Welcome to the Seeking Blog! We love interacting with our members and/or potential members, and encourage meaningful discussion about the topics in our comments. However, recently as we moderate our comment section of this blog, we have discovered some discouraging trends—personal attacks; discrimination; trolling; a huge amount of gender-bias; trolling; distribution of personal information; trolling; hostile discussions that, quite frankly, have nothing to do with the topic of the blog; and lastly, trolling. We have such a unique and intriguing member-base with so much to offer, and we think that we all can be held to a much higher standard.

So, we are introducing a set of Community Guidelines that members should adhere to, and violating any of them may result in comment removal or banning. So before you post, take a quick look at our guidelines below. Happy Sugaring!

Blog Community Guidelines

  1. Be respectful.
    Remember that behind each username is a person—be respectful and act the way you would in conversation with any person in real life. Personal attacks, name-calling, etc. will not be tolerated. Treat others the way you’d want to be treated.
  2. No solicitation or spam.
    Any comments soliciting services for money will be removed, as well as any links posted that do not fit within the context of the blog post. If you do post a link to an article or webpage that you believe fits into the conversation, please explain why in your comment.
  3. No trolling.
    Deliberately making comments intended to provoke controversial or emotional reactions and arguments, that do not add to the conversation, will be removed.
  4. Absolutely no hate speech or harassment.
    We have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination based on gender, race, nationality, religion and/or sexuality, as well as harassment, slurs or threats of violence—making anyone feel unwelcome in our community. Any member who breaks this rule will immediately be banned and comments removed.
  5. No graphic, sexually demeaning language.
    Graphic comments/descriptions about sexual acts are not allowed, as they are not relevant to our blog content. Sexually demeaning language towards others, including name-calling, is also prohibited.
  6. No gender bias.
    Refrain from making wide-sweeping, blanket statements with negative connotations towards men & women, or certain types of Seeking members, as a whole.
  7. Absolutely no identifying or personal information.
    Posting comments that include anyone’s identifying or personal information (usernames on Seeking, full names, phone numbers, addresses, links to social media, etc.), whether or not they are a Seeking member, is strictly forbidden and will result in banning.
  8. No “seeking”—keep it to the website.
    Soliciting arrangements in the comment section is not allowed. We ask that Seeking members use our website for this purpose, not the blog. If you are not a member, sign up here for free.
  9. No discussions regarding monetary value.
    Refrain from discussing specific monetary values for allowances, dates, etc. Monetary arrangements should only be discussed in private. Any language or activity regarding monetary arrangements for sex is a violation of Seeking’s user policy, and therefore this blog, and will result in immediate banning.
  10. Keep on-topic.
    Do not use the comment section as a personal soap box. It is meant for meaningful discussion, concerns and questions about the topic of the post. If you are continually veering off-topic, trolling, etc., this may result in comment removal and/or banning.
*Please note, these guidelines are for the blog comment section. They are not an update to SA’s terms of use, and banning on this blog will not result in your SA account being suspended, as the blog and SA have separate membership bases.