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How To Spend Your Free Time Wisely—For You and Your SD or SB


After weeks of spending our time appreciating our luxurious living room couches, perusing Uber Eats for the perfect midday delivery treat and binge-watching the entirety of Ozark, we have hit a wall. The news is calling it “quarantine fatigue,” as many around the world are growing tired of staying home and longing for some real-world socialization.

The thing is, though, that quarantine isn’t exactly over for a lot of us. And even when regional politicians make the move to open their local economies, chances are there’s a significant population that will continue to stay home to avoid inconveniences. Who wants to wait for a restaurant reservation when the eatery is capped at 25 percent capacity? Is anyone excited to stand in line outside their favorite retail store?

We continue to navigate the lonely waters we’ve found ourselves in—but here at SeekingArrangement, we like the idea of physical distancing over social distancing. Connecting with people—be it our SD or SB, family, friends or Jake from Allstate—has never been more imperative. This is exactly why singles around the world have continued to date—and we’ve all learned that virtual meetings aren’t so different from those IRL.

Many of us have found ourselves dating or maintaining relationships throughout these uncertain times, looking forward to the moment we can spend with a special someone without worrying about the WiFi connection. Until we can date without concern, we all have a whole lot of one thing on our hands: time.

While we once dreamed of additional hours in the workday and lamented weekends that were too short for our liking, we have an abundance of hours, minutes and seconds to fill with … well, anything that doesn’t require leaving the house. And that means you have loads of time to devote to becoming a better partner for your SD or SB! Read on for our ideas on how to maximize your time spent at home—both for you and your Sugar someone!

Learn a Language

Expanding your knowledge is always a good thing—and it’s even better when it helps you get closer to your amour! Whether you’re dating someone who is bilingual, hoping to travel to an international destination with your SB/SD or if your Sugar someone’s college minor is Spanish literature, learning a language that you can share with your partner will only make your bond even more special.

There are all kinds of educational resources available that will have you speaking another language in a significantly short time. Free to download and easy to use, the Duolingo application has been praised for its ability to immerse one in the language they’re studying. Both Apple and Google gave the app awards, the former naming it the iPhone App of the Year in 2017.

Other programs include Babbel, Rosetta Stone, FluentU and Lingvest. Regardless of how you learn how to say “you’re beautiful,” “kiss me,” or “I love you,” your partner will be touched simply by the fact that you took time to learn a language they also love to speak.

Read a Book

Is your SD a history buff, particularly interested in the World War II era? Maybe your SB is a budding novelist, constantly taking in all the young-adult fiction she can get her hands on.

Whether or not your partner is a bookworm, chances are they have cracked open a book or two during this quarantine—what else do we have to do? While the subject matter your Sugar somebody is interested in might not be your cup of tea, give it a shot and read something you two can talk about together. Not only will it bring you closer to them, but you just might find out you’re into Twilight after all. No one’s asking you to root for Team Edward or Team Jacob.

And if you’re both literary enthusiasts, take a look at the New York Times bestseller list and order a few of the titles on Amazon! You can be ahead of the curve, taking in the upcoming summer’s must-read hit—while impressing your boo at the same time!

Do Your Nails (or Hair, Beard, etc.)

SBs and SDs alike have likely scheduled a mani-pedi for when quarantine is over, as beach and pool season is nearing and no one wants to be seen in sandals with dinosaur claws. Also, we’re pretty sure the SBs out there aren’t looking forward to scratching their face on their Sugar Daddy’s scruff. And when you look good, you feel good!

While many of us haven’t been to a barbershop, salon or spa for quite some time, we still remember what they looked like—which is why recreating the experience in your ensuite bathroom should be fairly easy to do.

SDs can consider buying top-notch grooming products such as stainless steel straight razors, shaving brushes and beard oil. Why would you not want to see your SB with a fresh shave? And as for SBs, we suggest investing in a high-quality manicure/pedicure set with a UV LED drying lamp. Google tutorials on removing gel polish and getting a clean shave are abundant. Go learn and get fresh!

Binge-Watch the Right TV

The amount of Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Apple TV and Prime Video subscriptions likely are at an all-time high right now, as televisions across the world are providing the in-home entertainment we all are seeking.

And while you might be mid-watch of your favorite series’ latest season, we implore you to consider watching that other show your SB or SD keeps talking about. Everyone has their own taste—be it in television or potential partners—but it shouldn’t be too hard to find that middle-ground series or film you both are into.

Consider asking your SD or SB for access to their streaming services. You can see what they like to watch, find something you’re also interested in and then—BOOM!—it’s a watch party waiting to happen.

A more anthropological approach to this would be watching the exact series your Sugar someone is into. Not only will you kill some time and enjoy some entertainment, you’ll learn a lot about their personality and you’ll have something to talk about. Two go-to’s: Sex and the City for the SDs and Entourage for the SBs. Carrie Bradshaw and Johnny Drama have a lot to learn from, Sugar Bowl devotees!

Stock Your Kitchen

If you’ve been dating your SD or SB for some time, you’ve probably gotten to know the kind of cuisines they enjoy eating. Hell, you might know their favorite dish they look forward to devouring each birthday and special occasion.

Lucky for all of us, then, that grocery stores are considered essential businesses. A quick afternoon trip to the local market is a great way to kill some time and stock your pantry with ingredients to make meals that your partner will absolutely love.

You’ll have to wait until social interaction is a bit more, well, normal, to enjoy this together—but the pay-off will be worth the preparation! Whether you surprise your Sugar date with their favorite dish or cook the meal together, you won’t regret that extra trip to the grocery store!

So as we continue to social distance, consider taking up one of these activities. You can fill those hours of the day, all while learning something new that will pleasantly surprise your SD or SB! Plus, it’s likely much more worthy of your time than that D-list movie marathon you have on your DVR—do something for you AND your boo!

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