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Marketing Yourself as a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby

Hi sugarland,
Hope you don’t mind that I join the conversation.
This new subject is very interesting as it turns up again and again on the blog. Let me approach it from a different angle.
Creating a good profile is nothing less than Direct Marketing.
You wish to promote something and it is YOU.
The laws of DM state that it is necessary to have a personal approach to the prospect. But who then is your prospect ? It is an SD, but what does he look like and how does he think and how does he view you ?
Ever sat down and thought “what does Henri think and how does he view me ?” Might be an interesting exercise.
So the purpose of your personal approach is to initiate response.
In DM, e-mailing is often seen as unwanted post (spam) and it rapidly disappears in the electronic shredder via the button “delete”.
All e-mails are very furtive.
You have to be really convincing to grab attention, so use an easy style of writing with a natural flow. Sentences no longer than seven words and every word no longer than seven letters.
First sit down and take a piece of paper and write your message down, lay it aside and next day have another look at it, change words and sentences, read it aloud ! Does it SOUND good ?
Yes does it sound good, after all you are talking through cyberspace.
Your reaction here ? Forget it, no way, much too much a waste of time and energy.
NO, it is not a waste of time. After all you wish to get his attention !
You promote yourself on this site. Are you a waste of time ?
Your SD is just around the corner, if only you pay attention to your presentation.
DM is created along the rules of AIDA ! Sorry, not Verdi’s opera.
These are the things to look for in your Profile.
We know from the science of DM that within 5 seconds the prospect
(your SD) will read on or skip it or delete it.
Start with 3 nice photos, smiiiiiiiiiiile !!! Don’t look sour or angry.
Look into the camera (like Mona Lisa) and tilt you head a bit sideways, in body language this is asking “dont you like me ?”
Now your SD will read the text. The tone should be a happy message.
What the Germans (Freud, Jung) call “ein haha Erlebnis”, a happy experience.
The circle is the symbol of perfection. Any good story has a beginnging and then moves in all kinds of directions, swerves and turns and meanders, but comes back to where it started, the beginning.
The laws of DM dictate that the last line should be a nice farewell.
Sunshine on the page. Try it tomorrow, greet everyone with this:
I wish you a nice sunshiny day ! Observe the reactions.
They all look at you and smile and think you are a nice person.
Then the reader, your SD, would love to know more, you are sunshine.
I see words like “fakes, posers, time wasters, liars, con-artists” thrown at me in the last line of the SBs Profiles.
To the reader this is abusive. And what to think for a farewell like these famous last words: money, I just like money.
This goes completely against the grain of DM.
How about games. Yes, the process of seeking arrangement is like the dance of courtship. You e-mail and talk over the phone and meet
(oh gosh, have nothing to wear) and try not to be nervous and drink moderately. Your SD will try and put you at ease and in the end the dance will really turn into courtship.
You have successfully attained the arrangement you are both seeking !
Yes and what about the notion excited. How can you get Henri excited ?
Very simple, just tell me you want us to have a black lab.
Now for the circle. I hope you don’t mind that I joined the conversation.

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10 Responses to “Marketing Yourself as a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby”

  1. Mary says:

    Can someone please check my profile and let me know if there is anything I should change?

  2. pb says:

    You can never please, or understand some SD. At times, yes they do want a SB to be direct(not too dIrect) and other times they want you to be laid back(but not easy). I wish they just make up their minds before the firt date/ arrangement because I just think that its a waste of time.

    Read with undersatanding and lay the cards out right.Dont just jump to thee conclusion of the profile(whether it is a picture or the whole profile).

  3. laurie says:

    When u meet the first time what should u exspect? talk about nervouse about all this?

  4. Im just finding my way around the blog and I’m probably not in the right area, Question: Do sugar babys ever fall in love with sugar Daddys? any statistics? I met a sweetheart and was wondering what odds could be that her sweet talk and the I miss you’s are sincere? Thanks

    • Reach The Beach SB says:

      Drjco716 – Just make sure it’s real love and not “sugar love’. It’s easy to fall for someone who leaves their baggage at home, is on their best behavior when you’re together, and is focused on spoiling their partner. Mix in real life, and “love” may just be “I really like my sugar baby”. Also, we recommend not using your e-mail as your id. This is a public blog. Happy hunting!

  5. Lisa says:

    You don’t need a car, ride metro like I do!

  6. Midwest SB aka Cougarlicious says:

    How about a Mini-Cooper?

  7. Honey says:

    Can I go off topic just a bit..? what kind of car should a sugar baby drive. I’m not the flashy type, have no kids. I’m worried that a Mercedes might be too high profile, I’m in Houston. I drive a ford contour now, used to work as a house-manager/nanny.Drove lots a fords I’m don’t carry kids in my car anymore. But I’m not a mustang kind of gal. Maybe a jetta.. How would SD feel about a sb in a jetta? To staid, not exciting? I’m not the biggest car person, not a car watcher, but I do notice Ducati over almost everything, but I like riding behind somebody on a motorcycle. That and dancing are one of the few times you will find me following a man. Everybody I dated all did scuba, and motorcycle racing….I did horseback riding and plan on starting scuba. I let Singapore distract me.
    Sugar games are about marketing. I market myself as bright,cheerful, intelligent, kind and giving person, cause I am. I am also upfront and honest. I don’t fake flatter and I give as good as I get! I can talk a little on every topic and a lot on a lot more. I am well-read and well traveled Can stay please and thank u in 7 seven languages,(never hurts to learn how to say thank you in as my ways) I slap wandering /roaming hands on the first date(s), and I don’t fake orgasms!
    so what kind of car should I drive?

  8. jake3_14 says:

    Thanks for addressing this topic. I am absolutely repelled by the self-centeredness of most of the SB ads I see, both on SA and other similar sites. Don’t they realize that what SDs want is not just a hot bod, but supportive, amiable companionship, free of the hassle that characterizes standard relationships?

  9. Baby. says:

    I tried the black lab thing and ended up with him not talking to me anymore and had to get rid of the lab, lol first meetings are so hard and sometimes I think people portray themselves wrong.