9 years ago
Finding a Sugar Daddy in the Real Word

Finding SD’s IRL is tough & a 2 part process – first dating a rich guy then ‘persuading him to provide financial assistance’.

The latter is achieved by dropping hints on ‘oh I would really like x but I can’t afford it now, or ‘i’d like y but I don’t think I can be that decadent’ or ‘I really like z’.

In terms of dating a rich guy the keys are ‘what do rich people like doing’ and who do rich people know who can ‘vouch’ for you. Rich people like dfferent things but some commonalities are’exclusive sports events, concerts, sailing trips, galas, art shows, lounges, restaurants. bars, clubs, vacation spots, 2nd homes, sailing, model shows, private parties etc.’

In terms of who knows rich people ask who you know who knows someone who knows a millionaire (billionaire) and work on building trust between the bridges. SD has said to me it’s taken him 2+ years before he even talks to people he knows. Also you can fall out of favor extremely rapidly if you do the wrong things.

After the intro it’s building rapport, having common friends, having common interests (research what he is interested in – fine wine, sailing, investing, charitable foundations, educational endowments, political leanings, sports cars, planes, vacation homes) and being sui generis (unique).

(Posted by ‘Flo Rida’ Dec. 16, 2009)

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