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Is it Possible to Have a Sugar Daddy and be in a Relationship?


This is a question that’s just as hard to ask as it is to answer. If you ask your boyfriend if he’s comfortable with you pursuing a sugar relationship and he says no, the answer is clear. But what if he says yes? It can be tough to tell if he really means it, or if he’s just saying what you want to hear.

Discussing a shift into a non-traditional relationship with your partner can be a difficult conversation to have, and sustaining long-term relationships for young couples is challenging as it is. Add sugaring into it, and that makes it doubly so. You’re still learning how to navigate through your combined lives.

So is your boyfriend saying yes because he can’t provide for you yet? Does he think there’s a financial benefit in it for him? Is he saying yes because he feels he doesn’t have a choice? Does he care enough to be hurt, worried or jealous? Does this mean he can sleep with anyone as well? Will he feel emasculated, like he’s not contributing enough to your life? Worry and doubt will begin to creep into this relationship if you proceed with becoming a sugar baby, but will fade over time as communication continues. You need to have a long, hard conversation with him before embarking into the bowl, and then often afterward to make sure you’re both on the same page.

More mature couples may be able to sustain themselves through these multiple relationships, but every couple is different. Many sugar daddies would prefer that their sugar babies be single. It makes it easier to schedule dates, travel, or get togethers. They also want to feel like your provider. It’s hard for them to feel that way if you are already committed to another person. So if you are going to have a boyfriend, make sure you’re honest with you sugar daddy so he can make his own informed choices.

Sugar relationships can last months to years, just like vanilla relationships. Whether you’re looking for your forever partner(s) or something for the here and now, the key to success is in the honest communications you have about your needs.

Now dating while sugaring in a whole ‘nother story and a blog for another day…

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  1. TonyTiger says:

    Deeper in this post Grace and Mike had a conversation where Grace asks, “Can someone tell me the difference between a sugar baby and a prostitute??
    I’d really like to know”

    Grace, the short answer is prostitution is illegal, sugaring is not. So why not?

    First let’s agree on definitions:
    – Prostitution: the act of exchanging sexual favors for money and in the USA it is illegal in most States
    -Escorting: the act of exchanging time and company for money
    -Sugaring: will define this in a moment
    -Friend with Benefits (FWB): where friends hook up without expectation of traditional dating
    -Traditional dating: the public acknowledgement of commitment between typically two individuals
    -Arranged marriage: a legally binding public commitment with the expectation of life long commitment where the match is determined typically by the parents or by affairs of State. BTW: 53.25% of marriages are arranged worldwide
    -“Traditional” marriage: a legally binding public commitment with the expectation of life long commitment where the match is entered into by the individuals
    -Polygamy: can be in the form of dating or marriage (where legal) where there is more than two individuals

    Second: What do all of these have in common? They are all forms of arrangements. Just like circles, triangles and squares are all different types of shapes. “Arrangement” is the catch all bucket. Therefore we aren’t comparing prostitution to arrangements.

    So third, what is the difference between an arrangement where people exchange sex for money (prostitution), money for companionship (escorting) and people agree to being in SB/SD arrangement (sugaring)?

    I’ve talked to many SB’s and many will say in their experience that there is a segment of men who want a transactional pay-to-play situation. The men don’t want to call it what it really is, which is those men are seeking prostitutes. I think SA does as best as it can to define that this isn’t what this site is about. But let’s call a spade a spade as there are a bunch of egotistical a*holes who think their money buys them pretty property and that harms all the rest of us.

    The difference between prostitution, escorting and sugaring boils down to intent and the lack of a direct transaction. Prostitution and escorting are purely transactional. While sugaring has a financial component, if set up the way SA encourages, it is not transactional. The SD seeks to make the SB feel special. The currency for “special” varies, but it usually is in the form of pampering, shopping, advice/mentoring, opening network/opportunities, mature (not frat-boy) attention, companionship, travel and yes money. Because the SB feels special, she seeks to make the SD feel special as well. Usually in the currency of attention, vitality (making the older SD feel young again), opening the SD to different experiences, adventure, companionship and in many, not not all cases sex (I’d estimate there are 15% of SBs who only seek platonic arrangements. My last arrangement was platonic).

    Too sum it all up Grace, prostitution is purely transactional and at one point in time. It is illegal. Sugaring is where two (sometime mores) consenting adults over a broader time frame seek a variety of ways to make each other feel special without all the baggage of traditional dating.

  2. Maria Garcia says:


  3. TonyTiger says:

    What makes arrangements great is that only the consenting adults in the arrangement decide the rules of the arrangement. No one else gets a vote! That’s why it’s so powerful and freeing. Most SB’s I have been with have had boyfriends or even other SDs and that’s ok because we agreed on our rules that it’s ok. I’ve also had SBs that want a monogamous arrangement and those cases, I shut down my profile and remain true to what we agreed. Let’s be real: arrangements exist because most SDs and SBs are not on this site to find traditional partners. So is it fair or morally right to the BF that he doesn’t know I exist? I say, keep traditional values with traditional dating. In the Sugar world, people mind your own business and let consenting adults decide what is right for their arrangement.

