Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

US Cities with the Most Sugar Daddies

So, if you are looking for a Sugar Daddy in the United States, in which cities are you most likely to find them?  And which cities are they the most generous?  In the past few weeks, we took the time to churn through the data on to come up with answers to those two

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Polling the Sugar Daddy & Sugar Baby

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind for us, with many different media projects on the horizon. There has been such an influx of interest internationally about the American Sugar Daddy phenomenon, and we have done...

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Empowered Women: Finding Men on Your Own Terms

For those of you who wanted to read the GQ Magazine article about, it is finally published online:  Are sugar daddies and sugar babies the future of online dating? March is National Women’s History Month in...

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

The Allure of the Coed

It’s no secret that we love our co-ed Sugar Babies at College babies are young, interesting and intelligent- and therefore in high demand! Sugar Daddies want to date beautiful girls who are sharp-tongued and quick-witted, with...

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Presidential Politics and the Sugar Lifestyle

As the Republican nomination for President heats up, I decided it is time for me to blog about the important role the world of Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby culture plays in presidential politics. In the “Seeking...

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