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What To Do About Debt


There have been many blogs that deal with allowances, how much to ask for, and how often. I won’t talk about that today. I would rather deal with the topic of what to do with this allowance once you have it in your hands already. It is a popular stereotype that young people can’t hold on to their money. I don’t believe that for a minute, I just think that in our country we don’t give financial education much attention and instead we let people figure it out on their own. When was the last time you saw a class in high school or college on money, debt, saving and investing? I think a class on this topic should be mandatory (a pet peeve of mine).

Let’s say your SD gives you $2k in cash each month and that your relationship lasts one year. That is $24k in cash. Not a small amount. Your next steps will depend on your individual circumstances. But here are the main things you can do with this money, provided that you have already taken care of your basic housing and food bills:

  • Pay down debt
  • Save for a rainy day
  • Live, within reason
  • No one-time gifts, pay yourself first and invest, invest, invest for the long term

First, let’s talk about paying down debt and we can discuss investing in future blogs.
If you have a credit card that charges the typical 20% annual interest, you NEED to pay that debt down, and you need to pay more than just the $25 minimum each month, otherwise high interest on the remaining balance on your debt will compound and accumulate. If you keep charging on this card and only paying the small minimum monthly required amount, this means that your debt will never be paid off.  Ever…

I think the best strategy is to divide your debt into smaller amounts. Instead of looking at a large $10,000 balance (which could be pretty daunting) it is easier to divide it up mentally in smaller and more manageable amounts. Say for example you just added $400 to your existing credit card balance because you bought college textbooks. I would recommend the next time you get your allowance pay down that full $400 balance before you do anything else. If you can’t pay it in full the next month, at least set the mental goal to pay it down as soon as you can. This way, no interest or very little interest will accumulate on that specific balance. As well, you will now feel more confident and relieved that you able to start dealing with the debt monster, and this will make you more confident to start paying down even more debt in the future.

Pay down the debt on the card with the highest interest rate first: This one is pretty obvious since you will want to get rid of as much extra interest payments as possible

Transfer your high-interest balance to a lower interest rate credit card. If your balances are large enough perhaps you can transfer that to a card with a 0% promotional interest: Some credit card companies offer these promotions at times, so be on the lookout for special offers like that. You might be able to save some money this way.

If you have several credit cards, consider paying off the one with the smallest balance first. This way you can claim a small victory against debt, and then proceed with slaying the larger balances.

So, if you follow the simple steps above, paying down debt becomes a virtuous cycle that will make you breathe easier. Bear in mind you may need to sacrifice a bit: Cut some dining and entertainment expenses in order to budget more for debt repayment. The main point is to give each dollar you earn (work or sugar allowance) a purpose. You will find out that when you get organized about that dollar, you have less time for impulsive spending. And impulsive, disorganized spending leads to debt as night follows day.

You may have noticed that some of the pointers I have offered are actually mental tricks to get you to focus on small steps, small victories and conditioning yourself to live within your means and making every dollar count with a purpose to make you more independent

The benefits of being disciplined and debt free is worth it, your future self will thank you!

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116 Responses to “What To Do About Debt”

  1. Alexis reynolds says:

    I have a daddy who is strictly platonic and he gave me his bank info to pay down debt. I am honestly kind of nervous i am not sure if i should could he access my bank info with that???

  2. Anonymous says:

    I offered a sugar baby kind of a little older than what I’m used to 500 a week for two meets a week she never replied back… is $2000-2500 a month not good enough any more that’s like 24-30,000 a yeartax free

    • Anonymous says:

      no it is not they are fed the lie they can get more keep looking not everyone on here is greedy

    • YellowB says:

      I personally don’t think that’s too bad of a deal. It may have just been her age that made her not respond..probably thought she’d be able to get more elsewhere.

  3. Myelle says:

    I just need around $10,000 probably not even that ! Just enough to get a permanent tooth implant and a decent reliable third row SUV then I’m out well you know after returning the favors etc blah blah meaning I wldnt ever entertain shit like this again ,I’m just going through a temporary obstacle ??? I’m not a authentic “sugar baby”

  4. Einstein says:

    Staying out of debt is amazingly simple.
    Don’t spend money (on credit card) that you don’t have.

