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Sugar-World Dating Disasters

Hello all, yet another exciting day in sugar land!

I heard a funny story from a friend today about a date from Hell. I got to thinking it might be fun to cover some of the sugar-world dating disasters.

As much as you hate to live through them there is always some truly memorable moments in a bad date. They often become the fodder for truly great stories.

Two of the things below actually happened to me. The rest are things that happened to friends or ones I’ve heard. I love collecting these stories, so if anyone has any to add, please do so.


Sugar Daddy Fails:

  • Grandiosely pulled out a large tip for the meal, and then snuck it back into his pocket when leaving.
  • Talked endlessly about the great time he had at the local swingers club.
  • Proudly boasted about the great deal he got on his clothes in the clearance section at Walmart.
  • Randomly sampled things on my plate during dinner.
  • Loudly argued with the waitress to accept an expired coupon.
  • Showed up in a beat up old junker, claimed it’s was a loaner because his BMW was in the shop. He had also parked illegally, I watched through the window as his car was being ticketed while we were eating. Said nothing.


Sugar Baby Fails:

  • Took a Valtrex when the drinks arrived while complaining ‘Damn Herpes is flaring up again!’.
  • Kept spontaneously singing verses from a bubblegum pop song over and over throughout the date.
  • When the waiter first came over she ordered a double Vodka rocks and commanded him to ‘keep em coming’.
  • Began talking about marriage the moment she sat down. Had wedding colors all picked out.
  • Kept looking at watch and finally announced she had another date at midnight.


If you have any to add, I’d love to hear them.

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7 Responses to “Sugar-World Dating Disasters”

  1. NewYorkGirl says:

    You were probably new back when. Strange he did not volunteer to buy you the airplane ticks.
    It cost you like $1.000 to see him. And please him.

    I am happy later you met nice guys on this site.

  2. peacelovebritt says:

    I did sleep with him after times where we had a good conversation and some drinks. This was supposed to be an arrangement and we agreed that he would compensate me for missing work to see him. Plus, I paid just as much as the flight (or more) on gas to LA, parking my car, food and especially not working. I’ve met real gentlemen on this site who mean what they say and treat their SB with respect. I’m not greedy and the compensation wouldn’t matter so much if he would have tried to show me a good time while I was there like he had told me before I came out. Instead, he kept me cooped up in his house, even after I suggested fun things to do.

  3. NewYorkGirl says:

    “no money no lunch no hug” .
    Sorry I did not understand, you stayed at his house for like 2-3 days? Did you sleep with him or not?
    He payed for the round trip ticket for you, right?

  4. peacelovebritt says:

    I have a similar story as Pumpkin… I started talking to a guy that lived in Boca Raton, Fl (I live in California) and we hit it off in emails and texts. He wanted me to come visit and got me a flight, but I had to miss work and had to make up a story of being violently. I only became worried about the trip right before I left because he began to call me “drama” over very little things. For example- I told him I was going to need to move before Christmas because my landlord was selling my house and I was a little stressed about it (not complaining at all, just having a conversation). His response – “please babe, no drama…please.” or he would tell not to be so negative, but my friends tell me I’m the most positive in our group. It wasn’t enough to completely back out, but I kind of wish I did. I had an overnight flight and didn’t sleep more than 5 minutes because of nerves, uncomfortable seating, the ADD kid in front me, etc… I landed at 630AM and texted my SD to let him know; I also told him that I didn’t get much sleep and was looking forward to getting into a real bed. He told me to stop being negative. I tried explaining to him on our way to his place that when he tells me to stop being dramatic or negative, it actually has the opposite affect and asked him to please stop. After getting some much needed sleep, I woke up and we decided to head to lunch, I took a shower and started getting ready when I realized that I left my hair straightener back home!! And with my hair, I absolutely needed it! I finished getting ready but then went to ask my SD if we could stop somewhere so I can go buy one… Again, he said I was being negative and dramatic. He also saw that I was “overdressed” for lunch (a pair of shorts, cute top, and casual wedges) and told me I needed to change. This time I flipped out on him. If he wanted to see dramatic, I was going to show him. Also, what SD doesn’t want to see their young, sexy SB looking their best? He threatened to send me back home that day. I had already got off work and I was not about to get on another overnight flight. Plus, I actually really needed the money. We both cooled off and went to lunch. The entire time, I just kept my mouth shut and only answered questions and listened to him. I was looking forward to being wined and dined in Boca, but instead I spent most of the time stuck in his house watching him garden. I took it upon myself to go for a walk and see the town myself, but had no money to buy things. We went to a fun wine event, but not without him saying, “this is a casual event!!” to me while I was putting on makeup. I couldn’t even wear any of the cute clothes I bought before the trip and had to see hot girls in dresses and heels while I was in leggings and flip flops. He stayed for about 10mins then left me there alone, but I couldn’t be more happy. One night we stayed in and ordered pizza and we were actually having a great time together (I was liquored up), but when I asked when the food was expected to come (general question), he went hysterical, calling me negative. I went to bed without any pizza. My last day there, I laid in bed all day and then packed. He wanted to go to lunch before taking me to the airport. I thought I’d save time by putting my makeup on in the car on our way there. Apparently, thats a no no in his BMW and I got reamed again. He said, “that’s it! I’m taking you to the airport and no lunch!” He dropped me off and barely helped me take my bags out of his trunk and said goodbye. No money, no lunch, no hug. I haven’t heard from him since, but if I ever do, I have a big “go fuck yourself” to give.

  5. Pumpkin says:

    I met a SD and flew out to him with the expectation that we would discuss the parameters of our prospective arrangement and see if the online chemistry we shared existed face to face. I got in late the evening and was taken to a cheap eatery. I was given my own room in his home (which was like a maze…doors on opposite sides of the wall leading back to places that I felt were locked etc.) and mirrors everywhere. I showered after dinner and retired to bed since I had a long flight (I was mortified to be awoken by him in MY bed…rubbing on me and declaring how beautiful and irresistible I was. I played cool.
    To make matters worst, while at the supermarket, he declared that some frozen treats I got were “too expensive” (they were actually on special at 2 boxes for $5). And worst still, he wanted to take out a lien on the property I was entering the arrangement to secure.
    He was not committing financially and he was demanding sex. He dumped me at a hotel near the airport and said that he paid for my board for the night and it turned out he had not. I had to pay my board, taxi and cover other personal expenses myself on my long flight back home.
    He was a BAD experience (my initiation into the dicks who masquerade in Sugarland)!

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