Seeking is excited to expand upon our commitment to the safety of our members by introducing our partnership with UrSafe Mobile Personal Security and providing a 60-day free subscription as a member benefit. Activate your free 60-day subscription at!

You created a Seeking profile and connected with your ideal partner. They’re attractive, charming, and check all the boxes! You’re excited to meet them, but you’ve also heard stories about the safety of online dating or meeting a date in real life for the first time.

You’re not alone. Many singles today hesitate to take the next steps with online matches because they’re concerned about security. At Seeking, we’ve implemented safety upgrades so you can set these worries aside and give yourself the chance to meet the right partner.

Seeking is committed to providing our community with an upscale dating site where you can find authentic romantic relationships. To promote genuine experiences and enhanced peace of mind, we have partnered with  the mobile personal security app UrSafe, to offer all our members a premium 60-day trial sponsored by Seeking. Let’s take a look at how this reliable application can  help you feel more confident on your dates and take your lifestyle to the next level.

Seeking’s Partnership with UrSafe

You already know that Seeking is a different type of platform. We believe in elevating all aspects of your dating experience – and safety is at the top of our list. 

That’s why we partnered with UrSafe, to bring you an extra layer of protection as you pursue your ideal relationships. But because the well-being of our community is so important to us, we tried UrSafe with a test group before rolling it out to our worldwide members. After experiencing UrSafe’s advanced technology in a wide range of situations, we moved forward with a $30 million commitment to help boost the personal protection of our members. 

Your New Safety Features

The UrSafe app offers hands-free, voice-activated SOS that’s fully integrated with emergency services in more than 240 countries and territories. The company also began to introduce global APIs that integrate with global rideshare providers, social meet-up apps, telecom services, global travel insurance companies, and NGOs that work to eliminate domestic violence. 

Available for both Apple and Android users, these are some of the premium UrSafe features that you can access for free, through your Seeking membership:

  • Follow Me – This feature helps you feel secure by allowing your selected contacts to track your travels and notify them when you reach your destination safely. All you have to do is activate “follow me” to let your contacts know where you’re going and share your live location using the GPS tracking on your phone.
  • Safety Checks – Every time you arrive or leave a certain location, the app prompts you to enter the pin that lets your contacts know that you’re safe.
  • Live Streaming – With live audio and video streaming, your emergency contacts can monitor unsafe or uncomfortable situations. 
  • Fake Calls – Need an excuse to get out of a tense situation? The UrSafe app offers fake phone calls with customized caller IDs that you trigger using a code word.
  • Emergency SOS Alert – When you activate the SOS mode, the app calls 911 and your emergency contacts immediately.
  • Voice Activation – Hands-free, voice-activation is there to assist in case you can’t publicly use or touch your phone. No need to press the button to operate in case of difficult situations.
  • Nearest Public Safety Locations – Information of the nearest police stations, hospitals, and fire departments is always at your fingertips.
  • Geo-located 911 – The app is integrated with public safety agencies in over 240 countries and territories, for worldwide security that doesn’t require cellular data.

This partnership with UrSafe is part of Seeking’s ongoing commitment to invest in the latest technology that empowers our members to stay safe both online and offline. Our direct approach to dating fits modern needs and continues to grow our community of like-minded adults who believe happiness is more important than traditional dating milestones. We invite you to tap into your Seeking membership benefits and claim your free 60-day UrSafe trial today.