Going to college continues to get more and more expensive, as tuition at universities across the country (and the cost of living) increase each year. Some students are lucky enough to receive scholarships, while many others resort to taking out student loans and saving up paycheck after paycheck at low-paying jobs.

Some students, however, are finding an alternative way to cover that tuition bill: Becoming a Sugar Baby, of course! SeekingArrangement always was aware of this phenomenon, and in 2015 the world’s leading Sugar Dating website launched its now immensely popular Sugar Baby University.

So, where do most student Sugar Babies go to school? Is your alma mater a popular college choice for Sugar Babies? Are there a lot of college Sugar Babies studying at a nearby university?

All those questions have been answered! SBU has announced its annual list of the top Sugar Baby schools, revealing where the most SBs are mixing a little Sugar into their studies. Both public and private schools made the cut and the results are quite literally all over the map, from the easygoing party schools of the west coast to the buttoned-up traditional academia found back east—and that’s just in the United States!

Going into its sixth year, SBU is now home to over 4 million student Sugar Babies worldwide, with just over 3 million living in the U.S. In addition to the Top 10 U.S. Sugar Baby Universities, SBU has also released the Top 10 uni’s for Australia, Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The student loan debt crisis isn’t only a problem in the United States, so it’s no surprise that Sugar Baby students around the world are upgrading their relationships to help put themselves through school. College—or uni, for our Brit friends—can get quite expensive, even beyond tuition.

Student loan debt in the U.S. alone sits at $1.7 trillion, affecting 45 million Americans—that’s a third of all adults under the age of 30! Similarly alarming numbers exist elsewhere, as students everywhere share the same kinds of expenses. Textbooks can cost up to hundreds of dollars each semester, and then there’s the lab fees, equipment costs, trips to your nearest Staples store for school supplies and daily costs like transportation to campus and meals at the Student Union.

We haven’t even touched on living costs—dorms cost thousands of dollars each semester, and if you’re going to a prestigious metropolitan school (take a look at Number 4 on the U.S. list!), you’re looking at exorbitant rent prices, regardless of what neighborhood you’re looking in.

But with a successful and generous partner supporting one’s educational goals, the bills likely aren’t as intimidating. Have college Sugar Babies solved the student debt problem? Well, not entirely, but definitely for themselves!

So, are you wondering which colleges have an active Sugar Bowl? Curious if yours made the cut? Check out the latest from SBU here!