We all understand that the majority of relationships follow a certain path; you meet, get to know one another, fall in love, get married and put up the white picket fence. That’s the ethos of what relationships are over the last century. But what if you want something different?  What if you have no interest in getting married, don’t want the picket fence – at least not at this point in your life? Or you are married but unhappy – what then?

Alternative dating is an option. Sugar relationships provide a framework for a type of relationship that is “outside the box.” But that’s ok. Differences are what make the world go ‘round. The contract between the Sugar Daddy (Provider) and the Sugar Baby (Recipient) determine the parameters of the relationship; who provides what, when and for how long.

The Sugar Baby (SB), gets the financial inducement and companionship she wants and the Sugar Daddy (SD) gets the physical relationship and emotional support he desires. SDs provide more than just a financial incentive; they can also mentor their SBs, open doors to areas the SB would never likely get through otherwise, or simply provide companionship when needed. SBs provide the emotional and physical companionship that the SDs need at that time. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

So when your friends or family say, “isn’t that the same as being a prostitute?” or “isn’t that demeaning to women?”. The answer is a resounding NO. Both parties are consenting adults with very specific parameters of what the relationship entails.

For the women, it can be financial support (because let’s face it, men still have a larger earning potential than women) to help pay tuition, medical, business, or household expenses. These women work, go to school and are productive members of society. They’re not sitting on the couch wondering what to do with their lives.

For the men, usually they are married and are unsatisfied within that relationship. Many are in an “open marriage.”  They find something in the Sugar relationship that they are not getting at home, and are happy to have an arrangement with their SBs. They can also be single men who are looking for an alternative type of relationship. These relationships can last months and sometimes years with the same couple.

So when friends and family ask why you’re in a Sugar relationship, hold your head high and tell them it’s where you want to be at this point in your life. You owe no one an explanation for what you do. If they love you, they’ll support your choices.