  5. A says:

    TBH, I joined this site recently to search if there is anyone who can help to borrow me $3000 without interest to pay all my personal debts that due this year end. I’m not expecting for free money. I have a job and willing to pay it back in a year.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Monthly is also OK for me if it is paid at the end of the month.

  7. amber says:

    I’m new to this. I’m not sure how to ask for what I’m looking for. I’ve had a rough year and ended up homeless. I’m looking for help getting back on my feet in exchange for a fun adventurous friendship. I have $0 monetary value, but I’m one hell of a person. I feel like it’s kinda hard to sell though.

  8. Miami_Bambi says:

    I just really wish things like this would happen to me. All I need is $200 a week. I have a daughter and waitressing isn’t paying the bills anymore so I’m trying to get out here for her. All these men make me feel like a cheap hoe always trying to get my goodies but don’t want to play their part. I just need someone that is willing to help and in return I trade my skills

  9. Anonymous says:

    SB’s really need to look at their debt from a business angle and find ways to crush it through earning and trading talent and not just themselves in lace… Ive had 2 SB’s each with 50, and 100K USD debt and paid them off by simply networking, closing small deals and getting a job, and topped it with personal shopping stints for friends, both outta debt and both own an apartment together in Dubai!

    • Anonymous says:

      Can you explain the simple networking and closing small deals part? I’m in the same predicament but way less debt. Money management and investing are two huge things I’m interested in learning.

  10. Floof says:

    Women ask.. for how much on here?? I can’t even ask for 5$ without sweating

  11. Carter says:

    PPM is the way to go my guy. I can’t for the like of me see why anyone would agree to a monthly or even weekly allowance. No. Just won’t happen.

  12. Bunny says:

    I’m currently in school n taking care of my kids n paying my debts on my own, if I had anyone who was willing to help me I would be grateful and not take advantage if I didn’t need it as some people do.??‍♀️ Guess I’m just an honest person

  13. Kittymichelle says:

    That’s nuts, and here i thought my old friend was giving me a lot gifts! He always said you wouldn’t believe what some of these girls get!

  14. Simon says:

    Your post is very humorous but please consider this: Why would anyone spend more on an allowance then the minimum that is absolutely necessary to get what they want? Economics.

  15. Simon says:

    Amen. They put this kind of junk out there to help recruit more product (sugar babies) but unfortunately some inexperience guys getting started fall for it too.

  16. Simon says:

    So true. PPM, I set the conditions of the relationship or they can take a hike. This is economic survival for them, it’s recreation for me.

  17. Random girl says:

    That’s ridiculous. I just want a nice SD who can agree on a price with me and not make me feel like a cheap hoe. If a girl is asking that much she better have a golden pussy or at least have a diamond or two dangling from it.

    • Simon says:

      You are correct on all accounts. Anyone looking for an allowance this size, and anyone willing to pay it, doesn’t understand basic economics.

      • Random girl says:

        Thank you for agreeing. I would like to think I’m a reasonable woman. I work for a living so I understand how hard it is to make a good pay. I don’t think girls should just be running around asking ridiculous prices when they don’t understand what most ofthe guys have gone through to make that money.

  18. Simple guy says:

    Some girls want 2000 a meet with an attitude acting kick they’re a KNOWN pornstar and the rules when you read their info omg too much to deal with like seriously you’re asking for $2000 cash that’s like $3000 pretax

    • Simon says:

      I just laugh at those ones and block their profile. Or I did when I had a premium account. I got my last SB from a local coffee shop. Look around you, there are plenty of attractive young women who make beans for a living and to have 20k total spent on them a year would completely change their life.

  19. SDZombie says:

    Need to filter better.

  20. Humblerecipe says:

    What about the SB that has no debt but is trying to start a business, does work and is really looking for more of a business minded SD who is willing to mentor and invest in their SB business for a profit.

    • SDZombie says:

      What about them? What exactly are you trying to ask?

    • Simon says:

      I’m not sure what you’re asking but I’ll take a guess. The SB can save all of their allowance, even suggest less expensive dates/gifts to maximize allowance so that she can have more capital to start her business. The mentorship comes through conversation.

