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Social Distance Dating: 7 Great At-Home Dates


People all around the world are cancelling plans with friends, postponing vacations and working from home instead of in the office. As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread, we have to alter the way we live our lives a little—and that includes how we date and spend time with our significant others.

Total isolation isn’t necessary for those remaining healthy, though! Human interaction is something we all crave, and there are ways to stay social while staying safe. While a number of typical dating hotspots aren’t an option right now (NBA and NHL games, live music events, and community gatherings, among them), you don’t have to go on a dating hiatus!

We’ve curated a number of ways to keep your dating life active, lively and fun during this time of “social distancing”—pick one out with your special Sugar someone and keep that flame burning!

Enjoy an At-Home Staycation

You don’t need to book a room at the nearest W, Loews or Mandarin Oriental to have a five-star resort experience. A couple Amazon finds and some creativity can turn your place into your very own boutique hotel for the weekend.

Get your relaxation on by trading massages with your partner. Elevate the experience with an at-home spa kit (reflexology sticks, massage combs, shea butter, essential oils—you get the idea) and a mattress-top headrest and face pillow. Throw in a face mask and bath bomb soak and you’ll forget all about those cancelled Canyon Ranch reservations!

Amp up your master bedroom with some candles, stock your armoire with cocktail favorites for a makeshift wet bar and order a box of chocolate-covered strawberries to really live the suite life.

Have a pool in the backyard? Line your chaise lounges with luxurious linens, blend up a batch of margaritas and make your perfect poolside playlist on Spotify. Who doesn’t like a day of sunning and splashing with their Sugar Baby or Daddy?

Movie Night!

Between Prime, Apple TV, Netflix, Hulu and Disney-Plus, you have unlimited options at home that’ll make replicating the movie theater experience super easy! While everyone’s cinematic taste differs, we did notice that Valentine’s Day and Silver Linings Playbook just dropped on Netflix—and rom-coms are perfect for date night! Outbreak was also added to the platform’s queue this month (we see what you did there, Netflix)—we highly suggest not watching that one!

Movie night isn’t just about what you’re watching, though! Make sure to stock up on microwaveable popcorn (bonus points if you go the stovetop Jiffy Pop route), your sweetie’s favorite candy and some bottled sodas. And if you really want to feel like you’re at the movies, consider getting a mini projector to screen your film of choice on an empty wall.

Cook as a Couple

A couple that cooks together is a couple that … well, eats together! Grocery stores might be low on supplies and you might not be very skilled in the kitchen—but don’t fret! Meal ingredient and recipe delivery services—like Blue Apron, Home Chef, Hello Fresh and Plated—are here to save the culinary day for you.

You can either tackle a recipe together, or you can make it interesting with one of you preparing dinner and the other whipping up a decadent dessert! With perfectly-portioned amounts of responsibly-sourced ingredients and chef-designed recipes, the odds of you messing this up are remarkably low. Bon appetit!

Game Night!

Sure, you don’t have enough players for Cards Against Humanity, but there are plenty of board games out there that are ideal for two people to play! You simply can’t go wrong with the classic Jenga—the rules are easy to remember, the game really gets people engaged (and competitive) and the clean-up is a breeze!

Or, if you’re a fan of Scrabble, we suggest giving Bananagrams a try—basically, it’s Scrabble without the complex point system and a much faster pace. Want to play something completely new? One of my favorite games is Codenames. The word-deduction card game makes you work with—and not against—your partner, while identifying codewords, avoiding “assassin” cards and receiving help from “bystanders” and “agents” cards.

If you’ve already gone past your third or fourth date—and you really know each other—a game of Twister with that someone special is always a good time!

Go To a Concert (Kind Of)

You don’t need a ticket to take in a live show by your favorite artist. There are countless recordings of full concerts by many of today’s top musical acts, many of them available on YouTube and Netflix.

Are you a fan of pop divas? Netflix has Beyonce’s “Homecoming” performance from Coachella 2019 and Taylor Swift’s 2018 Reputation Stadium Tour stop in Arlington available. If you’re more of a rocker, consider Arcade Fire’s 2018 Lollapalooza appearance or the Foo Fighters’ 2019 Live at Atlanta Show—both are on YouTube. And if you’re looking for something more retro, you can listen to some “Bohemian Rhapsody” with Queen’s 1982 Buckinghamshire show or experience a shower of “Purple Rain” with Prince’s 1982 stop at New Jersey’s Capitol Theater.

And that’s just a few of our top picks!! Find your jam (literally) and rock out with your SD or SB!

Karaoke Night!

Always a popular date option, karaoke doesn’t need to happen in a dive bar. Get on your phone’s app store and find a karaoke application to download!

We suggest saving your rehearsed Celine Dion selection for when you know your partner well enough. Stick to fun songs that you both know the lyrics to—that duet moment will be so memorable!


If you can’t meet up IRL, consider using your phone or iPad to connect with your partner. Facetiming will make it feel like they’re really there—especially if you plan some activities you can do together. Pick a series that just dropped on Hulu to binge simultaneously, order the same Blue Apron meal and cook “alongside” each other or buy the same board game and play each other remotely!

In our world of cutting-edge technology there’s no need to take a break from seeing each other. Whether it’s Skype, Facetime or some other platform, you can still spend time with your SD or SB from anywhere in the world!

Dating at home has so many perks, SBs and SDs! Not only can you really relax and enjoy each other’s company in a comfortable setting, but you’re also putting your safety—and the safety of others—first in this time of social distance. Whether you’re playing a rousing game of Twister (maybe strip poker?) or searing a steak with your sweetie, staying home really gives you quality time with each other—and who doesn’t want that with their Sugar someone?

Do you have some fantastic at-home date ideas of your own? Want to offer a tip that’ll take one of our suggestions to the next level? Head on over to our Facebook post about this blog and let us know what you think!

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