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Confessions of a Sugar Baby | Mecca & Nicole


Sugar relationships are often discreet which adds to the allure of it all, but it can also leave you wondering if you can relate to other Sugar Babies and their experiences.

You may have questions like:

How do you agree on an allowance?

What is intimacy like with an older gentleman?

Are friends envious of your extravagant lifestyle too?

Can you be a sugar baby and a feminist at the same time?

And so much more.

We reached out to members on Seeking Arrangement and asked real sugar babies if they’d be willing to share intimate, never-before-told details about their sugar relationships. We call this series, Confessions of a Sugar Baby.

These on-camera interviews are raw and real. Some details are sweet and some are just plain salty. A few of these confessions will provide guidance for navigating your own arrangements, while others provide pure entertainment and humor. Regardless, every woman and relationship is different, but it’s nice to hear stories from your sugar peers.

In this series, you’ll meet a teacher, a Reiki healer, a singer, and an esthetician.

Can you relate to their confessions? Let us know in the comments. There are no sinners here.

Meet Mecca, 29. She found love on the site, but was it everlasting?

Meet Nicole. At 21 years old, she’s got a budding music career and a budding bank account.

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152 Responses to “Confessions of a Sugar Baby | Mecca & Nicole”

  1. Informative says:

    Hey guys google how much pornstars make on avg $300 and they have to pay there manager too lol so what do they get after taxes less than $200 and ugly fat girls want $500 or $200 for coffee LMFAO

    • Dave says:

      Im so glad you mentioned this . I went out with a pornstar from this site . She spent a whole day with me . I took her jet skiing , drinking , dancing , and we had sex 4 times . I gave her as a parting gift 300. She was super clean , a neat freak , and was enthusiastic . She was 28 at the time .

      • Me says:

        You’re so lucky bro omg lucky
        Fat whales want $500 on this site lol then they come down to $300 I’m like yo I’m not interested to do u for free lol

      • Dave says:

        Oh trust me when I say that luck occurred only a few times . I’ve been getting hit up by land whales even though I was an NCAA soccer player 20 years ago and still play 3x per week

      • Dave says:

        I won’t even date single moms unless they are super hot. Trannies on here haha… Getting a blowjob from a dude should be free haha but at least trannies are hotter than land whales

  2. Jay says:

    What’s wrong with girls on this site hiding face pics expecting us to follow their rules wtf?
    And the ridiculous allowance amounts and my all time favorite PLATONIC lol

  3. Steve says:

    @ aaa seriously u charge for coffee dates and you want to see bank accounts lol good luck with that and Shan you sound ghetto asf good luck to you too maybe you girls will find some dude infected willing to pay …. but us normal clean guys will not just my two cents if you don’t like shove it where the sun don’t rise!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I must be the only black SB on here or maybe there is more, but I know the guys aren’t checking for me no matter how pretty I am. My average white girlfriend(not being rude, she is just an average looking girl) got 4x more of the response then me.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Meet several SB online who refused to show any photo pic but request for a $500 compensation for the first meet up. I turn it around and said in that case we will go into the full arrangement directly which she was apprehensive and wanted to meet first to see if there is chemistry. It’s crap to pay just to buy someone coffee

    • Dave says:

      Yeah they want everything handed to them without any work . They want men to impress them but they don’t want to put in any effort other than fakeup. Their profiles are all about themselves and what they want , not about what they offer to the men .

  6. Dave says:

    This site is being overrun by used up single mothers who put their baby pictures on their profiles and washed up post 35 year old hookers . Who would pay more than $50 for single moms ? What delusion there exists

  7. Anonymous says:

    90 percent of the men on here are not looking for a arrangement. Their looking to take you for a cup of coffee and then bring you to some cheap hotel or even their car. They want to have sex and throw you a few 20s. They will make a lot of promises to the younger girls and will walk away with the girl getting nothing. This site is NOT where you find a real sugar daddy. The best place is meeting ppl out and about.

    • Dave says:

      You sound angry . You don’t like it when men have options do you ?

      • Shan says:

        Dave u always talk shit from one side, let me tell you how it is from the other side. A bunch of unattractive raggedy or average looking Splenda and salt daddies talking about how they look “young for their age” or are always told how good they look when in reality they look every bit of that 50+ the extra ten they’re leaving off to try and fool us. Don’t want transactional relationships but still expect you to find something sexy about them and as the other person said, think that PPM or meeting at a coffee shop warrants sticking their rickety erection in you and you should be good with a couple hundred dollars for putting up with there old ass when you could have been fuckin his grandson. And don’t get me started on being ebony on this site. Child

      • Dave says:

        Dear angry black women . The ghetto is that way —> good luck with the grandson. You talk like street trash

      • Shan says:

        Dear Dave you’re a troll that’s been on this site spewing this same rhetoric since 2013 when my friend first joined and possibly beyond that. Someone needs to Get a life. Get a life. Get a life.

