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How to Travel for Summer for Success


Summer (i.e. travel) season is upon us so I wanted to put down some ideas about sugar daddy /sugar baby travels

This, of course, assumes that the sugar daddy is single or he is able to make some type of excuse with his family and travel with his younger girlfriend.

In my opinion, this travel can be fun but at the same time, it can lead to trouble especially if it’s the first time traveling. You learn a lot about someone while traveling. Travel with a significant other can also lead to greater sexually satisfying relationships, according to some studies. It can lead to a lot of closeness and intimacy, especially if you two are sharing the same room. Some people are not ready for this type of intimacy so the outcome of this first trip could be interesting. My first such trip led to a breakup, as I was clearly not ready to be in such close proximity with anyone for nearly 24×7. I became cranky,as I am a person that needs his space every so often. So that experience taught me a few lessons that can be summarized as follows:

Choose a place you are both interested in

I would recommend that the sugar daddy accommodates his sugar baby as much as possible here. Let’s keep her happy, guys.

If she likes diving/water sports and you don’t, perhaps you can use this opportunity to extend your comfort zone a bit. A few good laughs and interesting experiences may ensue. Or you could find a location that offers both divings as well as ancient monuments or other “together” activities for added variety. Discuss your activities in advance to avoid misunderstandings.

Set a budget ahead of time

For example, will you go on any guided tours or will you rent a car and do a self-guided tour? Will every night be a 4 star dining out type of experience or are there other options?

Thinking about this ahead of time is important, this way you can avoid awkward money discussions from ruining your vacation

What type of hotel (5 stars or more low key bed & breakfast) will you be staying at? Will you be in the same room or separate rooms? This could get interesting, make sure you are comfortable being in the same bed all night over several days. I found out that I couldn’t :(

Set your schedule in advance

Will you be spending the entire vacation together or will you set aside a few hours in the afternoon just for “alone” time before going out for dinner? Based on my own painful experiences I would highly recommend having this discussion ahead of time

Now for some destinations that come to mind, this shortlist is only based on my own experience. My preference is to go to quieter low key places, this way I can experience the sugar baby even more.


One of the most popular Greek islands although now it’s getting swamped by selfie-taking tourist groups. I do like the native wine they make and riding those cute little donkeys they have. But try Naxos island for a slightly more quiet experience.


What I like here is the combination of Mayan antiquities, which I loved, and the beach and scuba diving. It’s right on the equator and I got burned like a lobster. Be careful. What I didn’t like was the loud tourist groups though. Maybe offseason would have been a bit better?


Paradise, more original than the manufactured experience you will get in Cancun. A lot of reefs and underwater features and lagoons to visit. I liked the village of San Ignacio with its Mayan ruins and nearby rainforests and caves. Out of my entire list, this is my favorite destination.

Kenya safari

It was a long flight getting there but I really liked that country. I took a great picture of a giraffe with the high rise building of Nairobi in the background, just to give you an idea of the contrasts you will see. Just be careful of aggressive pickpocketing and leave your jewelry at home

When you travel with your sugar daddy/sugar baby, make sure you come back and let us know how it all went. We love to gossip!


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    How do you unblock someone

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    Not on topic, but I did see a remark in a sugar baby’s profile that made me laugh: “I am looking for a man with traditional values.”