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Photo Tips for Sugar Babies

On SB photos: each has to be comfortable with her own preferred degree of discretion, her willingness to reveal or lack thereof. I know there are many different perspectives of SD’s on what a good photo profile looks like — some guys want to see all skin and lingerie, some don’t want any of that, and some in between. Here is just ONE SD’s perspective (mine), take it for what it’s worth:

1. The best picture profiles have at least one clear, unblurred, unblocked, unfuzzed, non-headless face photo, and one clear full body photo. Some SBs’ need for discretion precludes this, which is understandable, but it does dampen interest, generally speaking. 8 out of 10 times if I can’t see the SB’s face I just ignore and move to the next. I have grown tired of having to ask for photos, which as often as not leads to some huffy response (“so I guess you’re just shallow” or accusations of being a picture collector). Or more awkwardly, I get a photo, don’t particularly like what I see, and then what do you say? I have several clear face and full body photos of myself on my profile and if the SB has none, I generally just pass. Again, for many SDs this isn’t an issue at all and they don’t mind the “ask for photos” routine.

2. Some SDs absolutely detest photos of SBs in lingerie or less, considering it borderline sleazy. I think one provocative or semi-revealing photo is just fine, if tastefully done. At the other end, some SDs are really looking for skin, skin, skin. Query whether that’s the type of SD you want to attract.

3. There’s a debate about professional or quality photos vs. your amateur, cellphone, self-photo. The benefit of the latter, for some SDs, is it proves you are real and not fake. On the other hand, some self-photos, e.g., those taken in a messy room next to an unmade bed, do not put your best foot forward.

4. The best photos, IMO, are candid ones of the SB alone, e.g. on vacation, with a pet, out on the street actively doing things, etc. If you appear with drink in hand, in drunken stupor at a party, with some unidentified guy’s arm wrapped around your waist, it sends the wrong signal.

5. There should be at least one recent photo, and the older ones shouldn’t be 8-10 years old.

6. When in doubt opt for class and quality over the opposite end of the spectrum. You generally won’t go wrong and won’t turn anyone off.


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6 Responses to “Photo Tips for Sugar Babies”

  1. Anna Molly says:

    I think true gentlemen like classy, real photos with a hint of sexy rather than professional or more revealing photos. :)

    Fancy Face – I can’t give any advice about your profile because I find have one, but I would suggest posting your profile number and asking on a blog topic that has more activity. I’m sure you’ll get some feedback. :)

  2. tanya mcghee says:

    How do i upload my existing photo from my galary to my profile?

  3. fancy face says:

    Here’s my profile number 616524 (Sugar Baby – F)

  4. fancy face says:

    Hey everyone!
    I’ve been here for almost 5 months now and haven’t found or have been in serious contact with a SD. I’m concerned about my profile and pictures, can you please check me out and give me constructive advice in how I should improve my profile

  5. Ana says:

    I think SD’s love the sleazy photos…I think it attracts more duds though.

  6. Kimber says:

    It won’t let me upload photos. The “load files” button isn’t even lit to choose.