  4. Nichelle says:

    I’ve been in an on and off relationship for the past couple of years. I recently moved out of his home that he asked me to move into. It didnt even last a year. Fortunately for me he still supports me if I run into financial issues. However, my rent, car note/insurance, utilities, student loans and anything else I pay for. And cost of living is not cheap where I live so I am constantly budgeting and missing out on things I want to do because I dread having to ask him for money. Even though we talk often and hang out he doesnt care about my daily expenses. I try not to complain or sound ungrateful because I get that he doesnt have to help at all. But then it makes me resent him when I ask for help and he acts as if I’m asking for too much. Yet he takes up most of my time and attention. He expects us to still have sex and be there whenever he wants. Am I wrong for having an arrangement behind his back? And if it became sexual should i feel guilty?

    • Bethany says:

      Girl HELL NO do your thing and get your money. No ones going to look out for you besides yourself. Remember that

    • Anonymous says:

      if your not happy with the arrangement no you shouldn’t feel guilty for seeking another arrangement but be prepared to be cut off he will find out even if you don’t tell him

  5. Slava says:

    Hello to everyone in this chat. I’m new here and hope I have fun!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Bien dicho ?

  7. Anonymous says:

    if something makes you feel happy then this moral and ethics has no meaning i am a married man and I always believe I can be enjoyed best with married women only

  8. Anonymous says:

    Notice how they closed all the blogs and deleted the mens comments but the absurd bashing of dudes are there! Not bias ehhh?
    Funny how we pay to be on there and women get to control. Sa is going down the toilet! Flush!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, I always use my car when i am going out with SD, all first dates are in a crowded places, I was just very surprised that this particular SD, invited me to the restaurant, where he invited his friends as well, to eat beside us, and you can just tell everyone knew. It felt pretty horrible, like I was an escort to buy, every message from the same area makes me thinks his friends texting me just to see what I reply or if I share my private pictures I haven’t shared with him. I am on SA since 2013 and I have never, ever had to deal with such stuff. 99% of SD love discretion, and not attention. Very sad

  10. Quantum Guy says:

    Providing the sugar daddy knows and it has been discussed, it is a choice they both have made and hence then not a problem

    • Sarah Rose says:

      I agree completely. As long as it’s mutual there shouldn’t be a problem. I just was harassed because of this and I explained that my spouse was open about it and didn’t mind as long as there were limits which we decided on. It’s all about respect.

  11. Inkedmomma says:

    I think it’s very much acceptable to a certain extent, me and my man have a certain understanding when it comes to my sugar baby lifestyle. I just got back out there ans I’m looking for a a generous, honest, REAL AND LOYAL one now just to help with me school, and other things.

    • Anonymous says:

      Married and a mother and looking for a sugar daddy? Do u see any moral and ethical issues with this ? Marriage should be respected no respectful guy would ever go out with a married woman!

      • Anonymous says:

        no respectful woman would go out with a married man so what is your point this site has no morals it’s whatever you can live with

      • Anonymous says:

        Point is how can you come out so openly and exhibit such behavior. Amd your comment supports the eye for an eye theory. It only leads you down a horrible path.

      • Anonymous says:

        anon you are correct this will lead down a horrible path do you think this marriage will last likely it will end badly but it is what is there are married people from both sexes on here this lady sounds like she has a open relationship but this is not a good deal for the Sugar Daddy the husband will get the best of her and the SD will get the least of her but he will still be paying for it best to stay away from them a single lady is the best option

  12. Anonymous says:

    One guy got offended, asked me to forget his number, cause he can have thousands girls like me, but he is everyday, couple of times visiting my profile, because I stopped coming on “our so called dates”, well I did, I liked him but he had a major issue with confidentiality, he called his friend to see who came in, we went to the restaurant and everyone knew who I was, and how we met, every of his 10 friends were eating there, it was son embarrassing and uncomfortable, I was obsessed cause I was sure he were filming the dates or were up to. Not sure what to think, anyone had similar situation?

    • SA_Admin says:

      Dear Anonymous, anyone attempting to monitor your activity is not okay. We recommend that you block this member immediately. Also, you should always have a way to get home safely on every date (your own car, a car service or app, a ride from a friend, etc.), so when you are uncomfortable you can politely excuse yourself from the situation and easily leave.

  13. preston wiginton says:

    I say NO .. I won’t help support a girl if she has a scrub for a boyfriend. That’s usually what happens .. he’s a scrub and she goes out and has arrangements for them to live off of. If they are open and poly and she needs more attention she can just be part of the swingers scene. Otherwise she’s a low self esteem girl that I wouldn’t want to see.

  14. SingleSuccessfulMom says:

    I am annoyed and frustrated I dislike the stereotypes! However, I understand how you feel and your anger for being made a fool of.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hellz yeah let’s do it!
    I’m so down I bet we get better quality for less money. It’s a no brainer.