      • Dave says:

        i see, so you DO have a personal beef with me and you still can’t get over a blog post from 6 years ago . You must be jaybird. Who’s the troll ?

      • Shan says:

        Looks like someone needs to get a life get a life get a life

      • Dave says:

        Again , not one single counterpoint to my statement . You just fire back with insults and your hurt feelings from 6 years ago . Yeah you’re real mature

      • Anonymous says:

        @shan I’m finding it to be true. What is the tea on being ebony on here? I’m starting to think it’s a fake site to lure potential sugar babies to nothing of what was promised 🤔

    • Simple guy says:

      That’s just sounds like a bad experience you shouldn’t think all the guys are like that do you know how many bs PayPal Zelle girls send me everyday it’s annoying a meet and greet is the best way to see if there’s chemistry and you go from there if you don’t close the deal then move on to the next but being negative won’t help anyone

      • Dave says:

        Women complain that men only want sex but thy expect gifts and money on the first meet up

      • AAA says:

        It’s because when you look at a woman, a man can already tell if he likes the woman or not (based purely on looks which I think this is what the site revolves around- hot chicks and rich men). But a man can be completely full of shi* and lie about their wealth. Maybe i’ll ask my future sugar daddies to show me their bank account instead of asking for a small allowance for a coffee date.

    • Ricky says:

      I can’t tell you how many women I meet and greet with that want to have sex in the car immediately.

      • Dave says:

        I’ve done this and immediately bolted from the car without paying a dime . Haha… This got old after about 20 times

      • W says:

        Why would you want to have sex in your car? What kind of desperate women are you meeting?

      • Ricky says:

        @ W …It wasn’t my idea but I went with it ……I’m meeting more and more SB that will agree to meet and greet but only if sex/payment occurs that same day. Weird …

  8. Anonymous says:

    I see alot of casting calls for models and actress for this site. 🤔

    • Anonymous says:

      if they are looking for models and actresses they must have hired ugly ones because the ones on here are pathetic but I’m still hopeful they will find some nice looking ones

      • Dazed SD says:

        LOL..but true !

      • Anonymous says:

        You guys must live in the boonies then, because I find my pick of the litter with many beautiful women on here. Change your search location and fly a sugar baby to you. There are literally thousands of young beautiful models on here.

      • Anonymous says:

        anon what is your point there are lots of attractive available women offsite that i don’t have to fly in doesn’t matter what method you use just as long as you find what your looking for yes you can fly women in but i can’t see them as much as local women so I’m not interested in that

    • d says:

      Couldn’t agree more. I’m a “sugar baby” and pretty sure a lot of this is bs.

      • Normal says:

        Ughhh no maybe you should look at the profiles we have to look at!!!
        It’s just sad this site was amazing before now it’s horrid

  9. Derrick Witherspoon says:

    Where are the women on here that look like them? 90% of these women I have seen on here are booger whoops but still think you should invest.

  10. Ladybird says:

    It ain’t tricking if you got it! Only broke men complain about women that require money from men. Rich men know that they are supposed to provide

  11. Anonymous says:

    Are the morons on this site serious when they think someone is going to give them money for a platonic relationship?? They CANNOT be THAT stupid.

  12. Eva says:

    Its beyond sad she is so happy and g5rateful to get… A BAG!!! NO GIRL!! NOOO! Wake up! You are in this thing for the VERY WROOONG reasons! And the fact that you had to beg for it FOR WEEKS?? OMG!

  13. Cecee says:

    I made thousands of dollars in the last 10 years on SA. It takes business skill, kindness and personality to be successful here. Men don’t like desperate girls, crack heads, strippers and uneducated women.

  14. bluest-gem says:

    Not only does this blow my mind, it embarrasses me that the SB is represented as such garbage. Some of us actually care about pleasing our SD and get a lot of enjoyment from meeting his needs. It’s a true give and take without the drama of the conventional relationship. It’s perfect and I hate that there couldn’t be a normal, regular girl who was featured on here.
    I had a 3 year experience with my former SD that enriched my life. He shared so many new things with me and I shared a few with him (lol). I never obsessed over material nonsense such as a bag. Everyone likes nice things but that isn’t what this is about.
    Either you understand the lifestyle or you don’t. But this clearly isn’t the truth.

    Hopeful to find someone new to connect with but certainly not this type of girl.

    • Dave says:

      Well said . You’re a rare breed

    • CT says:

      I completely agree!

