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Reviews for Sugar Daddy Dating Sites

January 25, 2011 at 5:10 pm

I just received a very disturbing email from another SD website, which yet again cements my opinion that SA is the best site for this.

This site has different types of membership. The top tier allows you to send and receive emails from anyone on the site, regardless of their membership. The middle one lets you send messages, but you can’t receive messages from anyone who is not also part of either level 1 or level 2 membership (i.e. a paid membership) and the bottom one is free, for both babies or daddies, but you can only reply to messages from people belonging to the top tier membership. I signed up for the free one, because quite frankly I was not impressed with the site and signed up for the hell of it.

Every once in a while, I will get an email from the subscription department urging me to sign up for a paid account (which is to be expected from any company and is fine), but today I got this:

Excerpt from email received: “What does it say to a man who looks at your profile and sees that you won’t even spend the tiny amount of $20 per month on a membership so that you’ll be able to communicate with him? Why should he send you a message that you can’t read or reply to?”

Um hello, isn’t that a little backwards? As the SB in this situation, what I am willing to pay for, should have no relevance. Second, If he (the potential SD who supposedly has enough disposable income to be able to pay for things in my life) should be the one to pay the extra money so he can communicate with ALL babies, not just ones who pay for the site.

So once again, Seeking Arrangement, thank you for being such a fabulous site, and understanding that the sugar baby should never pay unless she wants to.

P.S. blog gods, if this somehow violates blog policies, by mentioning another site, I understand if this needs to be deleted or moderated.

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71 Responses to “Reviews for Sugar Daddy Dating Sites”

  1. abbyella says:

    i dont even see any activation link on my email,

  2. peter says:

    Hey mate u should come to gunny for the weekend to se me n my mate u like pig chasin n fishing n gtn of yr neck thats the life we love n live liven the dream

  3. jogarcia says:

    i cannot view my cam cos i am not vip members

  4. mandy says:

    Love suger daddy

  5. Devon says:

    I like the site. Although some of the women on there are fake, average or below, or want money just to take to them. I canceled because I found a couple decent arrangements. If it doesn’t work out, I will try again.

  6. tlalicious says:

    ilove dating suger daddies but ilove suger daddies who got money nt suger daddie who are poor nop cnt any suger daddy available coll me 0780107772

  7. Maddy says:

    I subscribed to a monthly membership. I feel like I wasted my money. Half of the men on here are fake profiles. I find it weird because they will send you a message and when you reply they read and leave it. I have only had one date from the site and the guy was very stingy. Thankfully I have found a SD from another site who is 48 and extremely handsome. He gave me £120 on the first meet up. So I have been successful but not with this site. What I will say is becareful ladies. Always SKYPE before meeting them and do your background checks! Use google to catch these men out. Never make any offers to these men unless you see what you are asking for. Please do not be naive.

  8. Nonono says:

    Stay away! This site is a scam! Do not pay them ANY MONEY…
    Unless you really are an escort or prostitute who can hustle those effers for every penny you can get.
    Good luck tho. They’re ALL disgusting. Fat, old, ugly, retarded. Never been SO mad at myself for even trying

  9. BEKALU says:

    IAM 28 yrs old iam honest ferky and lovely man

  10. smarie12 says:

    Has anyone on seeking arrangement gotten a guy asking you to send him pictures and he’ll pay you? It kinda made sense because we live so far away but I don’t want to be scammed

  11. Reece says:

    I’m a 34 yr gay bottom seeking a sugar daddy to spoil me. I’ll be your naughty slave that needs punishment for cash, lol

  12. Anonymous says:

    And for all the real women on here commenting about how they cnt find a sugar daddy on these sites and because none have inboxed her. Please believe me you will get the same email j have gotten twice on different accounts! That’s what they do they wait a bit too see if you would reply and they make up plans as to how their going to get you! Do not be fooled by these fake ass comments from fake sugar babies and daddies on here saying they’ve met someone off the site because they haven’t!! Everyone is fake on the sites!! These people are on here just to encourage you to stick with their site and spend your money on fake ass men who ain’t gone help yawl! Believe I know about them from an insider myself! Do Not Be Fooled!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Look you all need to stay away from all these sugar daddies site!! I swear I ran into a scammer on two sugar sites with just about the same usernames on it and all!! They like to prey on U.S. women who need their help which they ain’t gone help us do shit!! They just want our card information and bank info!! So they either get money off your card or bank account. You even got some scammers that go ass far as depositing fake checks into your account and asking you to immediately go withdraw the fake funds and send it to them leaving your bank over drawn! Leave these fake ass sugar daddy sites alone! They all were made by Nigerians believe I’ve met a Nigerian who told me everything about how it work up their. He wanted to gain my trust so bad he beginned telling me how the Nigerians came up with these fake sugar daddy sites just to scam wen mostly! Stay away from all sugar sites!!! Their not reall!! Get a job or go to prison for seeking help from these scammers who just use you all as bait!

