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Sugaring Abroad: What It’s Like To Sugar in South Africa


Dating certainly can be looked at as a universal phenomenon, as it’s something that the majority of adults around the world have experienced. Regardless of where you call home, a majority of people in your community likely are trying to find someone to spend their time with—or they might have already found that special someone to stay with for the long haul.

And sometimes it isn’t a “long” haul—sometimes that special time spent with someone is just a few weeks or months. Some people enjoy serial dating—constantly enjoying the company of someone they are attracted to, but never really settling down with someone. Others are involved with multiple people at one time, practicing the somewhat new (though historically time-tested) idea of polyamory. But, the thing is, two (or more) people coming together in an intimate way isn’t exactly unique to one country or area of the globe.

We live in a world where dating transcends borders, languages, colors, social status, socioeconomic diversities—among other differences between the two parties involved. But while dating is something we all do, our experiences in dating can differ quite dramatically depending on where we live and how the cultures of those areas define dating traditions, conventions, expectations and taboos.

Every community on this planet has its own unique identity—and how its people experience dating is certainly part of that. Cultural traditions, religious mandates, communal and social thought all play into how men and women in communities meet each other—and it definitely is not going to be the same in the United States as it is in India or Japan or Germany or Argentina.

And it’s those differences that have driven SeekingArrangement to investigate Sugar Dating around the world. Traditional dating already carries so much nuance in different communities, so surely seeking some Sugar is going to differ based on your location and its cultural identity.

Introducing Sugaring Abroad

We first are looking at sugaring in South Africa, a country with a complex historical past. The nation has one of the continent’s largest non-African populations, as its past involves colonization which led to segregation and then liberation. It also is a fairly new modern nation, gaining independence from the United Kingdom in 1910 and adopting its most-recent form of government in 1997.

Cliff’s Notes version: South Africa is a multinational and multiethnic nation, with inhabitants who practice a number of religions and have a unique viewpoint—all of which contributes to the country’s cultural outlook and social thought on dating practices.

In the past few months, SeekingArrangement has been analyzing data to determine the most popular locations for Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies around the globe. And this week the world’s top Sugar Dating website released its findings for South Africa, identifying the top cities where SDs and SBs are residing in the African continent’s southernmost nation.

And while it’s great to know where the Sugar is highly concentrated, it’s even more interesting to find out how sweet the Sugar is, right? We reached out to South Africa-based SeekingArrangement Ambassador Emma to find out more about what it’s like to be a Sugar Baby in the extremely unique and diverse nation.

Attitudes Toward Sugaring in South Africa

So, are South Africans open to the idea of Sugar Dating? While Emma is quick to mention that her experience is unique from what others might experience in such a diverse cultural nation, the general mindset towards Sugar Dating has been positive. “I think South Africans, at least now, are trying to be as open-minded [as possible] about things that seem foreign or different for us.”

SeekingArrangement Ambassador Emma is a resident of Cape Town, South Africa.
SeekingArrangement Ambassador Emma

The South African resident, who lives in Cape Town on the Atlantic coast of the continent, adds that the youth in the country contribute to this open-mindedness. “Sugar Dating in my peer group and community is not frowned upon, particularly in the younger generation. South Africans grew up with the knowledge of apartheid having separated the people of our country in such a violent way.” (Apartheid was a system of institutionalized racial segregation supported by political parties and thus, at times, the government of South Africa—many likely remember former South African president Nelson Mandela for his revolutionary anti-apartheid advocacy.) 

While Emma contends that older generations of South Africans might not be as open to the idea of Sugar Dating, she does say that the youth of the nation is supportive of such relationships. Emma believes that because of apartheid, such a lack of acceptance and judgement has served as a reminder to South Africa’s younger generations to embrace all people and all lifestyles.

South Africa’s Top Sugar Cities

As aforementioned, Emma is from Cape Town, a beautiful oceanside oasis with pristine beaches, five-star resorts and fabulous cultural and historical sites to explore. It sits at Number 2 on SeekingArrangement’s Top 10 Sugar Cities of South Africa, with 3,840 Sugar Daddies actively seeking the area’s 11,420 Sugar Babies. Emma shared that she likes to think that her hometown’s atmosphere is somewhat forward-thinking when it comes to Sugar Dating, as the city embraces all walks of life.

“There’s a very active LGBT+ community in South Africa, particularly in Cape Town and Johannesburg, and young creatives and artists are very supported within the community,” says Emma. “How a culture treats its artists is often a good indicator of its willingness to accept criticism and alternative lifestyles. I would like to think that kind of acceptance extends to romantic lifestyles of all sorts, Sugar Relationships included.”

The Top 10 Cities for South Africa Sugar Babies and Daddies

Emma mentions Johannesburg, which is the largest and most populous city in South Africa. Known for its history as a hub for global gold and diamond trading, its most modern significance on the international stage is hosting the 2010 World Cup contest. With 12,576 South Africa Sugar Babies vying for the attention and adoration of its 2,066 Sugar Daddies, Johannesburg tops the list of Sugar Cities in the nation.

And it seems the geographic area surrounding South Africa’s most populous city is also popular among Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies. Not only does the executive capital and Number 3 city, Pretoria, rank high among South African SDs and SBs, other nearby municipalities include Soweto, Benoni and Tembisa. While Pretoria only has a third of the population of Johannesburg, it still is home to exactly half the number of Sugar Babies in South Africa’s largest city.

Why Sugar in South Africa?

While South Africa is still considered by a number of authorities to be a developing country, its skyscraper-lined cities, international tourism allure and rank as the second-largest economy in Africa suggest that “developing” might turn into “developed” sooner than later. And as Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies either own—or want in—on a piece of the pie, it’s no surprise that an entrepreneurial spirit guides many of the South Africans in the Sugar Bowl.

Emma contends that there is a great amount of creative entrepreneurship and wealth in her homeland, which is an attractive benefit to the Sugar lifestyle for her fellow citizens. “Many who have been denied the opportunity to pursue goals and dreams, or [those who] just need an extra hand, would benefit from there being more openness to this approach to dating,” she says.

And as she does again insist that each Sugar situation is unique, Emma tells us that an idea of pursuing dreams or receiving a helping hand is often the reason why some South Africa Sugar Babies decide to jump in and taste the Sugar!

“I can see many SBs wanting to simply meet SDs who are going to upgrade their lifestyle … but I can also see the opportunity for Sugar Daddies to make a significant difference in an SBs life,” says Emma. “[Sugar Daddies can] possibly have a hand in allowing individuals to uplift themselves from poverty and formulate their own dreams and get an education.”

A Beautiful Place To Live the Sweet Sugar Life

But whether or not you’re looking to rise up in education or career, the Sugar Bowl has endless possibilities—the first of which being a truly exciting dating life, which is something Emma has experienced.

“Sugar dating in South Africa is truly going to be a roller coaster of an experience for anyone,” she says. And as for the dates awaiting South Africa Sugar Babies? Emma has nothing but positive things to say!

“South Africa is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world, so the dates that SBs can expect here are going to be dazzling. From mountain views to yachts along the beaches of Clifton, it’s a very unique Sugar [country] to visit or date in.”

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