  16. Anonymous says:

    What you describe as hate are just true facts of our experiences on here you can post as a guy if you want. But in all reality if you want us to stop complaining then stop acting like self entitled turds.

  17. A says:

    I can’t even tell the older men I date off the site who are similar age, so no one knows the sd part purely cause it’s financially based

  18. A says:

    And it’s not for the reason it’s an older man. And I’m 40 years younger I date older men too and share with some. But a sd I wouldn’t, because of the money part

  19. A says:

    I’m a sb, yea maybe Grace has a point. I’m 18 uni is expensive and I would never share I’m a sb

  20. H says:

    Funny how no sb has commented to deny it.

  21. Anon says:

    So Grace you’re right but we don’t care at the same time

  22. Anon says:

    We’re all trying to ice the cake but let’s be honest we all know what this site is and what the girls are doing.

  23. Anon says:

    and so what if they’re prostituting themselves, for most it’s not intentional so it doesn’t bother me

  24. Anon says:

    Grace here has a point, you’re speaking from your experience only

  25. Anon says:

    I offer cash, I don’t wanna go shopping with a girl.

  26. Anon says:

    Not all of us do that, you gotta speak for yourself.

  27. Anon says:

    sorry I disagree.

  28. Dean says:

    That’s a no from me, dawg. Just because it’s OK now, doesn’t mean it will be OK later if feelings develop. Too much potential drama. Single women only please!

  29. I’m 46 and in very good shape as I am a nationally competitive powerlifter. I am interested in mentor type relationships with successful men or women, but this site seems like it’s simply a place for men to buy sex. I’m interested in intellectual conversations over coffee and meeting great people to pick their brains and to unwind and relax with while they are in my area. Not sure this is the site for me.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Grace difference between sugar baby and prostitute is this:
    Prostitute has sex and leaves simple money transaction. Sugar baby is a girl your dating and your paying for her books her nails her car payment. Like when you date a normal girl you would pay for her nails but her a dress etc. some girls will not accept money they want gifts instead. When a girl tells me hey buy me stuff I’m down as long they’re not wanting to go to rodeo drive lol

  31. Anonymous says:

    Gross asf!

  32. Alex says:

    I think it is possible, especially if you are polyamorous, or non-monogamous. 🙂
    Just communicate effectively, and be sure to let your Sugar Daddy/Momma know right from the start.

    I’m poly myself, and my partners are aware I am seeking. It’s just…a wee bit harder for a male sugar baby, I think.

  33. Jessica says:

    Just do all safe girls, no exceptions, don’t even touch a daddy without protection… Had some nice sugardaddies on the side, a boyfriend who loves me and enough savings to be looking for an appartment!? Go get it

  34. Pretty Pearl says:

    Am new here

  35. Some says:

    Dude its like you’re reading my mind. I’m sure ALL guys on here think like this but the women just don’t seem to get it. Its like a Vagin* gives them licence to act like “B”. Its quite surreal. This guy said it best…. be sweet, nice, not entitled and treat guys the way you want to be treated and you’ll get as much money as he can afford to throw at you. You won’t even need to ask.

  36. duh says:

    I read this deluded one today ‘she describes herself as ‘unique’ … hyper inflated sense of entitlement backed by… well, nothing..

    ‘I’m a student, I live on my own and need a man to spoil me and meet up.
    I’m looking for a NON SEXUAL relationship.
    I am a model and an entrepreneur but currently have no value to life as I’m broke. I’ve been told how beautiful I am there’s men out there dying to meet me’

  37. IFSP says:

    Reading some of the comments on here, it’s a tremendous relief I’ve never been intimate with a man from this site.

    • Anonymous says:

      good ideal this site is not safe for anyone

    • Dave says:

      I get it , you saved money on razors and deodorant. Hashtag empowerment !

      • IFSP says:

        Given a lot of the replies you’ve left, it seems that you largely don’t enjoy being around women. As such, instead of looking for a girlfriend on SA why not just get a run of the mill sexworker? I don’t mean this to be snarky, but it’d benefit you and the other women on this site if you did so.

      • Anonymous says:

        Omg I’m gonna die laughing lol

      • Anonymous says:

        Omg I’m gonna die laughing Dave that was awesome! And if some poor schmuck paid you for platonic that’s just freaking sad! I have not been intimate with anyone lmfao

      • Anonymous says:

        Dave bro that was awesome I’m gonna die laughing keep at it brother love your comments. These girls will learn today!

      • Anonymous says:

        You sound broke and angry :/

      • Anonymous says:

        Love the female shaming language when they get called out, especially when they are the ones desperate for $ and are essentially hookers. lol.

    • Girlyyyyy says:

      Managing fine with daddies on the side…….?? Cashing as hell, if it ever comes to intimacy with daddies just keep it all extremely safe. Don’t do shit without a condomn and your bf will never know!
      Judging from the comments here tho… If you don’t look good and you’re a bit older you gotta lay down some cash honnn.. lmao, that’s life bubu.