  21. duh says:

    ‘monthly allowance’ is just a myth perpetuated by SA to maintain its illusory concept that useless loser women with no real personal earning potential or value other than as a sexual provider are due a regular payment for simply dating accomplished men… you are the one who should be grateful anyone bothers to spend time with you

    • Anonymous says:

      You are looking for a PPM then not a Sugar Baby which means this is the wrong site for you. To even call a woman offering her body to you worthless you’re a POS

    • Simple guy says:

      Seriously I think both benefit but from what I’ve seen is that this site has become the new wack page tons of girls wanting u to stick it in and move on it used to be good now this site has become useless before serious girls wanted sugar daddies now not so much can u PayPal me it’s like do u think we are stupid? We have money for a reason

    • Simon says:

      @duh You are correct on every point. It is amazing to me how many of the women on this site actually believe the dribble that is posted by this company; as if they have some power to set rules of conduct. They forget that what is economic survival for a lot of them is just recreation for us and therefore they are the ones who should be grateful. Their entitlement is probably one of the reasons they are having trouble getting a SD.

    • Shan says:

      Instead of using SA where u have to deal with jerks like Ricky and Simon go on YouTube and look up sugar babies who can point you to actual sites that are poppin. And use dating apps as well. SA hasn’t been the move in like 8 years.

  22. duh says:

    who else thinks ‘David Montrose’ is most likely a woman writer?

  23. Annon says:

    As if any girl can get 2k a month from these guys!!!

    • Anonanon says:


    • Anonnn says:

      You’re telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth sweetie!

    • Anonymous says:

      lol I give $2,000 for like 6 hours.

    • Simon says:

      I have done 2k a month in prior relationships. But you need to consider the following: Why would anyone give 2k when there is another attractive woman who will take less? Basic economics. Just because someone wants more doesn’t mean they are offering anything of greater value. Remember: Something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay.

    • Anonymous says:

      I was paying my past arrangement more than 2k a month we were meeting up 2-3 times a week if a girl actually wants to date the guy and builds chemistry yes you will have a loyal sugar daddy if you want to charge 5-600 a. Meet no guy will commit to 5k a month numbers don’t lie if you ask for too much you went get much will daddies to see u

  24. Anonymous says:

    It’s hard to have a SD providing you when they are constantly fooling you as well and asking for gift cards from you….

  25. Anonymous says:

    if i had 25k to spare i’d probably run a shelter for orphan animals or something like that

  26. Kenishia says:

    I’d pay down the debt that I have if I found a sugar daddy?

  27. Angiee says:

    Thank you for this.. this is exactly what I am doing .. putting everything towards my credit .. and a car lol

  28. Anonymous says:

    If I had a sugar daddy that provided me 2,000 a month I would pay down my debt significantly and put money aside for emergencies (bills outside of my own income, never know what can happen with your car, never know what could happen in terms of your employment too. One day it will happen.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Sadly I was in an abusive relationship that I only learned too late was financially abusive as well. It’s hard to keep up with over 10k debt that was essentially dropped on my lap when I finally had the courage to leave.

    • Crystal says:

      I feel this! Debt I didnt even know still existed! 6k down to just under 2k. I feel like I can’t move forward with my life fully until it is all gone and paid off, my ex still has a hold over me with this x

      • Simon says:

        Good job paying off your debt. “Traditional” relationships are financial suicide, especially if those involved are married or if one makes more money then the other.

    • Simon says:

      “traditional” relationships are financial suicide, especially if you make more then your partner.

      • Anonymous says:

        This was my problem. I make more than my partner ever has. I stupidly allowed him to take care of the finances. Just found out he’s been gambling it all away. I’ve worked hard for everything I have and this has put the nail in the coffin.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I just need my transmission in my car fixed

  31. Anonymous says:

    It is important to know that $2K a month is $24K a year. That’s about $40K pretax income. There are about 0.05% men in any major city who has this type of disposable income and able to have time for a SB. SB needs to be realistic with what they can expect. Live within your means doesn’t just apply to SB, it applies more so to SD.

  32. Angel woman says:

    What if you don’t have any debts, but you need… let’s say, 1k a month to pay all expenses (food, bills, rent, and some clothes… if SD is not so nitpicky and doesn’t demand to see only the brands on you).

    This leaves 12k a year. My question is what to do with 12k in terms of investment?

  33. MIke says:

    This post is excellent and SD’s are supposed to be either great earners, great money manager’s or both in order to have $25K and up in purely disposable income to spend on a SB, we need to be better mentors!

