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Sugar Dating is a Game of Odds

Sugar Dating is a Game of Odds

1. Sugar dating is a game of odds – Use the “carpet bomb” approach … the more emails you sent out, the better your odds of getting a date and finding a good match. Think about how a HR (human resources) department operates when trying to fill an open position. They use the following principles:

– Create a job description: This is equivalent to the profile of SB you are seeking. Don’t be too narrow your criteria for your ideal SB and put a time limit on your search.

– Conduct the search: While the HR uses ads or head hunter, the dating equivalent would be to send out “enough” emails to pot SB who fit your profile. It’s unlikely HR would fill mid-level position based on 10 resumes so why should you? (Try another sugar site as well)

– Screen, 1st interviews: Narrow down the candidates through email, IM and phone calls.

– 2nd round interviews: Go on dates with several SB; multiple dates with your 3 strongest candidates

– Job offer: narrow down to one SB with a backup in mind if she doesn’t accept or it doesn’t work out in the first few weeks.

– probation period: if it’s not working, talk to her about your concerns and remedies within set period. Terminate shortly if you’re not happy.

2. Broaden your search area and relax your search criteria. I seem to remember that you are looking for a SB who is intelligent, younger and model-ese. I just did a search of SB … within a 200 mile radius of Manhattan; between 5-5 to 5-9; ages 21-30; slim-athletic in build; logged in during the last 2 weeks … and came up with over 1,000 “matches”.

I made a post previously about the statistics of my last search. Off the top of my head within a one month period, I think I sent out 120 emails, received 30 replies, went on dates with 10 pots before narrowing down to 3 for repeat dates.

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