  38. Rob says:

    All I can say is I don’t like the thought of them being in any type of a relationship. You stand the chance of major drama and possibly losing a good job from that type of circumstance. Any law related deals that may arise are major dea breakers. Mine was pissed but eventually realized that I was right and if she wants what I offer that’s the deal. But be careful out there guys cause you can find a girl that is special and at some point she gets her degree and moves on with her life. We both wonder how we’re going to deal with it.

  39. James says:

    Are there actually guys on this site spoiling girls just for conversation? I always see a lot of female profiles seeking platonic relationships offering companionship and conversation for a lot of spoiling. I thought it would be rare to find that because a guy can get that from any woman without spoiling her.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wouldn’t give them a dime for platonic bs
      Seriously who dates a girl and doesn’t kiss them or hug them lol

    • Anonymous says:

      Basically they are just girls who are trying to monetise the attention they get without giving anything back. It shows the kind of relationship, marriage, and ultimately divorce they will have in the future if they don’t change their attitude.

  40. Anonymous says:

    grace a sugar baby provides a relationship a prostitute provides sex for money in a sugar baby relationship sex is not required but it certainly desired but no woman has to provide sex just like no man has to pay for a relationship that has no value to him

  41. Angel says:

    I stuck with mine for 12yrs regardless of the struggles we faced….we finally decided to move on 8 months ago bcux its time i get out of comfort zone!! Just waiting for that man to come along and show me he can communicate and have fun

  42. Angel says:

    Smart guys with standards matter!!!

  43. Angel says:

    Looking for a sugar daddy that wants a submissive sugar baby if thats you reach me above at my website!!

  44. Stacie says:

    I thought let me have a quick read whilst my profile gets approved and I’m more entertained than ever.. Let me get my popcorn

  45. chocolate says:

    So yeah go get yourself a hooker then if that is what you want??

    Dude really that is not what sugar daddy is being about

  46. Anastasia says:

    @dave & @Mike, what type of women are you guys meeting what the heck ????

  47. Anastasia says:

    So I was just curious on peoples opinion on this and now reading the comment section, this is so funny ?????I love it, (p.s. Dave your definitly right, most women act so entitled and rude they think its attractive when really, it isn’t and it’s so annoying :/)

  48. Anastasia says:

    “What royal blood line didn’t you come from” , bet you they block you after that cuz they got offeded ???

  49. Anonymous says:

    soooo true

  50. Sassy says:

    He has ruined my life way more than I have his.

  51. Sassy says:

    Actually the only thing that happened with my divorce court, was custody arrangements. I don’t even get child support because I gave it up.

  52. AmberLove says:

    Very interesting article as I’m figuring this out myself. Except I’m sort of more in the dating phase of my life. I’m also busy with so many other things I wonder if a traditional relationship is right for me at the moment. I currently don’t have an SD as I’ve just recently starting using this site again. It’s also sad to see that so many people have had such negative experiences. I know I want to find something wonderful that works for me and my future SD and I wish the same for others. We’re all just here to have fun right? Life is too short for drama

  53. Dave says:

    Hit it and quit it

  54. Dee says:

    and you met them?

  55. James says:

    I disagree with that Mike. I aagree with Ricky, we’re not coming here to ‘get to know’ someone all over again. Just a headache. The girls don’t even want that, if I wanted to ‘date’ normally I’d not be giving away my money that’s for sure

  56. Dave says:

    …..and women have the audacity to call men perverts

  57. Dave says:

    That’s when you ask them , what Royal blood line did you come from ?

  58. Quirky says:

    This has got to be the most entertaining thing I’ve read in ages. Thank you all for your part

  59. A says:

    Maybe if this is their life and everything they live for is the site
    Not for all of us, I’m a student, this is a spare cash thing. I could easily get from my parents but no fun in that

  60. Filtersrus says:

    Rule #3 Never forget Rules 1 and 2

  61. Anonymous says:

    it is because on other dating sites the men out number the women but on here it’s the opposite i don’t think most women on here have grasped the fact men have choices they continue to operate the same as they do on other sites then wonder why they don’t succeed here men do want to help on this site but you get what you give

  62. Soph says:

    Yea but these days everyone is so overly sensitive
    Get called rude for everything, ignoring, blocking and telling you’re not interested. Can’t win

  63. A says:

    I’ve found the key is don’t mention money or expect it and you’ll be treated better than any sb ever
    Must be some weird reverse psych thing but everyone ends up happy

    • Dave says:

      @Dazed …. “Like I deserve ” I ask them to provide Biblical citations .

    • Lee says:

      I can see how that can work to a potential SB’s advantage, but why not be straight-forward? I feel like alot of relationships do not work because are not forth-coming with their intentions.

  64. yougottabekiddingme says:

    The Thai girls you’ll find on the site, specifically those located in the states, will not be like the Thai girls you’d expect to experience in Thailand.

  65. Grace says:

    you’re being serious?