    David is 100% correct with his ideas and my added advice is to take this concept of breaking your debt into smaller amounts, a bit further.

    Use your bank’s free online bill pay to set up recurring payments to your credit card company, not in monthly payments but in weekly payments. This breaks down the perceived barrier even more. Set a goal of when you want to have your credit card paid off, divide the balance due by the number of weeks in the period and then set up a recurring WEEKLY payment using your bank’s free online bill pay service. Set it and Forget it! Move on with your life and before you know, that debt is gone!

    Another strategy is to have your SD make your allowance payments directly to your credit card company and you can “sugar” your way out of debt!

    • CeeLegs says:

      That’s really good advice, honestly. When you don’t think of the deduction by physically having to make it, there’s less pressure to get it done. I’ve been working to pay off student loans and began having automatic payments coming out twice a month and I’ve paid down my debt considerably.

  34. MickeyGreenEyes says:

    I love indeed the article
    Very realistic… Sometimes I really think this site helps the ladies creating debts because all sugar daddies will at least pay 2000/month

    • Anon says:

      All sugar daddies? If you’re one willing to do that monthly let’s go, otherwise you bring up an allowance and you get blocked, deleted, or slid to the side KNOWING that is one reason this site was created for.

      • SDZombie says:

        Don’t bring up allowance on site. It’s somewhat distasteful. Meet first and see if you even like us, then give us time to bring it up during meeting. If we don’t bring it up, you’re probably wasting your time unless guy is very introverted – then bring it up for him.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Live within your means, sacrifice, work hard and you won’t need the sugar lifestyle.

  36. Smart man says:

    Nothing will save you from debt until you understand material objects are not the ticket to happiness.

    • class_act says:

      material objects? I have student loan debt!

      • LieutenantTwink says:

        Lmao, literally. That and medical bills. I wish I was in debt with material items, but I can’t even afford food cause I cant even work due to my health. Lmao. How nice it must be to not have student and/or medical bill dent.

      • theforeverstudent says:

        I was thinking this while reading the article. Credit card debt would feel like nothing compared to these student loans! Haha. I wish someone would’ve taught me about finance and investing before I’d graduated.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you!

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m on SA in order to avoid student debt! Easier to hit the ground running after I graduate than to spend the next 10+ years paying off a student loan that’s accruing interest.

      • Queen of the west says:

        AGREED! I make pretty good money for a single mom with a bunch of business related expenses. However I’d love to ACTUALLY have more money to put towards my student loans, that and I don’t even want a traditional relationship!

      • Simon says:

        @class_act Student loan debt is a material object and luxury service. You got the diploma (object) and you got the “college experience (luxury service).

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes I agree, I had some major financial problems within the last few years and trying to recover is extremely difficult. Any advice?

  37. Anonymous says:

    How do you manage debt when you’re disabled and three years still waiting for disability to go through? 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      you don’t spend for internet and computers for starters. and if you smoke, stop. that alone will save a lot of money to go towards debts.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t smoke and I have internet on my phone I have tons of health issues that cause me to not be able to be able to barely work so no it doesn’t help. I also have kids.

    • Simon says:

      Bankruptcy. Even student loans can be expunged if your situation is true. This is called “undue hardship” (when student loans are concerned) so if you really are disabled then all of your debts can be wiped.

      • Anonymous says:

        I thought student loans and tax debt were two things that could never get wiped off or else everyone would file

  38. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for sharing David, true they should teach this in school at early age. I would highly recommend everyone to read/listen to Rich Dad Poor Dad book by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter. This advocates the importance of financial literacy as well as increasing one’s financial intelligence.

  39. Hellayella says:

    You’re only young once until you are a dollar short of bad decisions in your life, so take full advantage of youth…

  40. Aseeking says:

    Like the article. Can we also have an article targeting men who advertise as “generous sugar daddies” and who contact babies with the messages like “can you fly yourself to me,” “how much are you earning/will be earning with your degree,” “what is your major, ha ha ha just curious” “buy me this or that” and “can you pay to repair my roof because we will both live here” in the very first message? Once was even asked to pay for a tractor.

  41. MissSoCharming says:

    Great article! Managing money is definitely hard for some people but you had great ideas for people to learn from on how to manage it better.