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A Sugar Daddy’s Quarantine Survival Guide: How To Stay Fresh and Fit For Your SB


Many of us around the world have been settled into our homes for quite some time now, filling our days with streaming TV marathons, virtual happy hours with friends and maybe even a new hobby picked up to kill some time.

What we might have let fall by the wayside throughout this time, though, are the mundane chores we perform month after month. Do you know the last time you had a haircut? How is your workout regimen going without a gym to frequent? Is your closet ready for summertime activities like boating and hitting the beach?

We wanted to offer a few tips for our Sugar Daddy members to maintain their signature swagger while keeping social distancing in mind. Read on for our tips on how to keep looking good for your SB—whether it’s for the next virtual date, or when we’re on the other side of this quarantine.

Tame Your Facial Hair

Is your beard or mustache looking a little rough after a month of playing couch commando with the latest Netflix drop? Chances are if you have an epic beard you’re well aware of the maintenance required to keep it looking, well, epic. But if you’ve recently decided to keep your face fuzz, consider the following:

  • Hydration is important! Just like the hair on your head, you have to condition your facial hair. Most barbers will advise to put it on in the shower and let it soak in a bit. They’ll also tell you to follow that up with some beard oil and lotion, both to moisturize and shape the hair pattern.
  • It’s called grooming for a reason! You have to comb your facial hair to train it where and how to lie.
  • Avoid commercial products! Your SB doesn’t want to cuddle up to a scratchy face, so make sure your grooming tools are top quality. Consider a single-bladed razor from a high-end grooming retailer over the commercial razors with multiple blades.

Bring the Spa to Your Bathroom

Spa Days aren’t gender-specific, especially if you’re a well-to-do SD who wants to maintain a sophisticated image for your Sugar Baby. You can’t luxuriate with your SB at the local resort spa right now, though, which means you’re taking care of your skin all on your own.

You might have a few quick fixes in your medicine cabinet or shower caddy, sure. But just in case you don’t, we suggest investing in some pre-made face masks (readily available on Amazon—just be sure to look for good reviews and/or high star ratings) or going the DIY route. You probably don’t have shea butter or coconut oil handy, but every gentleman has a stocked refrigerator—save those avocados and the last of that local honey and make your own skin care remedy! Again, we defer to YouTube so you can find the recipe best for you.

Don’t Skip Leg (or Abs, Arms, Chest, Cardio, etc.) Day

Yes, your luxury gym of choice was one of the first businesses to put up the “Be Back Soon” sign—and whether you were devastated or slightly relieved, you still have to maintain that workout regimen!

National gym chains quickly got on board with quarantine exercise by offering their members their own virtual workouts and home exercise tips. If you were a devout member of one such gym, chances are you’re already keeping up with your fitness.

If you’re at a loss for how to stay fit, there are more than enough online resources available that will help you do just that. Some national gym chains, such as OrangeTheory, are offering video classes for the masses—even without a membership. Some fitness video services are offering free trials to give a shot before you sign up—one is Beachbody, which has a variety of fitness classes including P90X, 21-Day Fix, Insanity, Yoga, and Pi-Yo.

But if you don’t want to exactly commit to anything at this point and just need something to get you through quarantine, do a quick search of “celebrity trainer workouts”—it seems many top-notch trainers are looking to gain a following in this time.

Give Yourself a Haircut—Really

While many might consider personal grooming businesses utterly “essential,” salons and barbershops around the world have closed their doors for the foreseeable future. And as many men have gone without a trim in more than a month at this point, we’re guessing some SDs are looking a bit more disheveled than the suave gentleman they’re used to looking at in the mirror.

Unless you have flowing curly locks like Bradley Cooper or the pin-straight hippie-esque strands of Brad Pitt, you might want to consider taking a shot at lowering your ears—yes, by yourself. Instagram and every morning show in America has documented numerous fashionable male celebrities taking a buzzer or a pair of shears to their mops—NBC’s Today show even got anchor Carson Daly to let his son give him a cut on live television, which produced humorous entertainment (and a pretty nice fade).

Should you decide to move forward with this experiment, we suggest doing a lot of research. There are dozens upon dozens of YouTube videos on the subject, you just need to find one that fits: 1) the style you’re looking for; 2) your type of hair; and 3) a video with pacing that you’re comfortable following in live time. A quick Google search should reveal some top-notch tutorials!

While more styled looks will require a gentle approach, you can always go for the classic buzz cut—which is easily done with a pair of clippers and maybe a handheld mirror. Make sure your clippers have attachments with rounded edges to adhere to your crown’s shape to avoid looking like a character from The Simpsons and you’re good to go! Simply trimming? Gather your hair in small locks between your fingers and only cut the edges—and remember that when wet hair is cut, it will be shorter once it dries.

Studies show that human hair only grows a half-inch every month, so be careful with this endeavor! You’ll want to look your absolute best when you get to see your SB on that next date—virtual or not!

Fashion Fades, Style Remains

That header, paraphrased from a famous quote by iconic fashion designer Coco Chanel, couldn’t be more true. With many of our favorite retail shops closed, we have taken to the internet for our clothing needs. But sometimes online shopping can seem too daunting a task, sometimes you don’t purchase off-the-rack online because it might not fit when it arrives, and sometimes you just want to keep watching that TV series you wanted to finish by Friday—which takes away from your time to search for sartorial excellence.

It may, then, be no better time to sign up for a clothing delivery service. Companies such as Trendy Butler, Stitch Fix, Trunk Club and more are here to take care of all your fashion needs. Depending on which service you sign up for, all you need to do is enter your measurements, some style notes and your payment information—and voila, a new pair of slacks and a fresh button-down are on your doorstep just in time for (virtual) date night.

As retailers would likely be switching their merchandise over to late spring/summer attire right now, it’s a perfect time to let experts choose some additions for your next seasonal wardrobe. You’ll need a fresh pair of swim trunks and some stylish shades for that summer beach vacay you have planned with your SB, right?

Do you have your own self-care tips to share? Let us know by commenting on our Facebook post about this blog!

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