  66. A says:

    Reminds me of the man that messaged me this week asking if I was interested in doing things with dogs, swift block

    • A says:

      No pretty sure he wanted me to bang his dog or something
      Apparently those are the offers you get when you put ‘open’ on your profile

  67. Grace says:

    you’ve had enough of this so I can’t even ask what you mean by rationally
    oh well

  68. Grace says:

    not sure how those link together tbf

  69. Grace says:

    Exactly and in only one of those relationships the girl has sex with the male without financial incentive
    In the other the girl has sex for financial incentive
    So you answered my question thanks

  70. Grace says:

    And I didn’t say you were wrong that would be just rude

  71. Grace says:

    For a debate, I asked it for a debate
    You’re not even debating about it anymore just going off on a tangent

  72. Grace says:

    And the point that marriage is prostitution is the reach x

  73. Grace says:

    What’s your point?

  74. Grace says:

    I’d like to be challenged that’s why, debate is healthy.

  75. Grace says:

    Christ did I use the word wrong lol

  76. Grace says:

    I asked a question that’s all
    Everyone knows it’s not the same

  77. Grace says:

    You’d be reaching

    • Anonymous says:

      No it’s true look at all the divorces between 2008 and 2010 I know guys who lost their wives and girlfriends and normal guy friends too! No money no honey is so true!

  78. Grace says:

    no thanks you replied to my comment. It’s just debate and I’ve remained respectful
    Didn’t express my dislike at all thanks Mike x

  79. Grace says:

    I’m not hearing much of a difference tbf. Any sugar babies that want to deny this?

  80. Grace says:

    Actually that’s not the definition Mike, it doesn’t have to be your job. It’s simply the act of payment for sex
    So please explain again

  81. Anonymous says:

    Not all sugar baby’s have sex, some just get companionship and guidance.

    • Grace says:

      I know that but one man on here made a comment as though sex and money is all there is to it. Hence my question

    • Grace says:

      Ask the men who do it?
      Because they exist, some offer money just to meet for a coffee like I even asked

    • Grace says:

      And this isnt regular dating that’s the point. We’re not adhering to those standards, because in regular dating men don’t have to pay the woman to incentivise her to sleep with him or meet him

    • Anonymous says:

      not all prostitutes have sex either so your argument doesn’t hold up either as far as I’m concerned it shouldn’t matter what you call yourself if there is no sex in exchange for money to me thats not prostitution

    • Anonymous says:

      Lol yeah sure and they got oaidnwith Monopoly money right?
      Why would any guy pay for platonic! I CAN NOT believe you girls actually think some guy with money will pay you for platonic!!! LMFAO

    • Anon says:

      That’s wrong sorry anonymous

    • Anon says:

      If they’re not engaging in sexual act then they’re an esc0rt

  82. Grace says:

    Plus workers like that are banned from the site, it says it

  83. Grace says:

    I don’t see why that’s funny. Some of us don’t want to sleep with older men because we’re not attracted ??
    and why would you want to sleep with someone who’s not even enjoying it? That’s quite sad. Maybe not to you but men I’ve spoken to wouldn’t

  84. John says:

    Not really into ladyboys
    That place is crawling with them, bloody good liars too
    Or even trans, I prefer my women born with all their bits. No offence to anyone like that you’re just not for me

  85. Jenny says:

    I am looking 2 2 for 5 2 a SD who 7 7 sincerely needs a 4 8 companion. We can 9 0 both fill the void in our lives and enjoy life’s sweetness together. I’m opening to trying with someone and see how it goes. I’m tired of too many fakes posting what they don’t have. Be real with me. We can make each other happy. Add the numbers and I will be looking forward to your message special one.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow and you get away with posting your phone number lol another example of backpage being closed down was a bad idea now they’re all on here

  86. namaste says:

    the men posting here are clearly misogynist assholes with no money and no class. that tells you everything you need to know about this site and the men it attracts.

  87. Winterbabe says:

    Why on earth would a girl want a broke ass boyfriend she has to take care of with her SD money!? That doesn’t add up to me. Just get yourself a wealthy boyfriend so you don’t have to juggle. I would never be taking care of a man who sits on the couch all day and collects money I have gotten from other git’s. He isn’t your BF stupid, that’s your pimp. Unless you can’t get a wealthy BF and what you consider a SD is some guy giving you $40 a week for your nails. ??‍♀️

  88. Anonymous says:

    I want a sugar daddy, what do I have to do?

  89. Alessandra says:

    The comments on this make me dry heave. Why the hell are any of you seeking advice from this blog post, anyway. Do what you want. Apologize for it later.

  90. Anonymous says:

    Yikes from what I’ve read Dave is definitely a sad lonely incel

  91. Madison says:

    It is possible if you keep both sides a secret. It’s none of anyone’s business. I have a boyfriend and a few SDs and I’m smart about it. Also in some ways I guess you can say my bf benefits from it because I can afford to get him nicer gifts on holidays and on his birthday. Kind of makes me feel less guilty

  92. Anonymous says:

    I suppose one could but what would be the point of that? Sounds a little greedy to me.

