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Sugaring Abroad: The Sugar Life in India and Indonesia
  • Posted Sep 11, 2020


SeekingArrangement recently gathered data to find out the top cities for Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies in various locations around the globe. From India to Mexico and the United Kingdom to Australia, the world’s top Sugar Dating website identified where Sugar Bowl devotees are Sugaring.

And as dating varies greatly by area depending on local cultural institutions, traditions and customs, along with the historical past of the area, we were curious if Sugar Dating also varied by location—and our Sugaring Abroad article series was born!

We began our cultural Sugar snapshot with South Africa, where Sugar Baby and SeekingArrangement Brand Ambassador Emma spilled the tea about being an SB in the African continent’s southernmost country. For our next installment, we’re traveling across the Indian Ocean to the Southeast Asian countries of India and Indonesia.

Sugaring Abroad: India

Home to more than 1 billion people, India is the second most populous country in the world behind China. And with so many people living there and searching for companionship, there are significantly high numbers of Sugar Babies and Daddies on SeekingArrangement in the country compared to others around the world.

The city of Mumbai, India’s most populous, is home to 21,464 Sugar Daddies and 6,246 Sugar Babies alone—wow! What’s even more interesting about India’s numbers on SeekingArrangement is that there are higher numbers of Sugar Daddies than Sugar Babies, which could be due to some cultural differences.

The time-honored tradition of arranged marriages is still quite popular in India, which means many women in the country are already betrothed to someone and have no need to date at all. Even within an arranged marriage, the bride and groom sometimes won’t date or even meet until their wedding. While the institution is still pervasive, the idea of people meeting and marrying for love or their own reasons—rather than their mother and father’s or other relatives—is becoming more and more widely accepted.

We spoke with one anonymous Sugar Baby living in New Delhi, a cosmopolitan city that has both a storied past and a vibrant modern culture. It is also the capital of India, where 13,127 SDs and 3,447 SBs are seeking some Sugar.

The Top 10 Cities for India’s Sugar Babies and Daddies

“I’m lucky to be based in the heart and capital city of the country, because people are broad-minded and keep to their business here mostly,” she says of living the Sugar lifestyle in New Delhi. “Had I been in a small town, [Sugaring] would have probably been a more unorthodox concept to most.”

Many of the Top 10 Sugar Cities in India are also large cosmopolitan cities, a number of them Indian state capitals and major economic centers. Take Hyderabad (where 11,784 Sugar Daddies and 1,218 Sugar Babies reside) and Ahmadabad (home to 4,092 SDs and 345 SBs), which are Number 3 and 5 on our Top 10 list—they are also India’s fourth and fifth largest cities by population, respectively.

As dating is becoming more widespread in the country, is Sugar dating also part of the conversation of courtship? Our anonymous, New Delhi-based SB says that while Sugaring is still a rather new concept in the country, that many people are starting to understand Sugaring culture and accept this unconventional form of dating. “There are many people who understand the Sugaring culture instead of looking at it purely on a transactional basis. The tide appears to be changing for the better.”

And that could be because non-monetary Sugar is a popular option for many SBs living in India. “I think this is highly dependent on the individual rather than the place. Some sugar daddies … may go forward as to recommending you in the required circles, allowing you to leap in your career with better opportunities. I’d say it’s a healthy mix of both here, to be honest.”

The SeekingArrangement member says she’s open with people about living the Sugar life and has been met with generally positive attitudes. “Social acceptance hasn’t ever bothered me much anyway. But in a broad sense, it makes life interesting and complex at the same time. It may be difficult to explain it to orthodox folks, but yes there is a sense of acceptance involved.”

Sugaring Abroad: Indonesia

A little under 3,000 miles southeast of India you’ll find the island nation of Indonesia, comprising 17,000 islands and the largest island country in the world.

Indonesia is a vastly diverse country in terms of its geography, with pristine beaches, lush tropical forests and towering mountains. And with the fourth largest population on the planet, many Indonesians reside in large cosmopolitan cities.

One such city is Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital on the large island of Java. The city’s metropolitan area is home to 4,221 Sugar Daddies and 10,200 Sugar Babies on SeekingArrangement—which puts it on the top of the list of the Top 10 Sugar Cities in Indonesia.

And as we saw with the number of SDs and SBs in India, many of the top Sugar cities in Indonesia are also the country’s most densely populated. Bandung, Indonesia’s fourth largest city, takes Number 2 on SeekingArrangement’s list, with 373 Sugar Daddies and 1,417 Sugar Babies calling the area home. And there are 224 SDs and 1,069 SBs living in Surabaya, Indonesia’s second largest city—this lands the metropolis at Number 3 on SeekingArrangement’s list.

The Top 10 Cities for Indonesia’s Sugar Babies and Daddies

In stark contrast to the numbers seen in the Top 10 Sugar Cities in India, Indonesia is home to many more SBs than SDs seeking Sugar on SeekingArrangement. You’ll also notice that Indonesia’s numbers are much lower than India’s, which may or may not be due to certain customs and traditions.

The South China Morning Post reported earlier this year that many young Indonesians are turning to courtship alternatives that exclude dating. According to the paper, the practice of taaruf, translated to “introduction,” has seen a resurgence among the younger generation. The SCMP also reported that a movement called Indonesia Tanpa Pacaran (translated to “Indonesia without dating”), in which people choose their marital partners before getting to know them, is also becoming popular and specifically targets Generation Z.

The newspaper pointed to the rising popularity of religious conservatism as a reason for these old-fashioned ideas becoming new again. The majority of Indonesia’s people are Muslim, and those who follow the religion strictly adhere to no premarital relations.

However, many are going against these trends and are not focused on marriage and date for their own reasons—including Sugar! We spoke with one anonymous SB living in Indonesia to get a glimpse at the Sugar lifestyle in the island nation.

When asked of what Sugar Babies are looking for in a Sugar Daddy, she says that SBs often want their Sugar Relationship to resemble a traditional relationship—one that is amorous and one in which they enjoy their time together. “I have some friends that have SDs and they told me mostly they look for money and attention, [such as] dinners or lunch dates out together and traveling together.” She adds that SBs also want a Sugar Daddy that will send them sweet text messages and gifts, and one that will spend time with them.

Conversely, the SeekingArrangement member says that SDs are simply looking for a relationship without hassle or inconvenience. “Mostly they aren’t exactly looking for a pretty face per se, but rather they need a woman without drama,” she says.

Due to the religious conservatism, our anonymous SB says that many Indonesians living the Sugar lifestyle do so discreetly—though she does not subscribe to this idea personally. “I am open about Sugar Dating, but prefer someone who is divorced or separated.”

Some, however, choose to enter Sugar Relationships that are not monogamous. Our SB shared that her mother was once a Sugar Momma for a number of years. “She [was in a Sugar Relationship with] a guy 20 years younger than her,” she says. “He supported any activities and attention that she didn’t ordinarily get from my dad.”

While India and Indonesia are roughly the same distance apart from each other as New York City and Los Angeles, it seems miles or kilometers make a world of difference, internationally, when it comes to Sugar Dating. A country’s past, dating customs, family traditions and religious values are quite important and often tied to the institution of dating, which is very evident in comparing these two beautiful nations.

Still, living the Sugar Life has never been so sweet—and it seems a fair amount of Indians and Indonesians have jumped into the Sugar Bowl because of that!

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