Preparing for an online date is always exhilarating and full of wonder – until the big day comes, and you get the jitters. Sure, you’ve been on plenty of dates before. Yes, the chemistry’s undeniable and you think it would be worth seeing if you vibe in person. But the “what ifs” still race through your head. Could this be the one? Did I overdress? Is this online dating thing even a good idea?

It can feel like a lot. But just like technology can help you connect and meet new people, there are tools out there to help you stay safe when you’re out on a date. 

If you follow safety protocols such as video chatting your date before meeting up, and sharing your location with a friend, you’ll feel safer. But now there’s an app that can help keep you safe, as well.

When you feel vulnerable or uncomfortable during a date, UrSafe is the app that puts you in the driver’s seat. Packed with voice-activated solutions and empowering features, this handy companion makes you feel and be able to navigate your date with confidence. UrSafe lets you fake a call, has a safety panic button, allows loved ones to track your location if allowed, and even lets your family and friends check in on you at predetermined times.

What Happens When Seeking Meets UrSafe?

What started as two friends sharing their experiences and concerns about modern life led to the development of cutting-edge technology. Created by Dr. Anthony Oyogoa and Ruma S. Patel, UrSafe aims to alleviate any concerns you may have regarding the safety of you and your loved ones. From feeling at ease while walking alone at night to worrying less about your friends when they use a rideshare app, UrSafe is a versatile tool with many uses – not just for online dating. Below, watch our exclusive interview with Dr. Anthony Oyogoa.

And it just so happens that Seeking + UrSafe is a match made in heaven! Seeking is committed to ensuring member safety like no other company in the dating space, which is why all Seeking members can use UrSafe for free for 60 days.

So, no matter where you are in the world, you can count on technology to feel empowered, go out with confidence, and create genuine connections.

With online dating at the forefront of today’s lifestyle, these are the features that make UrSafe the perfect companion for Seekers.

Fake Call

Thanks to UrSafe, you no longer need to text a friend and ask them to bail you out of an iffy date.

URSafe has a “fake call” feature that sends a fake call to your phone to help you get out of a sticky situation. Best of all, you can create a custom caller ID that displays when the fake call comes in, so it seems extra realistic.

Here’s how it works: 

It’s your first date with a new partner. Dinner went great. Your date knows a cute bar that’s just around the corner. They ask if you want to check it out. Why not? The conversation’s flowing and you’re feeling optimistic about this new connection.

You walk to the bar, but something suddenly feels a little off. Is something actually wrong, or is it your imagination? It doesn’t matter. With UrSafe, you can set up a “safe word” that triggers a fake call. The app recognizes your voice, so it will only work when you say the word!

When you use this feature, you’ll receive a pre-recorded voice message from the app. This is your perfect excuse to leave without having to explain yourself. Simple as that.

Panic Button

As we mentioned, UrSafe lets you set up a panic button on your phone. By pressing this button for three seconds, you activate the SOS protocol right away. 

How the panic button works:

You’re out at night walking with a friend, and you notice someone trailing behind you. Your group turns a corner, and so does your follower.

What do you do? If your phone is within reach, you can use the UrSafe button to start a live stream to your emergency contacts and share your location with them so they’ll instantly have your location. And, get away from the person as quickly as possible!

Follow Me

UrSafe’s “Follow Me” feature is a handy way to share your location in real-time with your trusted contacts.

Here’s why people love this feature:

It’s fun to date outside your five-mile radius! Sometimes, that bold side might even take you out of town to meet new people. But this can make your friends and family feel unsure when you venture out.

Looking for a solution that doesn’t involve texting your mom every couple of hours? When you set up the “Follow Me” feature, it’s like having your family in your pocket! This feature lets your loved ones know where you are at all times, so they can feel connected and you get peace of mind, too. 

Check In

The “Check In” feature allows others to check in on you at predetermined times. It’s a simple yet powerful prompt that reminds you to enter a pin that lets others know that you’re OK, no matter where you are. If you need help, you can activate the SOS feature, which is connected to public safety agencies in over 200 countries to share your location and get you the help you need ASAP.

For example:

You’re out and about, and you promised to text your roommate to let them know all is well. Once you hit the dance floor, however, it slips your mind. Nothing’s wrong, you’re just having a great time. But your roommate worries.

Thankfully, you set up the “Check In” feature before leaving home. Because, even while you’re showing off your best moves, UrSafe is there to remind you that it’s time to check in with the people who care. You get the prompt, you enter the pin, and your roomie can have peace of mind.

Hands-Free SOS

One of UrSafe’s most popular and groundbreaking features is a hands-free voice-activated SOS. With a specific voice command, the app shares your location with a trusted contact, and can even report it to local authorities. 

The scenario could look like this:

You had an amazing date. Now, you’re heading back to your car and a stranger gets in the elevator with you. You feel unsafe. The parking garage is lonely. You need help.

With the hands-free SOS feature, your voice can activate a police alert, video streaming, and location sharing so you can get the help you need right away.

Better Dating Starts with Enhanced Security

With millions of Seekers using our app around the world, your security is a priority for our platform. The more you understand the features available and take a proactive approach to your security, the greater your chances of success. By making UrSafe part of your Seeking journey, you can take advantage of this great technology, enjoy peace of mind, and find your ideal relationship.