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The Modern Love Letter: What To Send Your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby


The past few months of social distancing have largely changed the way we communicate, whether it’s our friends and family, our coworkers, or who we’re dating. A lot of us have relied on technology to stay connected—conference calls with colleagues on Google Meet, virtual “happy hours” with friends on Zoom, watching a movie simultaneously with our significant others via Netflix Party.

If you entered a relationship before going into quarantine, maintaining that partnership has likely been somewhat challenging—especially if you were isolating alone and were practicing social distancing. Sure, you could have had video dates with an SD or SB who recently entered your life, but there’s definitely something missing when you’re getting to know someone through your WiFi connection.

Now as areas around the United States and world are opening up, you might be going on in-person dates. You also could still be observing local regulations about social distancing, as some regions have decided to maintain attempts to “slow the curve” of COVID-19. Either way, if you’re dating someone you not only want to get to know them, but you also likely want to feel close to them—in one way or another.

One way to feel close to your Sugar someone is by communicating in between your virtual or social distance dates. Think about the way your parents or grandparents dated—chances are they exchanged a few love letters during their courtships. The art of composing love letters is something of the past, but we can look to the tradition as an example of how to keep a relationship alive.

You’re probably not going to bust out the fountain pen and stationery set—even with all the time we’ve found on our hands—which is why we’ve compiled a list of ways to let your SD or SB know that they’re on your mind. Even when we’re out of quarantine, these small gestures will be a great way to keep your magic alive in between your time spent together—either by conference call or IRL.

Grant a Wish

Everyone makes mental lists of things they want when the holidays are approaching or a birthday is around the corner. Sometimes an SD wants to surprise his SB with some Sugar, though—so why not take those mental lists digital?

Well, Sugar Babies can do just that on SeekingArrangement now, as the site recently debuted its new Wishlists feature! The Sugar Bowl has never been sweeter, as SeekingArrangement Wishlists allows SDs to send SBs gifts they desire directly from the site!

Sugar Babies simply log on to SeekingArrangement and curate their Wishlists right on their profile. There are 17 online “shops” with all kinds of gifts to choose, from flowers to handbags to jewelry. SDs then can look at an SB’s Wishlist and decide on a gift they want to send, purchasing it right on the page. It’s as easy as that!

So, Sugar Daddies: What are you waiting for? Send something special to your Sugar Baby today!

Food, the Universal (Love) Language

If you and your SD or SB share a fondness of being a “foodie,” this is a perfect way to send some love in between your meetings. Whether we’re bored at home (quarantining or not) or in the middle of a busy day, we all have to eat—right?!

Sending packages filled with tasty delights will not only brighten your Sugar someone’s day and put a smile on their face, it also just might get them through that next work meeting or save them a trip to the grocery store. What we’re trying to say is that this thoughtful gesture is most certainly a win-win situation.

There are all kinds of companies specializing in sending thoughtful culinary treats. You can go for the tried and true, such as creative arrangements of fruits (who doesn’t like a bouquet of pineapple and watermelon spelling out “I love you”?) or a combination of chocolates and your SBs favorite flowers (a staple order available at many florist shops).

You also can think outside of the box. Send your SD or SB their favorite lunch order via Uber Eats, Grubhub or Postmates. Find out if their favorite restaurant does delivery. Surprise them by sending their nostalgic hometown treats via FedEx or UPS. Or, if you’re seeing them soon, send them a box from a meal-prep service like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh—with a note explaining you’ll cook the meal together on your next date! Not only does it remind them of you, it gives them something to look forward to!

Light Up Your Love

Yes, the name suggests this is for you and your BFF, but these fashionable and functional lamps are great for any kind of relationship. You and your SD or SB simply buy a set of them, each plug one in at home and connect them to your WiFi, and instantly you have a way to let them know you’re thinking of them. The lamps emanate one color when on their main setting, but when you give yours a quick touch it will change colors—and so will the lamp in your SD or SB’s bedroom.

It seems simple and unnecessary—and while we agree it’s simple, why wouldn’t you want a quick and easy way to let your Daddy or Baby know they’re on your mind? Whether you’re rushing to get ready for work, are running out the door to make it to your gym class or are sliding into bed after a long day at school or the office, it’s a great way to send a message to them!

There are a few models on the market right now—a couple of popular brands producing them are Filimin and Friendship Lamps. So, get on Amazon today and have a sweet say to send some sugar tomorrow!

Put Together a Photo Gallery

If you’ve spent a significant amount of time with your significant other, you likely have a number of snapshots of you and them together. Sure, you could just hop on Facebook and share a current photo or one from the “On This Day” memories section, but that’s pretty pedestrian and doesn’t exactly send the thoughtful message you’re looking for.

Instead, consider putting together a photo gallery—you can use websites, online applications or the go-to software programs like PowerPoint or Keynote. You can curate your picture picks and add text to put together a virtual scrapbook of sorts.

This is also the kind of gift that keeps on giving. The initial viewing will be sweet and unexpected, but you can always revisit the album when feeling nostalgic or when you want to show your friends those candid shots from that last vacation you took together. And who knows? Slideshows are extremely trendy at weddings these days—don’t get ahead of yourself (or rather, your relationship), though!

Take Digital Sweet Nothings To the Next Level

We live in a technology-driven world, so there’s no doubt that you’ll be calling, sending texts or messaging on SA in between your dates with your SD or SB. And all of those modes of communication are certainly encouraged, but why not take your digital messaging up a notch or two?

Enter the Lovebox, described as “the world’s first love note messenger.” Made of beech wood and featuring an LED screen and WiFi connection, this is the modern-day version of your classic Valentine’s Day mailbox. When you send a text message or a drawing using the Lovebox application, the decorative heart on your SO’s Lovebox spins to let them know they received a message from you—all they have to do is open the box and read your digital love note! Buy a set together or send as a gift to your Sugar someone and you can exchange sweet nothings in a fun and innovative way!

The O.G.

Okay, so we did say that love letters were a thing of the past. But just like 1980s fashion, Cher’s farewell tours and seasons of The Bachelor, some things do make pretty frequent comebacks. Why not put the pen to paper and send your special someone something, well, special?

Taking the time to put your words down is extremely thoughtful and will undoubtedly be appreciated by your SD or SB. Maybe skip composing a poem (unless you’re a poet and that’s your thing, of course) but throw it back to the high school days and jot down a few things about your day and how they reminded you of your Sugar Daddy or Baby. Don’t you remember when you were pleasantly surprised to find in your locker a folded piece of notebook paper with your name on it? We’re not sure about what high schoolers beyond Gen Z are doing, but boyfriends and girlfriends didn’t stop sending physical notes just because the iPhone came into existence.

So, take it old school and send that love letter! Not only is it nostalgic, it’s romantic!

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