting a fleeky photo.

Seeking Lifestyle Coaching Events

At our events, we provide advice on using Seeking.com like profile help and site hacks for more traction. Being on the site is only half of the trouble with dating, and Alexis and I love providing insight on finding the right partner. Much of our expertise is based on personal experience, so attendees always get a sneak peek into our personal love lives.

Attend an Event

Do you want to attend one of our exclusive events? Check out the Seeking Events page to see a list of current events. Most of these are waitlist only and offer free entry to attendees. Sign our waitlist with your Seeking.com email address and be sure to check your email for access to your ticket and venue info.

Questions about events? Email [email protected]

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29 Responses to “The Adventures of Alexis and Brook London”

  1. Battmann says:

    I have seen several over 40. Interactions are pleasant. They appreciate the effort put into the experience. Some younger SB do not have a great understanding or appreciation of the efforts put in.. Just saying

  2. alternatedating says:

    This website is getting more and more frustrating …

    Its been a great couple of years … I’ve met some smart and interesting women, have paid a few semesters of tuition, gone to fun resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico as well as weekends in NYC, LA, and Miami, multiple trips to Europe and Asia, etc.

    But … so many of the new profiles on here are cam girls, not where they say they are, or looking for “online” arrangements whatever that means.

    Can SA adopt a requirement that SB’s profiles show country and state when they login? Please?

    • Anonymous says:

      that would be nice the way it is now you never know where they are until you have wasted time emailing them to only find out they are not close at all to you

  3. Hekat says:

    Hey SDs! I was wondering for those that are still active can take a look at my profile and let me know if it’s ok? I’m a black SB and I feel like my luck is already stacked against me so any tips are appreciated! ❤

    • Dave says:

      I’m not going to look at your profile but here’s some tips . You want to beat out chicks here’s what you should do .
      (1) be feminine
      (2) look elegant
      (3) no silly Snapchat filters
      (4) don’t talk about how you deserve the best
      (5) don’t act entitled , see step 4
      (6) we don’t care how smart you are professionally , we care how smart you are
      when it comes to any of the following : sports
      , symphony , novels, even fashion is impressive
      (7)talk about how you will enrich an SDs life not just talk about yourself. What do you have to offer a guy . I’m assuming your looks are in the top 20 percent and you’re not a land whale

      • Rick says:

        I certainly agree with some:
        (4) don’t talk about how you deserve the best
        (5) don’t act entitled , see step 4
        (7)talk about how you will enrich an SDs life not just talk about yourself. What do you have to offer a guy .

    • Rick says:

      There isn’t any way for us to look at your profile without some link to it.

      • Hekette says:

        Hi Rick!

        I just realized this site doesn’t have a username search system. I checked their FAQs and seems you can narrow down using keywords in your profile.

        I guess mine would be:
        Fantasy, nerd, drawing, illustration.

        Again, thanks for replying back!

    • Simon Jester SD says:

      Dave is giving you good advice. I never message SB’s who come off as entitled in their profile/wishlist.

  4. WorldTraveller says:

    Hi Ladies. I believe I am genuine SD and have nice profiles details with complete details and I am told constantly that I am fairly good looking for my age (50). I go to the gym three times a week and keep fit. I offer very generous allowances and i take women to nice wine and dine places. My question is around the first meet. very often I have noticed that it is very easy for me to get someone to meet for the first date where I offer $500 for the meet and drinks and dinner etc, so we can get to know each other before planning a longer term arrangement. I would say 30-40% just don’t show up. I think this is terrible and I am not sure how can be avoided as I know for sure I am always upfront with the details and not expecting intimacy unless we really hit it off, intimacy usually happens 97% of the time so must not be doing bad when I meet someone. Why do women do this as it is extremely annoying since I plan evening with that one person and when they dont show up, it ruins my evening plans and sometimes I would have made bookings and plans for our meet. Appreciate any honest comments.

    • Rick says:

      I hope you aren’t giving them the 500 before you meet them. If you are, it’s no surprise they ghost you. Truthfully, you shouldn’t be giving them anything to meet you. That just encourages SBs to become serial meet-babes, with no intention of doing anything more. SA is quite specific that no gifts or payments should be provided for the meet/greet.

      You’re getting taken

    • CC says:

      Where in the world are you located?

  5. Chloe says:

    Hello All,

    So I have been off of this site for years and recently, the past 2-3 weeks. Have been back on the site.

    However, I have not had many connection. even after sending various messages.

    Maybe, someone view and provide some advise how I can improve my profile? My user name is Chloe_4_You – https://www.seeking.com/member/998dc3ef-a5a3-4103-9bc7-f0c01d72cd37

    I would really appreciate it.

  6. Dave says:

    Noticing that the old bags over 40 want a “nice guy … “ come on ladies , who are you fooling ? Don’t play the , I want money but can’t compete with younger girls so I’ll pretend to be loving

    • tattletale says:

      That pretty much sums it up. Women over 40 and single are usually single because life didn’t turn out the way they thought it would. They didn’t realize that when they were 18 to 24, a new batch was coming up behind them every year, and that bitchiness and pretending to be a spoiled princess wasn’t as cute when their looks start to fade.

      • Anonymous says:

        youth is fleeting better to take advantage of it when you have it because it doesn’t last long

    • Anonymous says:

      P, we’re not here to continually massage your ego, you must be willing to spend. Sorry I didn’t feel the same. Please move on without further drama Reynolds

    • duh says:

      no one wants to date women over 40 surely? I know I surely wouldn’t even consider it