  14. tasha smith says:

    three year away form violent husnand . was stay at home mom that dont need me so much they r older NEVER know romanticism completes gifts nothibg not that that im 35 petite pics in time if u earn my trust love being muddy fun and sexy and gettin dolled up just want b spoiled u help me ill help you new graduate from cosmotology

  15. paris says:

    Okay, I’m new. I haven’t paid for a membership or anything. I just wanted to know is that the reason I’m not receiving messages? Nobody is writing me back. What do I have to do?

  16. Debbie says:

    Hey really need help on a few things

  17. Debbie says:

    I’m looking for a sugar daddy that will take care of me

  18. Me says:

    Has anyone had trouble canceling their subscription?

  19. Ron Jeremy says:

    this entire industry is fraud, baiting with fake profiles to get paying membership enrollment up. As for all you retarded beautiful women out there, learn how to swim and make your own money. Go on a real date as apposed to subjecting yourselves to SD/SB prostitution dangers. These sites are a hot bed of sexual predator liars.

    • SB4Life says:

      How’s those STD tests still working for you Ron Jeremy? You were promoting something sleazy and you were in the club, you smell as if you’re dying of cancer

  20. Rae says:

    I decided right after I signed up that I wanted to be deleted…I was told I would have to wait two weeks before I could do that. I waited two weeks and the link I’m supposed to go to to delete my profile, isn’t there. I’ve emailed twice asking to be removed…but got no reply. I think they keep you on ‘file’ forever so that it will appear that there are more active members than there really are. I think this site is a scam as do several reviewers above. If you ever join remember it is FOREVER because there is no way you can ever delete your profile.

  21. @newbie

    It means that the profile has been deleted.

    Also, these older threads are great references for sugar pointers, as well as getting a good lead into current blogs. Id say scan through some of the old blogs, and check out some of the links of frequently asked questions, and frequently raised topics, then join us all on the most recent thread :). We don’t bite! Only nibble. Well…sometimes, we bite :/. But not very hard! Well…maybe kinda hard sometimes ://. But you’ll recover well, for sure!!! Or maybe not…depending on who bites you? Just think of them as naughty love bites…infrequent, naughty love bites. But mostly helpful insight, and fun banter. Yeah, Id say so.

    K, I’m gonna head back over now. I’m mostly just rambling since we are likely the only people in this room. In fact…we could have cybersex thrice over, and no one would even know. So long as they don’t have a blue light. I bet Chrissy’s keyboard lights up like Chrissymas.

    Random question…

    Do you like Doritos?

    One more thing…

    There is another blogger who goes by ‘Newbie. To avoid confusion, you might consider a more distinct name. Like “NoobieLikesBoobies” maybe. Because…well…that would be ridiculous, of course :D.

    Cheers, Noobs!


  22. BigBrown Eyes says:

    Hi I used to be a sugar baby and I had an ok time. The guys I have met gave me good money but they just wanted too much and it wasn’t worth it. Also they were inconsistent. Can any real SD tell me what they look for in a SB or how I can find a great relationship if I choose to rejoin.

  23. Newbie says:

    Hey could someone please tell me what it means when i can’t contact someone on SA and it says “this person is not active and cannot receive messages?”

  24. Maya says:

    great advice @chuck

  25. Chuck says:

    I’m still a relative newbie at the whole SD/SB arrangements, but here is what I have found so far.
    1. None of the contacts that I have received from SA have been fraudulent. I don’t understand why anyone would send money to a potential SB before meeting face to face at least once. Every SB I have communicated with so far has agreed to this without any allowance or gift just to make sure that there is enough chemistry for it to work.
    2. Every contact that I have received from other dating sites such as “Adult Friend Finder” has been fraudulent. Usually involving Wire Transfers to the Philippines, one of several African Nations and even one from the United Kingdom.
    3. Be honest up front about expectations from both sides of the arrangement. Get all of the awkward questions out of the way before your first meeting. That way you can focus on each other during the meeting to see if there is any chemistry.