    • T says:

      Most sds are not single ?
      Beside this is most peoples ‘secret’ life
      It’s not a place to find emotional and psychological connections. It’s normal and ok to have that with someone else
      I couldn’t imagine making this my life
      It’s an addition

      • T says:

        Means half the people you see have this as their only lives
        Each to their own but I could never
        Some sds also mention liking a girl who has her own life and isn’t ‘dependent’
        Works out well

      • Dave says:

        The marriage minded tag should be removed permanently from this site. I would never marry a woman I met on seeking arrangement

      • Fi says:

        Some men would, some men have
        And you do know you can filter out people that include that tag on their profile? It’s pretty simple

  93. A says:

    Yea if it’s a secret and depending on the type of relationship you have with the sd

  94. Reah says:

    Men why is it if a girl is taller than you you still try your luck? Don’t you feel embarrassed if a girl is taller than you? I’m genuinely curious!

    • Reah says:

      Ah I guess those women don’t have strong preferences
      I’m 5’9 I have a very strong preference for tall men
      Only because being with a man shorter than me is humiliating and embarrassing, for me. Not the man himself, they’re fine just not for me

    • Dave says:

      I’m with you on that . I don’t want a girl taller than me, temporary relationship or not, tradional or sugar .

    • SDZombie says:

      The only women taller than me were born male. I have no interest in being with other men.

    • Anonymous says:

      i haven’t met any women on here taller than me but most women don’t want to date a man shorter than them so this a mute point

    • Reah says:

      you didn’t read, my preference is VERY strong. Not even exaggerating but short men make me feel a bit sick. It’s an instant turn off, like bad breath. I don’t ‘settle’ and can never be seen with one.

    • GK says:

      In general, women who insist on taller men and men who insist on shorter women have insecurity/intelligence issues, the woman possibly because she is young.

    • Reah says:

      There’s no waiting line what are you on about.? Majority of men in this country are taller than 5’9, so stop trying to be confrontational.
      And take back your luck I don’t need it

    • Anon says:

      Lol Mike, the ladies really don’t like you in this thread.

    • Anonymous says:

      Think Reah has hit a nerve. Mike how tall are you?

  95. Anonnn says:

    Almost all the men on this site are hideous or just really fat. Makes me want to get back to regular dating, I feel much better dating a hot guy with less money than a gross old man who wants to kiss in public!

  96. Emma says:

    @Dazed thanks for responding

  97. Dave says:

    It’s not about fashion you feminist shill it’s bout appealing to a man’s boner . Boogers are not attractive just like being a creep or poor is not attractive to a female or are men not allowed standards ?

    • Sarah says:

      Ok so if it’s a boner men want then all they should care about is what the woman looks like naked?
      Why care about what someone wears when they’re in social setting or to college etc
      Unless you’re planning on taking her out and you’ll be embarrassed but if we’re talking about boners this argument is forced

    • Mike says:

      Nose rings are ok, they’re pretty attractive on a pretty girl. But they can also come out
      However heavily tattooed and pierced is a turn off , it’s stupid. You’ll regret it when you’re 80 trust me

    • Sarah says:

      @Mike the second one I understand your comment completely think I said the same thing
      @Mike the first one ok that’s your preference and that’s accepted

  98. Emma says:

    Ripped jeans have always been a fashionable thing? Like mom jeans are now
    I mean I get older people don’t understand it, my mum and aunts hate the ripped jeans thing
    But we like it
    Nose rings can look cute and sticking your tongue out is just a fun silly thing to do
    I don’t know what age you’re referring to but some of us just turned adults. Isn’t the youth in young people what attracts you too?

    • Emma says:

      @Dazed I don’t know I think it’s different for you in the US than it is in the UK
      I don’t find myself trying to be appealing for the men on the site
      And I’ve not had anyone take issue in that?
      I also don’t have to go out of my way to search for sugar daddies and ‘market myself’
      I just find there is always someone to engage with in my messages and the marketing maybe comes from them

    • Emma says:

      Ok Mike that’s good on you but that Just sounds all like a personal thing
      It’s not the experience over here in the UK
      Maybe we just do things differently men and women, your way works and ours does too
      So let’s leave it there

    • Em says:

      i don’t know what your response is to I’m sorry
      the other guy and I kind of concluded

  99. Tez says:

    Where’s the sugar mama’s at?

  100. Anonymous says:

    Thailand is a dictatiorship yet the women are feminine and love pleasing men . Women need to.be controlled . Them wanting criminal bad boys aka Jeremy Meeks ,in the West proves that.

  101. urmom says:

    listen “mike” trust me nobody wants your sugar you rich prick

    • Sassy says:

      Have you really messaged that many?

    • Sassy says:

      May I ask what kind of messages you send?
      I personally don’t respond to a message that just says hi, how are you, what’s up, etc. I also don’t respond to the ones that just ask to see my private pics. If you can’t at least seem interested, then why should you see my private photos.

    • Greta says:

      But that’s not abnormal
      Maybe they’ve found an SD already or maybe they’re not interested
      So I’m not really shocked by numbers like that.

    • Sassy says:

      I guess I’m a little surprised because I at least try and respond even if it is that I’m not interested.

