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Profile Tips

Check out these posts from the archive: “Marketing Yourself as a Sugarbaby” , “Sugar Dating is
a Game of Odds
“, and this one from NYC SB’ s blog about profile tips: “ Seeking Arrangement –
Profile Tips“ .

Flo Rida’s Great Profile Tips!

Profiles – to save time:

Rule 1 – don’ t say anything negative – no “I could lose a few pounds”

Rule 2 – Personalize be unique – don’ t say you’ re fun prove it with a story or your humor. Don’t say I’ m a foodie say ‘Do you think Per Se is better than French Laundry’ don’t say I’m well travelled say ‘ I’ ve travelled to 37 countries & can’ t decide if dining at Felix overlooking HK Central or snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef is my most memorable experience’

Rule 3 – weed out undesirables & also tell people what you want ‘ if you are between 30 & 45, emotionally grounded & able to provide mentorship & financial assistance then I’ d like to hear from you, I won’ t bite (unless biting is what you’ re into… kidding!)

Rule 4 – upscale it – show you know their world (of course this only applies if you really do).

Rule 5 – SD will read the tag line & look at the pics & read the profile. but you can lose them
on the tag line – examples Boston Barbie – Simply the best – Better than all the rest – A glimpse of bliss. Insert a line on discretion & balance. Keep it short (SD are very busy and have short attention spans – they’ ll decide within 1 min to move on).

Rule 6 – Add a line on being 100 percent committed to this & understanding mutually beneficial (with chemistry)

Rule 7 – do not add all your interests – most SD aren’ t interested in the same things – they don’t care about Pilates or Twilight or being a girly girl. Only add interests that connect with them (generally s-x, sports food, business, sports cars, travel).

SD lists the SB types as Investigators, Arm Candy, Drama Queens. The only acceptable category
is ‘ I’ m arm candy on Loubotins and for the right man I offer a glimpse of bliss’ .
SD are thinking what will this SB do 4 me – in life as well as the bedroom – r they drama,
disease, drug free, do they understand me, will I get along with them, r they fun & balanced, will
they follow through. Make sure you answer all these q-s rest is supply-demand.

Some other suggestions involve keeping your profile at the top of the lists for those who are
searching for you:

– Log in often so those who search under “ Most Recent Logins” will see you.

– Avoid updating your profile on the weekend…only the old profile will be seen until the new
one is approved. Approvals seem to be faster at the beginning of the week.

– Sundays tend to be the busiest “ search” days, so make sure you’ ve logged in regularly.

– Don’ t be afraid to reach out to someone who sparks your interests. There are only a few
that have worked out this way (myself as one), but they can work out. Some had tried adding
someone to their favorites or winking, but these guys get hundreds of these. Be unique!

Rcheck’s Marketing Advice – Great stuff here!

May 3, 2011 at 7:42 am


Please take no offence as I haven’t even read your updated profile. But I assure you that the majority of profiles I’ve read here (and everywhere else) could use substantial rewrites.

First of all there is a simple structure for writing any piece of marketing copy called AIDA. It is an acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire & Action. It has been around for over a hundred years. It’s Gospel in marketing, and it’s still used successfully every day. I have a sign describing it in my office.

Let’s apply it to a profile…

Attention – Does the first few lines of your profile grab a pots attention? It should. Start with something clever, funny, dramatic, or whatever you believe will pull the reader in. It should be compelling.

Interest – You know the audience you want to attract. What will appeal to them? What about you appealed to your last SD? Write a paragraph or three about what you believe will interest the kind of SD you are looking for.

Desire – Get arrogant! Tell the SD’s the qualities you have that will make them want to contact you. Never lie, but spend ZERO time on anything they may not like. Don’t say what you are not (a Barbie doll) Say what you are (Fit, fun, happy, Etc.).

Action – Now that you have their attention, you have interested them with what they want, you have told them the things you have that they may desire, CLOSE THE SALE! This can be as simple as ‘Interested? Drop me a line’. The idea here is to get them to click the email icon and start a conversation.

Finally, keep all this positive. Many SB’s have been burned by SD wannabe’s. It’s understandable when they rant about it in their profile. But it’s also counter productive. It ALWAYS reads as drama, Always, Always, Always. Don’t do it. I feel your pain I really do, but it will turn pot’s off quicker than a light switch. Save those stories for after you have established a relationship with them, and use it as a compliment that they wen’t like the others.

You will still get losers, ‘next’ them and keep swimming. The point is to write a profile that will target the kind of SD you DO want.

One last note about the age thing. How is it hurting you? If you think it’s scaring off older gentlemen, set their minds at ease. Say that you like ‘distinguished’ or ‘mature’ gentlemen. They will appreciate that and be more likely to contact you. If it’s hurting you in some other way, address it in your profile in a positive way.

**This blog page was arranged and suggested by ‘Reach the Beach SB’ (RTB)  – formerly known as ‘Midwest SB’**

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