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“Hey everyone! I’ve been reading (lurking) this blog since I started on this SA a couple months ago (can’t believe its been that long), and I feel like I have to thank you guys for your advice on screening, it helps a bunch!” – Goldie



“A big hiya all.
I’m new here, both the blog and sugarland.
I’ve been reading this blog for a bit now and I must say you all have become the highlight of my day.The advice has been so helpful, so a huge THANKS to all SD & SB” – ChloeSB


“Hi I am new to the site and to sugar life, I have been reading these blog pages and wow there is a lot of great content and interesting stories being shared here.” – Shay

“By the way – this blog is really, really great. When you can’t speak candidly about sugar with your friends or family, it’s nice to have somewhere to go. What else is a sugar girl to do?”- Anonymous newbie sugar blogger

“I too indulge in the  blog and love reading them esp. when it’s a story or, as in your case, an interesting history/experience with a fresh perspective.” – Stormcat

“That’s why is so good to have this blog with seasoned sbs and sds. Finger lickin good. ( I know corny joke ;p). But seriously, I don’t think there is any other way to approach this sitiuation unless you are upfront and know what you are looking for in an arrangement. Same goes for the sd. I think being upfront trumps everything else. Ask the right questions you can cover all those things in one shot.” -Reddamsel38

“If nothing else, I’ve learned a lot of things regarding what men find desirable from this blog, and its opened up a lot of dialogue at home.I sort of wish I had heard of this world before I was married…1st time at 18, last time within a year of my divorce. I grew up in a world where marriage at 16 was pretty much the norm. I started dating at 13, mom was married at 16 herself, had me at 19, I had my kidlet just barely out of my teens. I really never knew, ignorant as it is, that you didn’t marry the sweet boy who “claimed” you as his since you were childhood friends. Thats exactly what all my friends and family did.”

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  1. Barbara DeAngelis says:

    I learn so much about the site,its good every day alot of great sugardaddys;) but you have some that play games,when you tell them or ask them ? They get abuseing…. Some play games.for like 515157 my lord watch out;) he loves games& thinks he is the best sugardaddy on the site….