  102. charlixcv says:

    Question to all sd’s
    Do you think other sds lie about their income on the site. Because I get messages from men apparently with 60 million income and I can’t imagine they’re not swarmed with messages from models
    As for me I’m just a plain brunette who doesn’t wear make up, I’m not fancy or dress in heels and wear red lipstick
    So I get suspect about messages like those
    I’m also not malicious or entitled my profile is pretty chill so can’t imagine someone is messaging me to play a trick on me

    • Dave says:

      You actually almost believe a guy who puts 60 mill? It’s so easy to fool women .

      • Charliixcv says:

        I’m 18, I don’t think I was fooled, just questioning. Only joined this site a couple months ago
        Saw this forum and thought why not ask, but don’t think I was fooled by asking a question.

    • Dave says:

      I took part in the free test rides . I wouldn’t meet many of them otherwise . I love to be generous but because most women are like the ones on this blog , I don’t even want to but them a drink

    • Charlixcv says:

      Thanks for the reply x

    • Charlixcv says:

      I mean thanks for the reply Mike x was helpful

    • Tia says:

      They all lie about their income sweetie. They lie about their “athletic” build (they’re actually fat and covered in wrinkles) they lie about their single status (most have kids they don’t take care of and a wife they can’t make happy) they lie about their “amazing” skills in bed (ew) they lie about being about to get women (they have to pay for sex because women at bats and grocery stores run the other direction after eye contact)

    • Charliixcv says:

      Errr i didn’t say that? lol

    • Charliixcv says:

      I’m sure you can read, so read my comment again cause I never said that. It’s in black and white

  103. Dave says:

    Bernie Sanders or Beto loves the nose ring booger look

  104. Harry says:

    With the amount of disrespect some of th sds show to women here, I am sickened.
    As a SD, if you are just here to buy sex, most of the women would rather not hear from you. I had 2 SBs for over 6 years each. When a woman comes here, most come to improve their situation. Systems that provide inadequate funding for students aren’t the ladies fault, but they are their cross to bear. I have had 5 SBs over 22 years and I have met approximately 20 women from this site and enjoyed a meal or coffee with them. Three of my SBs worked for my company over the years. They are lovely women, who I only wish the best for. Please, show some class guys. Very few SBs are here just to RIP you off, but I can’t say the same for the guys.

    Yes women on this site should date and get into relationships and move ahead with their lives. If they had a sb/sd relationship with Dave or Mike, they might have learned what they won’t look for in a relationship.

  105. Sarah says:

    Wow, Mike and Dave, your comments on this thread are so discussing, derogatory and disrespectful to women on here.
    Not every woman on here is ‘old, fat and sad with multiple baby daddies’.
    To even presume why woman are here shows an absolute lack of understanding and intelligence on both of your parts…

    I myself am on this site as a successful, happily married woman in an open relationship.
    I have never accepted gifts or payment with any men that I have been with.
    The reason I use SA as opposed to other sites is I am accustomed to a certain lifestyle and I find most genuine men on here to have similar tastes and lifestyle to me.

    Clearly I am going to have to be careful to avoid fake, disrespectful and salty men like you….

  106. Danielle says:

    Yes it is

  107. Nick says:

    Any woman that is that bitter as to refer to SD’s as fat and dying must have forgot what they are after. His money. She obviously has no brains she better have a body.

  108. Kay says:

    SBs can do whatever they want because they’re not the ones fat miserable and dying

    • Dave says:

      Projecting ? Many of us are / were successful ncaa athletes

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe that’s your experience because youre old fat and ugly yourself. I’m young chunky and handsome thanks. Chicks love me and never have a problem getting arrangements with me. Life must really suck for you. Sorry.

    • Xoxhubley says:

      I’m one of the good ones ?

    • Dave says:

      Because you say so ? Actions speak …..

    • duh says:

      Fat broke miserable girls deserve nothing, except maybe a kick up the ass to sort themselves out… who wants to bankroll someone who is clearly a failure through all round lack of effort, thin super attractive fit girls with goals and ambitions who are eager to please first then enjoy the lifestyle as a result of that effort are what I look for

    • Sassy says:

      80% of the men don’t have their profile filled out at all.

    • Sassy says:

      I also feel like the generalization about most women is just plain rude. Seems like you don’t want to actually give anybody a chance.

  109. MoreAnon says:

    Not a very helpful article. Any experienced SD will tell you that girls on the site lie non-stop. Almost no girl will tell their bf of having an SD on the side. If she thinks she can hide it from him, she will. End of story.

    • Dave says:

      Western woman in general has no idea what she’s doing . With the plethora of cougars in bars trying to compete against their 20 year old counterparts , it’s easy to see they have no clue what they want despite what comes out of their mouths

      • duh says:

        yes indeed, a few weeks in Thailand will cure any man of any lingering attraction to most western women…

    • Sassy says:

      I’m poly so I would have no problem telling a bf.

