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5 Ways to Show Your Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy You’re Thinking of Them


“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Sure, that makes a lot of sense—of course missing your Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy is going to make your eventual meet up even, well, sweeter. See what I did there?!

Some of us, though, like feeling somewhat connected with our special somebodys when time or space doesn’t allow us to be together. Here are five simple and sweet ways to let your Sugar Someone know you’re thinking of them.

1. Up Your “Thank You” Game: Send a Photo of a Gift They Gave You

This one is for you, Sugar Babies! Maybe your SD recently showered you with some Sugar. Did you get a dazzling necklace? A handbag from your favorite designer’s latest line? A pair of sexy stilettos? Show them how much you’re enjoying the gift by sending a photo of you wearing the item. It’s more special than a selfie, says “thank you” and “thinking of you” in the same message, and should surely put a smile on your SD’s face!

2. Is the Next Date Soon? Let Them Know You’re Excited

It’s the little things in life that matter, right? If you have a date scheduled for later in the week, send a simple “Can’t wait to see you” or “Excited for Friday night” message to your SB or SD. Anticipation also makes the heart grow fonder!

3. The Tried and True: Send a Bouquet of Flowers

We’re looking at you, Sugar Daddies! Some might find this move cliché or overdone, but I consider it classic and chivalrous. Go the extra mile and find out her favorite flower—this will score you bonus points and really let the SB feel extra special.

4. Know When To Support and Cheer Them On

Have you gotten to know your SD/SB pretty well? Chances are they’ve slipped some information about their professional or personal lives that you can use to your advantage. Did your SD tell you over the weekend that he has an important presentation at work on Tuesday? Send them a text that day cheering them on! Maybe your SB is a college student and slipped she has a big test in Economics 101 this week? Send her a message telling her “You’ve got this!”

5. Go Old School: Send a Love Letter Through Snail Mail

Sweet text messages and thoughtful emails are certainly great ideas for showing some love, but why not take the time and surprise your SD or SB with a hand-written love letter you dropped in the mailbox? It’s so rare to receive letters like these, which makes it a really romantic and completely considerate gesture.

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