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How to Screen a Potential Sugar Daddy

By sweet SB UK:

As for the initial screening [of a Sugar Daddy]…

Education: Perhaps I sound like a snob, but if he is not at least university educated I am generally reluctant, unless his interests and writing style demonstrate intellect beyond the education he has had. I do realise that some people are not college educated, but are still clever and interesting people.

Location: If he lives far away, somewhere I’d never go, or he doesn’t travel then it’s probably a no.

Income: If the income is very low, doesn’t match the suggested allowance or couldn’t feasily include an SB, I move on.

Allowance: If the suggested allowance is unreasonably low, IGNORE. If the suggested allowance/his income is unbelievably high, consider but approach with caution – is he for real?

Photos: If they look fake, sleazy, have other women, contain lots of skin I think twice. I am very accepting in terms of physical appearance, but if he is just unacceptable, then it’s a no.

Hobbies: I try to look for guys who have similar interests. I don’t rule out anyone based on hobbies and I like learning new things.

Writing style: I much prefer someone who has a sophisticated writing style, or at the very least can spell and punctuate. I understand that some men have very busy lifestyles, so quality is better than quantity.

Arrangement: If they suggest anything sleazy in their profile, this is a big no and I move on ASAP. If they say they want a GF or don’t seem to understand the concept of Sugar Daddy or arrangement, then bye bye.

That’s all I can think of for now…

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7 Responses to “How to Screen a Potential Sugar Daddy”

  1. Emily says:

    @lilblnde Good idea. Another thing, if a man beats around the bush too much then he’s very likely not a Sugar Daddy. I haven’t gotten a date on this site yet, but I think common sense would tell anyone that. I knew someone years ago who was an escort/”love worker” and she said that a conversation with a prospective client that lasted longer than ten minutes usually told her that a man wasn’t going to be a customer. Now this is not a site for sex workers, but this lady I knew knew something about the behaviour of turned on men. Some men just like getting attention. When men are horny, they act a lot like very small children. They just like the fact that you’re paying attention to them and have no intention of taking things further. I’d say after afew e-mails and/or phone calls, he should offer you something in the way of a trip or coming to see you with some sort of gift(just to let you know he’s Sugar Daddy material) as if he’s putting a deposit on the potential arrangement.
    Also, I personally would be careful dealing with any man from Nevada since I had horrible experiences with men out there. I was stalked, and almost raped in Las Vegas. Not everyone in Vegas is such a character, but there are many meth heads and all around losers/jerks out there who will flash cash and gifts in your face at first and then go totally psycho on you. Be careful girls.

  2. Grasshopper says:

    Wow..New Topic! love it! And this topic is right up my alley, too!

  3. NewYorkGirl says:

    + 1000

  4. lilblnde says:

    I think we need a forum where SB’s can let other SB’s know of the fakes on this site. I just spent 2 weeks emailing numerous times a day getting to know a SD. Three days before he was to fly here he drops off the face of the Earth without a word!

    If we had a forum we could share information saving us a lot of time! :)

  5. Zaina says:

    Thank you for the info!
    Being a new SB, this really helps.
    While I’ve noticed that there are many profiles based on ‘sleazy suggestions’, I shall remain true and wait for the True SD.

  6. Tanya says:

    I think this posting will be very useful for all the new SB’s out there. I generally follow the same screening process, but with a few modifications of course.

  7. Vera baby says:

    Hey, this is cool, nice experience, learned a few here!