11 years ago
Expectations Too High?


Think your expectations are too high? For most people, the answer is yes. In fact, no matter how many times our friends do what friends are supposed to do and tell us to aim higher, we secretly think we should really be aiming lower. The question is: would you be attracted to you, if you …[ read more ]

11 years ago
Standard VS Premium

Members ask about Premium benefits. Our site has many different features, but some are only available to premium members. Here’s a list of our premium features. Premium Sugar Daddies: Searches– Advanced searches by location, height/weight, ‘assistance wanted’, ethnicity etc. Who Viewed Your Profile– This feature allows you to see who’s viewed your profile and when …[ read more ]

Here are some of the media’s latest Sugar Daddy synonyms: Benefactor Dating– Headline: “Personal Benefactors Denote Sugar Daddy Philanthropy”. Some benefactors are giving on a very personal level. Investment Daters – Headline: “Sugar Daddy Romance Brings Rise to Investment Dating”. It is an investment after all, isn’t it? Upscale Daters– Headline: “Upscale Dating Internet Boutiques …[ read more ]

11 years ago
Casting Call: Members WANTED

We’ve been getting a lot of press contact lately. Several different Sugar Daddy media projects are on the horizon and the producers are coming to us for help. A major American television network and the BBC are looking for real-life participants to feature in an upcoming reality show and documentary. They are asking us to …[ read more ]

11 years ago
Hiding Your Profile

Have you ever considered hiding your profile? Want to stay low-key while you’re away? Are you planning to give your profile a makeover and want to keep it hidden meanwhile? Have you met someone special? Hiding your profile blocks your profile from appearing in other members search results. This allows you to keep your services …[ read more ]

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