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Diamond Club Testimonial

Having been through the process myself as a Diamond Club member, perhaps I can help sort out some of the theoretical concerns versus the issues that I have actually experienced, and help with perspective.

I can understand the concerns about disclosing personal financial information, and identity theft, as I’ve faced those problems as well, and likewise was skeptical at first. I was fortunate to meet Stephan in person on a separate matter prior to applying for Diamond Club membership. His professionalism, educational achievements, business judgment, and frank discourse played a crucial role in my willingness make the required disclosures.

Had I chosen to go the route of a professional match-maker a personal interview would have been a requirement, so while SA doesn’t require it, I don’t think it would be a major hurdle for anyone of my caliber. On a web site as large as SA, I realize that everyone can’t have a face-to-face meeting with Stephan, but as a genuine multi-millionaire intent on finding the perfect match, it was a very reassuring meeting, and well worth my time and effort. That, in addition to research I did on the company, that any sophisticated businessman can do, cemented my conclusion to trust SA.

As to the length of time it takes to find a match, I refer to Leidra Lawson’s book, Sugardaddy101, wherein she states that it can take 6 months to a year to find a good sugar match. While it’s possible to make a date quickly, as @GenuineSD points out, finding a suitable match in my experience is usually a much more involved process, particularly when you set high standards. However, having the basic demographic information certified about an individual can certainly shorten the process considerably. As of now, it’s often hit or miss as to whether the SB has represented herself truthfully, and all too often she has not. The SD’s don’t complain about it on the blogs as much as the SB’s do, but it’s no less of a problem. Having an accurate photo, age, and demographic information would be valuable to Diamond Club members and Premium members alike.

@ Kindred Spirit, as for maintaining the privacy of SB’s, SA could use a third party firm to conduct background checks so that the name “Seeking Arrangement” would not embarrass anyone. Many credit companies verify employment and other demographic information as a matter of routine now, so an inquiry from a third party verification firm is unlikely to cause concern.

To put things in perspective, if you were to apply for a job offering a salary of $3,000 a month, ($36,000 a year), you might reasonably expect to submit a detailed application, a copy of your driver’s license, social security number, educational certificates, job history, and personal and professional references. You might then have to prepare a resume, take a drug test, take a psychological test, go through several interviews, and then have to repeat this process many times for many months before finding a suitable job. And after all that you may wind up with a surly inconsiderate boss and jealous co-workers.

I’m sure SA won’t require such a rigorous process, but considering the potential benefits to the SB, it’s likely to be worth the trouble. Plus, as an SB you get to pick your own “boss” and the fringe benefits can be considerable. -AnonSugarDad

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2 Responses to “Diamond Club Testimonial”

  1. babydoll says:

    @chocolate i think you are right hat DSd’s are more prone to making sure what they get is the reeal deal..but obviously bing an Sb with loads of competition it makes a lot of Sb’s change their age etc. although i never thought of changing mine,but now realized i could have to somewhere like 26,but i thought well,age is a number and revelant to those wh actualy are bothered by it.but saying that,age is only one of th onceerns of an Sb trying to land a good Sd,wether Dsd or not,can you imagine if all will be honest with age ec etc then all those 20 yr olds will have the advantages rather than the ones who re actually mature enough to handle succh agreements.

    Anyway,i think the point of this for @AnonSD is they pay massive amounts of money so they expect to get the best~but really? what is THE BEST?

  2. Chocolate says:

    I’ve often wondered if the men feel supremely cut out of the process of ascertaining all the SBs information. Truth be told though, it almost feels like Diamond Daddies are putting so much more on the line to get sugar babies…
    Doesn’t sound like you feel that way!