13 years ago
Another Kind of Sugar…

Gay and Lesbian Sugar. We have thousands of gay and lesbian users from all across the globe. Although there’s not too much difference between a straight sugar daddy and a gay sugar daddy, here are some words to know… Twink– A young, attractive gay male (often the sugar baby). Bear– An older, masculine, dominant gay …[ read more ]

13 years ago
Why Would Someone Want to Be a Sugar Baby?

Why would someone choose to become a Sugar Baby? Is it all about the money, travel and gifts? Or can it be that young and attractive individuals choose the Sugar Baby lifestyle because they understand the concept of ‘impermanence’? A gorgeous rose becomes a pile of withered petals, after a while. Many Sugar Babies understand …[ read more ]

13 years ago
Mentor Daddy

Have you ever heard of a Mentor Daddy? Think the Mr. Rodgers of Sugar Daddies: caring, concerned, considerate, well connected and eager to propel you right up the corporate ladder, as long as you remember to bring that sack lunch he prepared for you. It’s a warmth that is welcome to many, and quite frankly, …[ read more ]

13 years ago
Members Reporting Suspicious Profiles!


We’ve gotten a few emails from members reporting suspicious accounts lately. There is no way to keep every scammer off the site, but we sure appreciate tips and feedback on iffy looking profiles. One way you can help protect yourself from fraud is to check members “Last Login Country” while visiting their profile. This premium …[ read more ]

13 years ago
Hunting for Sugar? Take A Breather!

A Sugar Baby emailed us this morning complaining of a sore neck. “I stayed up until 3 A.M writing messages and uploading pictures…”. This particular individual is very busy with work and school. In fact, one of the main reasons she’s looking for a Sugar Daddy is so she can quite her part-time job. If …[ read more ]

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