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SA Blog Tips & Tricks


By RC msb:

SA Blog Tips & Tricks

– Selecting a handle/Nickname you wish to use on the blog. –

You may choose any reasonable handle you wish for the SA blog, however….

IT SHOULD NOT BE YOUR FULL REAL NAME! This poses a huge security risk to you. This site is searchable by Google and other search engines. If someone searches your name, this site will appear in the results. You may even wish to avoid using a unique handle that you use on other sites.

If you have already made this error you may ask Stephen to expunge it from SA’s Copy. It will still be cached and linger on most search engines for a month or so, but will eventually go away.

– How to Link your SA profile (or another site) to your name –

You have the ability to link your profile, personal site, or whatever site you wish to your name. When someone clicks your name they will be taken to your link.

If it is your profile simply copy your profile URL into the ‘website’ box and delete the part that says “member/same”.
Most other links can be pasted in without adjustment.

– How to create your own photo/Icon/avatar –

You have the ability to link a photo, avatar, or other graphic that will appear next to your name.

Go to the site: gravatar DOT com
This site will allow you to link a photo to whichever email address you use on SA.

Note, the photo links to the email you use, so whatever photo you use will appear on ALL SITES that you use that email for if they are Gravatar enabled sites. Some people use site specific emails to avoid this issue.

Also note that when you change the photo it changes it for every post you’ve ever made.

Finally note that Gravatar can take up to an hour to reset or create your photo link. Be patient.

– How to add pictures to your posts –

You have the ability to add photos or other images to your post themselves,

To do this you must have the photo uploaded to a photo hosting site first. There are numerous ones available that allow free hosting. Tinypic DOT com is a good one that includes a direct link to your photo without making you join, pay or jump through hoops.

Once your photo is uploaded and you have the direct link, simply click the line under the ‘Post Comment’ button that says “You can add images to your comment by clicking here” Paste in the direct link and your set.

– Adding special HTML features to your post –

The blog supports a number of common HTML tags such as strong text, or block quote that you may use to liven up or clarify certain parts of your posts.

If you do not know how to use HTML tags there are a number of sites where you can learn to use them. Mostly they are pretty simple and straightforward to use.

The ones supported by the SA blog are :

They are also listed just above the ‘Post Comment’ button.

– The Blog does not support private messaging or chat rooms –

If you wish to contact a member off blog, you can post a message on the blog to the “Blog Gods” AKA Stephen to give your email address to the person you wish to talk to. Stephen is a busy guy, so give him some time to do this.

– Remember at all times this is a public blog –

Anyone can access it at any time. Do not say anything you wish to keep private.
Do not reveal personal information or anything that might expose you to identity theft.

– Please follow blog guidelines at all times –

Debate is OK, BUT…..Trashing people, flame wars, and other childish behavior is not. This blog is populated by adults and you are expected to act that way. When you attack a member of this blog, the person you are attacking does not look bad. You do! We have seen it all before and it is not impressive.

Any other thoughts or ideas???????????

RC msb

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  1. How do I respond or reply on a blog if the leave a reply button only takes you to the top of the page?

  2. RC msb says:

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    Please participate by sending Lisa good thoughts and hoping that she will soon find the sugar she seeks.

    Next week is Be Nice to Sparkling Cleo Week Part 2 (Midwest gifted her week to Cleo).

    Think Sugar Daddy…………..

    Next months celebrations are listed below. Enjoy!