As the world continues to move towards resembling some kind of “normal,” we’re learning how to adapt to our new situation—and dating is a big part of that!

Some areas have opened up their economies, allowing residents to enjoy the dining, shopping and recreational activities that they have been missing out on. Others have lifted certain restrictions. Some locations still have most of their public spaces closed—but virtual dating offers daters in those areas a means of connection.

And as all of this is changing, your profile should reflect our new normal. Adding your thoughts and ideas surrounding social distancing will be beneficial for all who see your profile. We have a few ideas for how to successfully insert this information to have you finding that SD or SB even sooner than you thought!

Be Honest

Seeking Arrangement is all about honest relationships—and that starts with honest communication. You should be upfront about your intentions when it comes to meeting a POT or dating your SD/SB—specifically, how you want to socialize in this uncertain time.

While restaurants, movie theaters and other date night-worthy locations are slowly opening up around the world, some will continue to stay home and avoid these previously named “non-essential” locations. There also are a number of cities, states and countries that are still observing shelter-in-place measures, so the only place to meet someone is the grocery store or at home. This significantly impacts how you’ll meet someone—which is why it’s important to offer your personal strategy upfront.

You can do this by adding a line to your profile of how you prefer to date while the world is still practicing social distancing. If it’s listed on your profile, you don’t need to have a conversation with a POT that could potentially turn into an award situation.

So, if you don’t plan on meeting new people in person for the time being, list in your profile that you are currently only interested in video dates. And conversely, let POTs know if you’re interested in meeting IRL. Here at Seeking Arrangement, we believe that everyone should date on their own terms and respect others’ boundaries—and that includes how we go about dating in this uncertain time!

Amp Up Your Current Responses

If you’re dating on video, chances are the conversation might be strained at times. Unreliable WiFi, connection lags, awkward silences—while these issues are likely few and far between, they could happen to you.

Knowledge is power, though, which is why we suggest adding more details to your profile responses. The more your date knows about you and your interests, the easier the conversation will flow—even if someone accidentally mutes themselves or the connection made you miss half of what your date just said.

If you list in your profile that you enjoy seeing new films, consider adding some of your recent favorites. If you’re letting users know that you’re an amateur foodie, think about adding your favorite restaurants, bars and cafes. Not only will this give your date more to talk about, an understanding of your taste will significantly elevate your conversation.

Update Your Photo

Many of us have been cooped up in our homes, ordering delivery and binging TV on the streaming service of our choice. That means you haven’t been out with friends in quite some time, which likely has resulted in fewer photos in your phone’s library. And if you have a professional headshot as your profile photo, we’re guessing your photographer friend has closed his studio for the past month or so.

What are we getting at? Your profile photo might be, well, somewhat outdated at this point. Simply take a new one and upload it today! We all have a lot of time on our hands, which means you can take the time to set up the perfect shot. Bring in additional lighting with lamps throughout your house, find a good place to prop your phone up for the right angle (we suggest a tall bookcase or ladder) and find a great outfit that’ll have you looking and feeling your best.

Or if you want to show some personality, consider going candid and take some selfies while you’re gardening, walking your dog or cooking your favorite meal! Whatever staging you decide on, a fresh photo is always a good look for your SA profile.

Offer Social Distance Dating Ideas

If you’re going to date via video or in a social distance fashion, you want to be doing things you actually like to do—right?! Offering a few social distance date-night ideas will let POTs know if you enjoy doing similar activities and guarantees you’re not going to end up watching a movie you find boring or on a hike when you’re not exactly the outdoorsy type. A few tips:

  • Add to your profile some locations with low activity—places where you can stay 6 feet apart from other visitors—near your place that are great picks for dates. Neighborhood parks are perfect for picnics, local state and regional parks are prime for a nice hike, and a hidden-gem beach is fantastic for some conversation over a nice bottle of wine (in a hydro flask, of course).
  • List ideas for fun things to do while staying home. Do you have a resort-style pool, media screening room or an outdoor jacuzzi with a view? At-home dates can be a lot of fun and also let your date get to know you better!
  • If restaurant reservations aren’t available because of shelter-in-place restrictions, or if they’re hard to find considering limited capacity, you might want to consider dining at home. Include in your interests your favorite take-out options!

Do you have some more fun ways to spice up your profile? Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook post about this blog! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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