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How to Negotiate with a Sugar Daddy

“The question arises, above, as to how an SB can convince a hesitant SD that she actually likes him for himself, rather than solely for his money. This is a classic issue in relationships involving a significant disparity in wealth or power.

Clearly, most SBs are interested in a financial arrangement, otherwise they wouldn’t be here. That money is a necessary element for most SBs, however, does not mean it is sufficient.

So the real issue for an SB confronting an SD who’s worried that she’s only interested in the money, is how to convince him that this isn’t true, and that she’s genuinely attracted to him even apart from the money

In my experience, one successful tactic is for the SB to start off by making it clear that she has met with other potential SDs, all of whom were interested in and financially able to handle an SD-SB relationship, but she turned them down because she didn’t feel attracted to them. She should tell the pot SD that she’s willing to meet him casually, possibly for coffee or a drink, to see if there’s any attraction. She should then agree to a second, longer meeting, possibly for dinner, again to determine if there’s enough compatibility to proceed. She should not bring up specific financial terms during or prior to these dates, and if the pot SD does, she should deflect this, saying that she doesn’t think it makes sense to discuss money before she’s sure she’s attracted to him, and that there is no amount of money that would cause her to go out with him absent attraction.

Following the second date (which shouldn’t involve sex), she should tell him that she finds him more attractive than the other pot SD’s she’s met with, and she’s willing to enter into an arrangement with him. At that point the financial discussion can take place.

If done right, this will leave the pot SD with the impression that he’s passed an audition of sorts, that she is actually attracted to and interested in him, and that the money is a secondary (though necessary) issue. Moreover, the perception of exclusivity will probably make her more attractive in his eyes.

I can say from personal experience that this type of approach is relatively successful at giving the SD the impression that she’s actually attracted to him (or that she’s willing to work hard enough at it that he’ll never tell the difference anyway, which in these types of relationships may amount to the same thing).

Note, however, that for this type of play to work, the woman has to have qualities such that the pot SD will find it credible that she’s able to pick and choose among wealthy suitors. In other words, she should probably be both beautiful and articulate.

I’m not positing this as the only way an SB can bring an SD to believe that she’s genuinely interested in and attracted to him. Women have been doing this with men for all of recorded history (and almost certainly before that), and literature and common experience provide innumerable examples of how it’s been done, both honestly and cynically. Nevertheless, under the right circumstances the described tactic has a good chance of working.”

– JQ

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5 Responses to “How to Negotiate with a Sugar Daddy”

  1. Renee says:

    Hi today is my firsr day here,hold the applause,lol Ive had 5 or more email me, and Im excited to meet a man. Ive been single and celebate for twenty months,just couldnt find the right kind of arrangement. Ii believe problem solved!!! Im pretty,clean,honest,fun, so I guess Im in the right place. Peace to all

  2. MissLunah says:

    Well… I have to say then when I signed up.. Yeah, I saw the financial perks of being a SB, but it was not all about… at least not for me. After my marrige I was so emotionally drained and the last thing I wanted was to get emotionally involved with somebody else. I want the simplified marriage; fun, sex & some support and once the spark goes out.. both parties can move on without the awkwardness and hurt feelings. To me this arrangement does not have a price tag.. I am not car you rent and pay a monthly fee… however I want my SD to know that entering into such relationship I do expect some form of support. I, however, might be in a lot better place than most of newbe SBs here.. I do not need an immidiate financial support and other than my student loans I am debt free… I am in it for the lifestyle… and in such lifestyle pricetags should not matter… right? *wink*

    Sayign that I am being realistic.. I am not expecting somebody spending ridiculous money on me because even I think it’s wasteful and meaningless… I would much rather my SD be a little crative and pay in letting me expierience something I never had. I understand that I might not be as attractive as some girls here.. and therefore they should and they deserve to ask for more support and nicer things. Afterall it is all about making your SD feel and look good with his SB.

  3. SugarMac says:

    I am charmed by the concept that my Pot Baby is a newbie SB and not a grizzled vet of the SD routine.
    I like her to say that she is not exactly sure what is normal or acceptable but that $$ is what she would like to aim for to help reach her financial goals . This approach makes her seem a little vulnerable and flexible.She could also ask what the SD thinks is a fair donation . He will then feel “in charge” and not disenfranchised .
    I like her to say that she is attracted to me and that she is looking for a SD she can care about . This defuses the money only gambit.
    In the end , a true gentleman wants to take care of his girl in every sense of the word . Psychologically It’s good for him to be gently led by the SB to think he had the idea and that it want imposed on him by a ball busting Biz Woman .

  4. Rein says:

    there you go:) i’m from phil. but lots of SD here wants their SB is near them. How can i find my SD? please help me.

  5. sexymama says:

    im a shorty with a nice body ready to mingle and have some fun love to travel,shop,and long walks.if u can give me all these things i can give u more…