  26. alicia says:

    I had my first unpleasent encounter on SA but all and all it has been cool

  27. Jay says:

    Crystal, let me draw an analogy between myself and you. I am a sixty year old white man who stands all of five feet six and I’m slight of build. The pool of women who are potentially attracted to me is somewhat smaller than it would be for, say, a forty year old, 6 foot tall, well built man. But there are still those that are attracted to me. The one thing that I could do to really make myself unattractive would be to lose my self confidence.
    So, be patient, the demographics might be such that it takes longer, but look around you and you will see many fine men with women that look just like you.
    I’m being honest and trying to be helpful; I hope I haven’t offended you in any way. I wish you the best.

  28. Jay says:

    I don’t get it. She’s not my sugar baby until I’ve at least met her. How can I meet her if she doesn’t have a profile that I can communicate with.
    Now I can perfectly understand that buying her a membership would be the right thing to do when u end an arrangement

  29. sexyyellow says:

    I still in all honesty think this is the best site. Any SD/SB dating site who has free membership for a SB is or has to be more realistic. Face it folks, when you are brand new to this then you are looking at a struggling young woman who can only afford to pay her bills and possibly not even all of them. This site I can say definitely stands out from the rest.

  30. Hey, it happened to me also on SD…i paid for membership and now it look like that they just fucked my money…i have no idea what to do now.

  31. Rockstar says:

    I have to completely disagree with your opinion of seeking arrangement . After spending almost 2 years on the site being a background verified member , all I found was woman using fake modeling pics . Scam artists trying to get you to western union them money and just numerous fake profiles . Don’t waste your time and money

    • MelBrooksFan says:

      Rockstar, I’m very sorry you feel that way. My pics are unusual, arranged by me to my quirkly idiosyncrasies. I’ve had a great time with interactin ESPECIALLY WHEN vacationing in Southern Florida, but I go where the comfort is per request. All real, so so much fun. The sugardaddy site is quite a blessing.

      • Anonymous says:

        And your probably a scammer trying to convince us to stay on yawl scheming ass websites! I’m gone report all these sites to the police!

  32. Max says:

    Hello SB, I have enjoyed reading your posts I’m a sugar daddy. Crystal you sound like a genuine and lovely girl however your description of yourself is not what I’m looking for, however that being said in the business I’m in I meet regularly men that would like to meet and spoil you :) ……

    Be patient the SD has a lot going on he might be married or very distracted running his business. Thoughts become things , think the good ones. I love being a SD it fulfills my life and spoiling SB there is nothing better ….

    I love you all , good luck .

  33. Crystal F. says:

    ***By the way I forgot to mention I also paid to be verified to make myself stand out and for SD’s to see that I’m serious.

  34. Crystal F. says:

    Hello all! I know I know I’m a little late in this particular blog, but I’m a fairly new member (1week). I’m getting a little frustrated because I’ve taken the time to really make my profile good. I have several flattering pictures and what I believe to be a good description. I’m getting views everyday and I send formal classy emails out everyday, but I receive no messages or replies. I’m a pretty girl, but I am a bigger girl. I’m also African American. What could I do to receive messages and replies?? Thanks.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your only embarrassing yourself on a fake ass site! Please take my word as a victims on two scams off two sugar daddie sites and remove all your info and unsubscribe from their site! Every man in their is fake their hiding behind fake profiles! These sugar websites are ran by professional scammers! Please believe me and delete your profile and dnt ever join another! Their all the same websites run by the same people!

  35. SeeksExcellence says:

    @DarkHorseSD – I can’t think of an immediate objection. The primary goal is to demonstrate that the SB is represented and not a Nigerian using a print model’s pix (TinEye is a decent tool for SDs but not perfect) to phish.

    Our secondary objective is verification that an SB is receptive to direction (versatile and useful) but that’s a different topic.

    @RussianSB – we have used Skype for a filter, too, but my partner & I cannot easily coordinate for a Skype date (different cities; not Skype-savvy enough to know if “three-way calling” is supported).

    Back at you… your profile is your first impression and pictures your most impactful asset. The majority of profiles have 1 picture (or none) and one or two lines of cookie-cutter text, We certainly wouldn’t ask an SB to pose (and make a point of saying non-nude) but how long does it really take to scribble on a piece of paper, take a picture, and post? 10 minutes to elevate yourself above the ranks of the anonymous, the curious, and the delusional?