    • Nate says:

      I totally agree and echo your comments. I have had amazing SB dating over the years, long term with regular gorgeous women who have their personal/private lives, some remain good friends! I have had a few bad experience but we end those within 1-2 meetings

      • Dazed SD says:

        @Nate, me too. I’ve had 2 long term arrangements with 2 beautiful women. Both lasted over 2 years each. They were beautiful, smart great sense of humor, and all around awesome. I’m not as optimistic this time around though. LOL

    • AAA says:

      I completely understand your perspective. But 100% of the hot girls on this site wouldn’t date an older guy if there wasn’t a financial advantage for her- whether that appears in the form of a new Chanel bag or your month’s rent. Or even tuition. After all, there are young, hot trust fund babies my age wanting to date me too. I can offer a “real” relationship built on honesty but I probably can’t do that with someone much older than me.

  15. Dave says:

    Mecca looks like a third world prostitute . Fell in love haha …she is saying that the SD didn’t like being forever chained to her .

  16. Dave says:

    99 percent of women’s profiles say ” me me me ” nothing about what they bring to the table . I gate the term mutually beneficial . No this site and sugar relationships are one sided towards the women , which is fine , don’t call it mutually beneficial.

  17. Anonymous says:

    There are so many stingy men on here who think an acceptable gift is their kindness and mentoring haha. Wonder where she found him.

    • Lily says:

      So true. This site is full of men who shouldn’t really be here.

      • Anonymous says:

        It is also full of naive or misguided women, who seem to think that “platonic” and “mutually beneficial” are the same thing.

      • Who Cares says:

        Actually, there are a lot of women that shouldn’t be on here. You are one of them you have the Golden P syndrome and think you are entitled to live a certainly lifestyle because you are cute. Go get an education and a REAL job. Us guys earned out money and have no problem spending on a girl that is worthy and deserving. 99% on here aren’t worth a Star Bucks coffee.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, I hear this is true. Neither end of the spectrum is better to be honest. Both kinds of people make me cringe.

      • Simpleguy says:

        There’s a lot of call girls on here that shouldn’t be on here!!! There needs to be a verification of some sort girls trying to sell pics it’s like really

    • Anonymous says:

      you get what you give a little kindness goes a long way

      • Simpleguy says:

        It’s more like blindness to yourself and your wallet lol cheez Luise come on now these girls aren’t even dimes asking for $2,000 a meet it’s like wtf lol

    • Anonymous says:

      @whocares, I have a real job and am quite educated. I understand that men don’t have to give gifts to those they deem unworthy, but I don’t personally believe that mentoring is a gift. It’s a joke that’s What.

      • Anonymous says:

        Work harder and you won’t have to beg guys up for something you don’t deserve anyways

      • Blondoux says:

        So you’re saying a man that educates, trains and develops a woman in a specific subject matter is not ‘worth’ being considered a ‘gift’? If so that puts you in the same place as these numbnut so called SB’s who don’t really understand what this type of arrangement is about. I wonder if you have a SD…. if so he’s a nutjob…

    • Kent says:

      You probably don’t look good enough for them to offer more.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Goodness. I was lucky to get a coffee. The most I got from here. And offers of boosting my profile or trying somewhere else .

  19. Dave says:

    She talked about the purse for weeks but never said a thing about the guy in his needs . Narcissism at its finest

    • Alice says:

      The question was “what’s the nicest gift you’ve received?” not what she did to receive said gift. I’m sure if she got the bag plus the rent, her Sd is happy.

    • Alice says:

      Oh poor Dave either deaf or dumb. The question was answered. Had SA asked a different or more layered question they would’ve likely gotten a better answer. Instead there are oafs like you insisting that this young lady couldn’t possibly be making her SD happy, though he’s giving her gifts and rent money. Use some context clues for pete’s sake

      • Mary says:

        Yeah Dave seems like a bitter old salt daddy. He doesn’t seem to understand that every relationship/arrangement is unique and don’t follow the same pattern. Getting offended because other people arrangements don’t go by his rules. How arrogant can someone be?

      • Dave says:

        You sound like 30 plus year olds trying to shame men . You belong on plenty of fish not on SA . She needed to mention with more educated language how the arrangement works . She sounds like you two , most likely a washed up 35 year old hooker

      • Shan says:

        Dave has been posting this same kind of stuff for years. I just look at his comments and laugh. I enjoy these forums. They’re hilarious

  20. Anonymous says:

    my birthday is incorrect in my profile its Jan 4,1979.
    can you please change it.

  21. Ricky says:

    ‘I talked about this bag for weeks and weeks …..” Yeah I’m sure you did. It takes a while for the $20 knockoff version to arrive from China.

  22. Anon says:

    That’s what the other side is like? And you guys go for that? Sheesh…