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Six Fantastic Virtual Dates To “Go” On


Over the past couple of weeks we have had to reshape the way we live our lives. Our grocery lists, dinner plans and weekend agendas look quite different than they did even just a month ago. It’s no surprise, then, that the way we date and socialize has changed, as well.

With the suggestion to social distance ourselves from others, dating has gotten a little tricky—especially for those who have entered relationships quite recently. If you know who you’re dating really well, a stay-at-home date night is easy-peasy—purchase your partner’s favorite movie on Amazon, cook their favorite meal and have a bottle of wine handy. But if you just started getting to know someone, keeping a six-foot distance when you’re in their home is a bit, well, awkward.

But dating doesn’t have to be done in-person in the digital age we’re living in. Virtual dates—via video apps like Facetime, Zoom or Marco Polo—offer the same connection you’d experience sitting next to your date at the movie theater or across from them at your favorite coffee shop. And as Seeking has seen a 74 percent increase of member sign-ups from last year at this time, we’re thinking there are a lot of newbies to the Sugar Bowl eagerly waiting to meet new people!

And as we are here to help you find authentic relationships, we wanted to offer a little digital dating assistance. You’re navigating new dating waters, which is why we’ve curated a number of fun and flirtatious virtual dates to “go” on with a new SD or SB. Read on, choose your favorite and make the move by asking someone out—on a virtual date—today!

A Night at the Museum

No, we aren’t recommending pulling up the Ben Stiller comedy of the same name on Netflix. Google Arts & Culture has teamed up with over 2,500 museums and galleries to put together an amazing platform wherein visitors can view amazing artwork at some of the world’s most prestigious museums!

Viewers can take virtual tours of destinations like the British Museum in London, where the Rosetta Stone and ancient Egyptian mummies lie; Paris’ Musée d’Orsay, which offers the masterworks of French impressionist painters like Monet, Cezanne and Gaugin; and the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City, which houses artifacts from the ancient Mayan civilization.

Other museums included are New York City’s Guggenheim Museum, Washington D.C.’s National Gallery of Art, Berlin’s Pergamon Museum, Seoul’s National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum, the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, Florence’s Uffizi Gallery, and São Paulo’s Museu de Arte de São Paulo.

So, who needs a trip to Paris to take in Monet’s works? Enjoy some culture as a couple via your phone or iPad! It’s a perfect virtual date—just plan the time and have a bottle of rosé (and maybe some charcuterie snacks) ready!

Truth or Dare

Sleepovers and sleep-away summer camp nights weren’t complete without this go-to. The game was still pretty interesting in your 20s and, in our opinion, is a perfect date-night activity for couples of any age!

Simply Facetime your Sugar someone and let the shenanigans begin! Not only will you find out more about your date, you’ll likely also share more than a few laughs! If you’re going to play, we suggest straying away Truth questions about exes—and Dare suggestions that might come with a misdemeanor. TPing your neighbor’s yard isn’t a cute look for anyone over the age of 16.

Plan a Future Getaway

Even though we might be practicing social distance now, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a jump on travel plans! Romantic getaways are par for the course for a couple who has been together a while, making this date-night idea perfect for those in that situation.

But even if this is only your second, third or fourth date, you can still have fun planning some vacay fun! Not only will you get to know your date better by their choices, you’ll have an itinerary in place for when you do decide to travel together!

Using a platform like Google Hangouts where you can show your date websites and documents will allow you to show them exactly what you’re looking to do. You can share photos of specific destinations, hotels you’d like to stay at, restaurants where you want to dine and fun excursions to experience together.

Show and Tell

Okay, we know … it seems a bit childish. But let us explain! If you’re staying home and still want to date, this kindergarten classroom favorite is a great way to spend your next date night!

Think about it: You’re at home, surrounded by all the things you love, cherish and make you feel comfortable. Show and Tell is a perfect approach to sharing more about yourself with your Sugar someone.

Before you get on a video call with your date, choose a few items that are important to you that tell your story. This is the time to break out your high school yearbooks, childhood photos and that special Christmas present your mom gave you three years ago. It’s also the time to show off your lifestyle—explain how important your home gym is to you, introduce your date to your dog or cat, show your partner the favorite dish you made for dinner that night.

It’s simple. But you’re looking for a connection—and what better way to find it than really get to know someone’s past and present?

Make the Perfect Playlist

Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube—there are countless streaming services and platforms available these days. Find out which one your date uses and suggest building your own couple’s playlist!

This might not be the right move if you’re just starting out dating—but if you’ve gotten to know each other quite well, why not have a soundtrack to put on next time you meet IRL?

Facetime your date, open the music streaming service of your choice, and get to planning! Choose songs that you both like, songs that remind you of each other, songs that you want to dance to and songs that make you want to get busy in the bedroom! Debating what officially is chosen will be so much fun and in the end you’ll have an awesome playlist to listen to—either when you’re with each other or not!

Sunsets and Stargazing

It doesn’t get easier than this: Set a date, lay down on the grass and just be.

Sharing an amazing sunset or gazing at the brilliant nighttime sky is such a romantic experience—and one that can easily be replicated digitally. Send a video call, open a bottle of wine and enjoy some quality conversation with your Sugar someone—all while you’re enjoying the comfort of your backyard or a nearby park!

Do you have your own digital date night ideas? Let us know how you’re spending time with your SD or SB by commenting on our Facebook post about this blog!

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