    You don’t get an interview if the cover letter doesn’t impress… it gets filed appropriately. Demonstrate enthusiasm, aptitude, and attitude; the world opens up for you.

  36. RussianSB says:

    I agree, SDFY is rabbish, not only IM blinking all the time from people who never even write to me, but also when I cancel my account, I cannot find any button on site to do it. So, I just not use it, delete my pictures and wait when my profile will be expired.
    And SD site is fine, it is why I join the web, because my friend tells me that there is sugar site that really works for her, but I prefer SA interface.

  37. RussianSB says:

    Guys, mabe more easily to use Skype ???
    I do it with friends and family only, but making pictures with someones name or fresh press…. come on :)

  38. DarkHorseSD says:


    What would you think of a profile picture with a recent newspaper being held up?

  39. SeeksExcellence says:

    @Princess – We (SD/SM couple) are pretty specific about our photo requirements so I feel qualified to tell you that cropping your pictures probably isn’t a problem.

    We expect to see face & body shots (not all studio, thank you very much) and in the case of a cropper, we can always ask for the uncropped version to be shared from private photos.

    The one area where we wish we’d see more compliance is an SB who can demonstrate they are the person in the photos on their profile; typically with a sign with our names in it. In this age of webcams and phone cameras, it should be trivial to post a verifying picture (again in Private) and it’s a shame it often takes SA 2 days to approve such things. Exchanging contact information to receive this photo just exposes us to phishing and Google searches.

    We simply don’t bother with gals who won’t take this step.

  40. Lesya says:

    I’ve been on the site for a while and today it says my account is inactive. I can’t even sign up again. What does that mean? They banned me or something?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes they delete your profile if you dnt subscribe to their website! That’s why I stopped using mines because they wouldn’t delete it!! But they delete it when you dnt subscribe to the site! Its all a big scam!! I swear!

  41. Princess says:

    I have a few photos on SA although I have cropped my face out for personal reasons, could this be the reason I am not getting any replies from serious men?

  42. Able Secret says:

    @Flyr. Nothing beats cash or paypal. I don’t need anyone monitoring or questioning my purchases, lol.

  43. flyr says:

    Just to be clear what I was referring to was a debit card , not a credit card.

    If the card is in the SD name there’s no red flags on transferees between his accounts. However, if funds are going to the sweetheart’s paypal or debit it is a different matter

    An SD can have a card issued in the name of the SB but that takes her signing and putting her SSN on the card.

    One of the things I liked was the situation where if I was not going to get back to the west coast , I could transfer funds in a couple of seconds and then call MS wonderful and let her know that I have to cancel but she can still go shopping.

    As noted the bigger problem appeared to be an SD who was not really committed to the program.

  44. flyr says:

    @Able Secret- If you can not trust your SB not to clear out your credit card you should not be trusting him with your body…… A debit card in your SD’s name has a lot of advantages Not the least of which is his ability to add funds on a moment’s notice and your ability to withdraw funds anywhere . Of course the funds should be there BEFORE any of the fun begins. Startup process is usually cash .

  45. Able Secret says:

    @Anna Smith: good call; don’t see him again. Follow your instincts always. SD should bring up the “arrangement” payout/expectations first. If he is nice on the first date, and doesn’t bring it up and we go on a second date….I bring it up….within 5 minutes of sitting down. And don’t ever give out your banking information to anyone. Use paypal or cash only….I wouldn’t even take a credit card because he can freeze that anytime.

    I went ahead and paid to be verified, but did not pay for a membership. I think it’s worth it to get verified if you are serious about finding a real SD. Makes you stand out from the rest.

  46. anna smith says:

    I have been on the site for about a couple wks and would like to hear some “good” experiences from other SB. We should offer advice and look out for each other. I have a specific goal which is why I’m on the site but find the Sugar daddy’s are not being realistic. I recently met with someone who was seriously attracted to me. The feeling wasn’t mutual but….could change given his level of generosity. He really wanted a lot from FIRST before discussing specific details as to how the arrangement would benefit me. Is this the common theme here? I wanted to know up front how I would benefit to decide if it was worth seeing him again and didn’t feel he was being fair. Since he wasn’t direct I won’t see him again.