  110. Anon says:

    EVERY relationship has drama like it or not, you just have to deal with it because nobody is perfect and no relationship is perfect. I think SBs should be able to have boyfriends because they’re young and attractive and full of life. You can’t depend on old men to take care of you because next thing you know you’re 35/40 and you’re single because you decided to leave your boyfriend for an old man that just wants sex..Think smart ladies..

  111. Kendrick says:

    A lot of SD’s are married or separated so why can’t a SB have a little boyfriend? I don’t see anything wrong with it!

  112. Anonymous says:

    I know a solution, find a boyfriend that’s established and generous then you won’t have to worry about sleeping with a bunch of desperate men to pay your cell phone bill

    • Romantic_Bliss says:

      I agree. Date established men.

    • Dave says:

      Problem is you want the perfect 9 man and most of you women are 7s at best . Those 9s sleep with multiple women and don’t commit . You women are delusional then you do turn 40 asking the question “where are all the nice guys ?”

      • Romantic_Bliss says:

        You sure do claim to know alot about every female.You speak in generalizations without hard evidence and you rate women. You certainly are not one of the nice guys.

      • Dave says:

        Instead of attacking me , go ahead and argue what I said . Do you have a counter or just want to disparage me instead ?

      • Charliixcv says:

        I think the person below just means your comment is subjective
        Which it is, which is fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, she or he just doesn’t like yours. But you can argue subjective opinion of course, you know that

      • Dave says:

        Statistics show what im saying is being played out . 80/20 rule . Women want it allprince charming , makes a lot of money , tall , handsome , makes them laugh whereas men just want thin feminine women . Look at the difference in standards . Those top men have women everywhere chasing them whereas the rest of the men have to pay especially on this site . Even women’s profiles have a list of 100 demands from men .

      • Dave says:

        You still go to clubs ? They became useless after 2005. Now only women go to clubs to get free drinks , free attention and bang the owner.

      • Charlixcv says:

        umm your rating part was kinda subjective Dave, no?
        ‘7 at best’ ‘perfect 9k’
        Can’t imagine any plausible statistics using language like that, and if it did why would you trust the source?
        I can somewhat agree about the attributes argument to an extent, statistics do show a large amount of women look for those attributes

      • charliixcv says:

        sorry I meant 9 not not 9k lol
        but anyway tastes and preferences are different within continents and countries, within different age brackets etc
        I’m from the Uk I’m 18, my ideal is likely to be completely different to a 50 yo woman’s ideal
        Also the preferences here in the UK for men may be different to the preferences over in China or Kenya or Puerto Rico
        7 billion people in the world, we don’t all want the same thing in a partner

      • Charliixcv says:

        Sorry I thought he meant globally apologies
        But I still think the rating part was subjective, ‘7 and perfect 9’ I can’t imagine in any circumstance where language like that could lead to any concrete conclusion. Unless it’s a self rating but didn’t sound like it
        But oh well

      • Dave says:

        Most men have the same standard . Thin and feminine . A 9 is a supermodel . Women , take a picture on shitstagram with over caked makeup on, and they think that makes them a 9

      • Charliixcv says:

        I hope you’re talking the US and not globally?
        but again subjective
        with language I can’t imagine plausible statistics using
        why would you read something that tells you a supermodel is a 9?
        the language is as though teenagers wrote it, can’t even imagine an older man saying that

      • Charliixcv says:

        any man here that thinks this btw? A supermodel is a 9 to you?

      • Charliixcv says:

        Bear in mind it’s an occupancy and lifestyle, you gotta reach celeb status too

      • Charliixcv says:

        Cause I thought men liked petite girls more these days over tall

    • Dave says:

      And of course all these women are “models”

  113. Sophia says:

    If it’s a non monogamous relationship then yea lol
    Tbh even if it’s monogamous it may do if it’s a secret like most sd’s do on the site. None of their wives know so I’m sure a sb can pull off the same thing
    Also luxury lifestyle is great, holidays etc but it’s always been about the person you spend it with. It’s likely to be greater with your bf than your sd, I’m just speaking from what I feel
    Unless you’re getting into relationships for different reasons that are shallow etc
    But sd dating isn’t like regular dating, think we all know this. So wanting and having a regular dating life plus an sd sounds normal to me

  114. Anonymous says:

    A sugar baby having a boyfriend means that she has love and fuck with and in the meantime she wants a stupid mature man around to take his money pretending a relationship. Come on! One thing is an open relationship, another is being an idiot!

    • Dave says:

      This never works out . The boyfriend is usually more in love with her than she is with him . So he stalks her, then of that doesn’t work , the guy quits his job , becomes lame , the sugar daddy hits and quits it because he’s tired of the drama then the whole thing blows up .

  115. Anonymous says:

    I would be more surprised if an sb didn’t have a relationship/ bf/ whatever. Most daddies do anyways.

  116. SDZombie says:

    Article looks rushed – very short and has errors.

  117. Filtersrus says:

    Not really. Having a hubby that wants to share his spouse to the sugar daddy world complicates the whole arrangement. Not only are you supporting her, but by extension him too. All he has to do is pull the plug and POOF, steady arrangement goes up in smoke.