The term papers have been submitted, final exams have come and gone, and the grades have been calculated. Millions of college students are now getting ready to wear their caps and gowns—even if they’re only wearing them for friends and family on a Zoom call—as graduation season is upon us.

And as Sugar Baby University is home to 4.5 million members worldwide (2.5 million in the United States alone), there are a lot of SBs getting ready to enter the job markets of their chosen fields of study. While the “what’s your major” question usually serves as a conversation starter for freshmen looking for friends and dates, we were curious about what our SBU Babies had chosen to study throughout their academic careers.

We decided to send out a survey to all Sugar Baby University coeds and received an overwhelming response. Over 60 percent of respondents reported that they were graduating this year, meaning there are a lot of Sugar Babies ready to take the real world by storm! And the major-specific results were quite interesting to behold—especially considering the connections between the majors SBs had chosen and the top occupations of SeekingArrangement’s Sugar Daddy members.

Mentorship as a Sugar Perk

This connection is worth noting, as Sugaring offers much more than just monetary perks like allowances, gifts, shopping sprees and fabulous vacations. A Sugar Relationship can also offer a Sugar Baby valuable mentorship, as Sugar Daddies tend to be further along in their careers and have sage advice to give—that’s backed up with lots of real-world experience, of course.

Many Sugar Daddies have years of business and/or financial experience on their résumés, which in turn can parlay into successful mentorship opportunities—they can guide their Sugar Babies throughout their collegiate experience to allow them to enter the workforce using the knowledge they obtained that is geared to their specific fields.

And Sugar Daddies not only can offer advice, but they can help their Sugar Baby with networking in their field to obtain valuable internships, work experience and freelance work. If they’re in a similar field, they already know where to go, who to talk to and what to say—all things that truly help one stand out when they’re getting their start in a new career. And while Sugar Daddies aren’t high-profile homework helpers, who knows? If a Sugar Baby wants some academic help—be it an SD reviewing presentations or providing anecdotes and quotes for term papers—that can be an aspect of their partnership.

While mentorships aren’t usually a requirement to get a diploma, they certainly can help one move forward in their career—and usually at a faster pace. A 2018 Forbes article reported on the importance of developing strong mentor-mentee relationships, citing survey data that supported the idea that a solid mentoring relationship would help the mentee advance in their education and career goals.

The Survey Results: Top Connections

Looking at the SBU survey results, the most striking correlation between Sugar Baby majors and Sugar Daddy occupations would be in the world of business. The Number 2 major among SBs, business is the chosen field of study for 12.8 percent of our SBU survey respondents. And with many SeekingArrangement Sugar Daddies making a living as businessmen—whether it’s marketing, product development or management, business is the occupation most SDs have listed—the odds are optimistic for entrepreneurial Sugar Babies looking for some love (and logistics expertise).

Additionally, accounting completes our Top 10 list of Sugar Baby majors with 2.3 percent of respondents listing the field—they, too, can advance in their career with a little help from a knowledgeable and generous Sugar Daddy.

While there’s a significant number of SBs ready to charm Mark Cuban on Shark Tank, more are ready to sell their smiles and sweetness in a pair of scrubs. And in the era of COVID-19, nursing is one of the fields that definitely hasn’t seen a decrease in job opportunities—so maybe the 14.9 percent of SBU sugar babies studying the subject are onto something.

And a decent amount of Sugar Daddies are making money in the healthcare field, as it’s the fifth most popular occupation among SDs. And considering there are 3.5 million Sugar Daddies on SeekingArrangement, that’s a sizable group of SDs in the medical field!

The 7.8 percent of respondents listing biology as their major—the fourth most popular field of study among SBU SBs—also might be able to glean some insight and advice from a Sugar Daddy making moves in the healthcare field. The subject and industry go hand-in-hand, as an understanding of biological science is needed to become a doctor or pharmacist, among several other occupations.

Sugar Daddies in the medical field can offer Sugar Babies advice on which subfield to go into—be it different areas of nursing such as the ER, OR, ICU, or different types of medicine to study like pediatrics, oncology or dermatology. They might be able to help their Babies get the foot in the door for an interview process at a hospital and even could help them study for the MCATs to get into medical school.

The Survey Results: More Apparent Correlations

The connections between Sugar Baby majors and Sugar Daddy occupations are apparent even further down the list. A lot of SeekingArrangement Sugar Daddies are making a living in the field of Arts & Entertainment—the fourth highest occupation listed among SA’s SDs. That could be potentially good news for the 4.2 percent of Sugar Babies who told us that Art & Design is what they’ve devoted their studies to throughout their college careers.

While this field is extremely vast in terms of what SBs studied and what SDs are making a living doing—from visual art and architecture to music and dance to theater and photography—there are always lessons to be learned from those with more life experience. Many seasoned veterans in the arts likely know how to put together a killer portfolio, they understand what stands out on a résumé to gallerists, and some have probably gone on more than a few auditions—and can offer tips and tricks of the trade to get their Sugar Baby ahead in these processes.

Even more important for budding artists, photographers, authors, musicians and dancers is the power of networking. Sometimes you need an in to get a solo art show off the ground, a friend to put in a good word with a book publisher or someone who is in-the-know for private auditions for upcoming productions.

The Mentorship Advantage

Any chance to get ahead in the job market is valuable—and that’s even more true right now, as economies around the globe are experiencing high levels of unemployment and job losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sure, as the world continues to open up again there will be job growth and more opportunities for job seekers to succeed. But for now, any leg up is a good thing to have! So a Sugar Daddy with the experience, know-how and connections might just be the ticket to a fruitful career.

We want to wish all of the graduating Sugar Babies of Sugar Baby University sincere congratulations for what they have achieved—you did it! And on top of that, we also want to offer our hopes for the best of luck for all SBU SBs in the search for their dream job. And as for the Classes of 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024 who also submitted surveys that contributed to our results, we hope you’ll continue to enjoy the Sugar Bowl while you’re hitting those books!

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