  47. I’m not a paid member on SA and I don’t really see why SBs would be paid members. I did however go and set up and pay the $25 to be a Verified member because that is something I think all SBs should do. Face it, if you are talking to a real SD there’s a good chance he’s in a high power position correct? (At least I’ve found so) So the least you can do is verify yourself, set yourself out from the rest and show that you aren’t fake and that you aren’t some psycho b*tch. It’s a ONE TIME payment of $25, if you have a job at all you can afford it. If not, give up 3 packs of cigarettes or your next vodka bottle… He’ll be worth it!

  48. Scamfighter says:

    Her viewpoint is understandable given her perspective. SB’s are generally unaware of the enormous amount of fake female profiles posted on most sites, particularly by Nigerians. SA has done a very good job of screening-out Nigerians. In contrast the sister site SM is infested with them despite having a fraction the number of profiles. I’m uncertain if this is due to complete apathy on the part of SM site administrators or if it’s deliberate. Similar to what Eddy suggested hot women’s profile pics generate sales for the site and by turning a blind eye to the Nigerian’s fraudulent profles they can accomplish the same goal while retaining plausible deniability. Charging a membership fee would help screen-out some of the Nigerians but fewer than one may think since they often use stolen credit card numbers. The best screening methods could involve having a girl personally call and confirm her voice to an employee, submit a digital pic of the applicant holding a piece of paper displaying a code/profile number issued during the application process.

  49. Ly says:

    I also signed up out of curiosity and quickly closed out of the window! I hardly just uploaded my pictures when I started getting video messages. Literally, the video chat window just pops open, not even a request for me to accept the chat. I believe it’s only a 1 way video (didn’t keep the window open long enough to confirm as I was in my PJs) but still, how alarming! Does anyone know how to turn off video chat?

  50. arrah says:

    I just signed up for the site and just say, I can tell that most time the people you come across that have next to nothing written more than likely are not genuine profiles. I took the time to right things that would actually initiate conversation that could actually develop in to real conversation. I have not yet paid to upgrade my membership but made it very clear that I would if even a very few sugar daddies approached me with real introductions. I also browsed the site to see these so called profiles that we like mine. From what I saw some profiles seemed way yo good to be true. They seemed automated.

  51. EJ says:

    the Marry Me Sugar Daddy and SD sites are a fraud.whenever i log in, suddenly an IM appears from age groups im not interested in sending fake messages.all computerized.I have a specific profile search but constantly get sent so-called interests from ‘members’ i have no interest in.this is just a ploy to get people to pay membership.we are wise not to pay.and sugar daddys have the means to pay,so why should the sugar babies pay.the reason they sugar daddies is because they have the means to pay subscription.Seeking Arrangement and Meet Millionaires rocks!!!
    I receive real responses from real millionaires and i havent paid subscriptioin.Miss Travel is also a fabulous site free for ladies.so ladies dont waste anymore time with Sugar Daddy.com or Marry Me Sugar Daddy.com ALL THESE SITES SHOULD BE FREE FOR LADIES.

  52. diane says:

    Can someone help me ? Was on this site went to make changes on profile computer went biserk,lost everything trying to get back in tells me invalid password and email won’t let me back in tried to re join won’t let me help !!!

    • Verca says:

      Hey, it happened to me also on SD…i paid for membership and now it look like that they just fucked my money…i have no idea what to do now. Admin doesnt comunicate. Anyone else has the same prob.?? How to solve it??

  53. Mary Watson says:

    I love this review site and think you are quite right to publish SD’s email to you here. Keep up the excellent writing! : )

  54. CHristian ROnquillo says:

    You have a awesome site!!!

  55. Kristina says:

    I am a girl on that site and no I have not paid.Mainly because I am very careful about what I pay for on the net and also, as it was mentioned before, if there are real SD’s on the site, they shouldn’t mind paying extra.

  56. Anna Molly says:

    I agree with you DG! :)

  57. DorkyGuy says:

    Eddy, your logic is flawed. If the website is putting up fake profiles, why wouldn’t they make many of those profiles appear to be paid? I have seen lots of obviously bait profiles that had paid membership status on other sites, as a lure for the guys. The paid status is no indicator at all of whether the girl is real or not.

  58. Eddy says:

    As a guy I disagree completely with your point of view. The main reason is because on most of these sugar daddy / sugar baby sites, most of the profiles are fake. They are designed to make us think that there are sexy sugar babies right here in our home town! But the truth is, those profiles are fake. Only real people will pay to have a profile on a site like that. I don’t even bother trying to communicate with sugar babies who don’t have their own membership because there is no way for me to know if the profile is really real.