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A Sugar Baby Tool Kit for Social Distance Dating


Just like traditional dating and relationships, Sugar dating and Sugar relationships can be stressful. The current state of the world—staying home, observing six feet of distance from both our friends and strangers, etc.—changed how we date and maintain relationships, which made dating even more difficult.

The pressure to find someone and/or be with someone can be quite trying. And as current events have made dating slightly more tedious, we think it’s important to take time to destress, decompress and feel comfortable in one’s own skin.

There are a number of ways to reduce stress and focus on the fun aspects of Sugar dating, though, and we’ve identified some essentials that will help you do just that. This Sugar Baby “Tool Kit,” so to speak, will have you slaying the Sugar Bowl game, all while still observing social distancing and taking care of yourself to be sure you feel good.

A Journal or Blog

A journal is an amazing way to not only document your life and record your experiences—both in this new world we’re living in as well as in dating—it’s also a fantastic way to destress and be introspective. We suggest all Sugar Babies get themselves a journal and jot down some thoughts about their day-to-day and the POTs they’re talking to—their interests, what attracted them to the POT, their budgets, and details about the virtual dates they want to go on.

While this also can be seen as a means of dating safe, it’s also about making sure you remember who is who. Considering this time of staying in and reducing social interaction, you might be out of touch with a POT or SD for a while and then, just like that, you pop back into each other’s lives—and you have this handy resource to remember everything you had already gotten to know about them!

If you’re more into documenting digitally, a blog is a great substitute for pen and paper. Although, if you do use this method, we suggest making all the blogs private or avoid putting any personal information in your posts.

Media Resources

When you’re Sugaring you can never stop learning, which is why books, podcasts, or blogs can be your best friend in the Sugar world! Read as much as you can (about Sugaring, dating in the digital age, relationships, etc.), and be eager to learn. Consider bookmarking some of the news sites you prefer and check them regularly—it’s always a great idea to stay familiar with current events, especially right now.

And don’t forget to come back here to the Seeking blog for all kinds of Sugar tips and advice! Plus, our fabulous YouTube channel has all kinds of videos that touch on different aspects of Sugar dating, offering you valuable tips and advice.

A Day to Yourself

Sugar dating and social distancing can be stressful—and you need some “me” time to decompress! Whether you’re staying home alone or have roommates, make sure you keep at least one day a week for yourself and for self-care. This might include updating your journal, a hair mask and face mask, therapy, or taking a long walk with your dog around the neighborhood. Whatever will help you grow, relax and recharge—that is what matters most on your self-care day.

Sometimes it’s not all about home spa treatments, though. We all lead busy lives these days, so taking a day to get things in order is important. Sometimes your “me” time might be spent cleaning the house, getting together with family, doing that pile of laundry, paying bills or grooming your dog—puppies need self-care, too, right?! Plus, if you have a Facetime date, you have to keep that living room backdrop cute and comfy!

A Killer Profile

Your profile is your first impression in the Sugar world, so it’s important to make sure that it’s nothing short of awesome. It should have high-quality photos and some interesting information about you. And while we’re staying home more often than going out, you also can include a few ideas of virtual dates you think would be fun to experience—an SD might also be into cooking the same Blue Apron meal as you or binge-watching Amazon Prime’s latest drop together. Don’t be shy and let your personality shine!

An Idea of What You Want

Remember that Sugaring is about finding a relationship that is beneficial for both you and your SD. If you’re ready for the Sugar Bowl, you should know what you want and who you’re looking for—and also know what you don’t want and who you’re not looking for. Having a clear vision of your terms and needs will make finding a suitable Sugar Daddy so much easier!

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