How we date is constantly changing, from evolving social norms to innovations like online dating and the introduction of the “swipe.”

And dating changed again just this year, but a new app or website search filter wasn’t the cause. We are currently living in a time of “social distancing,” as COVID-19 has made self-isolation, widespread business closures and maintaining a six-foot distance from others in public the new normal.

There are, however, many singles around the globe still looking for that special someone—and there are ways to maintain an active and healthy social life, while observing the warnings being presented to our communities.

With that in mind, we reached out to you—our loyal Sugar Bowl devotees—to ask how things are going. How has dating changed? Are you social distance dating? Is the Sugar Bowl as sweet as ever?

We have lots of members logging in from California, and it appears that Sugar Babies in the Golden State are still eager to meet POTs under the new guidelines.

“Everything is good,” says one anonymous member living in Newport Beach. She also told us that she would be interested in meeting Sugar Daddies at home—either hers or theirs—because she still wants to date. Another anonymous member—logging in from Hollywood—echoed her fellow SoCal SB, telling us she plans to continue meeting men in person and looks forward to the experiences.

The desire to continue dating is widespread, too. One anonymous member in Paris, who signed up on Seeking after four years of being single, let us know that she’s still eager to meet people and even asked us for tips on improving her profile!

We encourage everyone to date safely throughout this time—keep social distancing in mind when planning your dates and take the necessary measures that we’ve all been seeing on the news.

A Sugar Baby doesn’t need to meet in person to stay current with their Sugar Daddy, though! We live in an age of technology that allows us to share time and experiences with each other digitally.

Lady Samantha, an SB living in the United Kingdom, told us that she has been staying in contact with the SDs she has already met and been in touch with. She’s hoping that the issue blows over soon.

In the meantime, Samantha and other SBs around the world can date from afar by using video applications like Facetime or Marco Polo. Dating with your phone or iPad can be a lot of fun! As we shared on our previous blog, this is a great time to cook a meal, play a board game or binge watch a TV series simultaneously with your sweetie—all from the comfort of both of your own homes!

And it’s exactly that kind of tip—about dating while social distancing—that many users are looking for.

Alexandra, a member from Madrid, Spain, is still logging into Seeking to talk with men she has engaged with in both her hometown and Singapore. She told us most men are interested in courting her—taking her to a restaurant or meeting for a drink—and she’s unsure of what to do. We highly recommend a Facetime date! Make some fabulous cocktails and put on an album by an artist you both like—if you time it beautifully, the conversation and date will be just as beautiful!

Another anonymous member in Rome is worried that the current situation is affecting her potential to meet someone. We gave her a few tips to enhance her profile so she can get to that first meeting faster! For those in a similar situation, consider adding to your profile a few fun virtual dates you’d like to experience with your partner—someone viewing your profile might see the suggestion and make the move!

We also heard from an anonymous SD who told us his messages have increased and he’s enjoying talking to the SBs, but he’s unsure of how to move forward with these potential relationships. We think taking the conversation online is a good call—like we mentioned above, virtual dates can be a great way to find connection in these days of distance.

We’re all about focusing on the positive—how human interaction can happen, safety can be observed, and Seeking members around the world can find the relationship that suits their needs. Which is why we loved one message from an SA member residing in Rome, who told us that she’s very satisfied in her experience, chatted with many POTs and has no complaints to speak of.

“Coronavirus is still spreading here, but we’re fighting. Every day at 6 p.m. we go out on our balconies to sing a song all together. It’s truly beautiful. I live for these moments of unity and love!”

And we live for them, too. We hope all SA members are staying safe, staying true to themselves and their needs, and that they’re continuing to search for the someone they’re staying home for.

Want to let us know how your Sugar experience is going during this time of social distancing? Head on over to our Facebook post about this blog and let us know what you think. We look forward to hearing from you, SBs and SDs!

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