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Safety Information: Beware of Internet Scammers
  • Posted Sep 7, 2016


Everyone who uses the internet is potentially susceptible to online scams. If you think you’re too smart to fall for an internet scheme, you’re probably wrong. Scam artists work diligently to create ever-changing and increasingly sophisticated scams to trick even the most aware prey.  Being aware of the digital dangers that are out there is the only way to keep yourself and your assets protected.

If it sounds too good to be true, it is

If a Sugar Daddy is offering you a large sum of money prior to meeting, your gut instinct should be that something isn’t quite right. If he then asks you to accept a check or direct deposit while you keep a portion of the money and send the rest to him, it’s time to end the conversation. Many internet scammers will ask a victim to cash a large check for them and in return offer a small percentage of the money. What the victims don’t realize is that the check will not clear and they will then be liable for the full amount of the check.

Never send money to strangers

If a Sugar Baby is asking you for allowance before the first date, chances are that date will never happen. We have had several reports of SeekingArrangement being misused in this way. A Sugar Baby will tell a POT that she needs her allowance upfront in order to prove that he is not a Salt Daddy. Often times if the POT obliges the Sugar Baby will take the money and run. Don’t be that guy.

Keep your personal information private

These days there is absolutely no reason for personal information to be exchanged when sending money to someone. With apps like Venmo and Paypal you only need to share your email address or name. You can even send money to a person’s bank account using email or their cell phone number, so again there is never a reason to share your bank account number, your routing number or your social security number with anyone that you don’t know and trust.


The only way for us to get rid of the scammers on SeekingArrangement is with your help. If you have been victimized by a scammer, please immediately block and report this user. We take your reports very seriously. Your safety is our number one priority.

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226 Responses to “Safety Information: Beware of Internet Scammers”

  1. Alanna says:

    Is it okay to only give out my checking account number and routing number to a SD because they said it’s too stressful to do PayPal or Venmo?

  2. Rick ross says:

    I think I’m being scammed. My SM wanted to pay off all my credit cards right away. The payments went through just fine when I used her bank account. Then I told her about how I needed a new phone. She said she also needed one for a cousin’s birthday. She asked if I could buy both and just mail the second to an address that was not where she was from. It was her cousins address. I told her that my credit limit would only let me buy 1 phone and she asked for it to be her cousins phone first. I mailed it. Then I felt sketched out and rerouted the package back to me. As soon as I did this she flipped out on me saying I’m trying to play games. I made up some BS like the payment was declined from UPS. But either way, now I told her I’ll only be taking payments through PayPal. It seems much safer to me. What does anyone else think?

  3. Christina Petty says:

    I’m in a situation right now with a sugar daddy who I met online and he was going to give me money. He asked for my account and routing number which I have, then asked for my password and log in which I have the first time then changed my password because I felt uncomfortable. He noticed and he was like why would you change it, you don’t trust me. Then I changed it and gave him the new one, then changed it again and this time I haven’t changed it. But before he was asking for my id social security number my address and I asked him why does he need this and he said in case I take the money then block him he could find me. I didn’t give him that information. And I told him he doesn’t need my password to transfer money just the account number and he’s like so your saying you want to run away your only saying this after I saw my insufficient funds. And he kept harping on the password thing even after I told him that he’s forcing me to change it. He said he isn’t forcing me but each time I say no, he says your running away from me, your not being loyal and he won’t leave it or me alone.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Signs of a scammer right off the bat:

    They tell you to send them an email in their first message to you.
    The first email will look copy pasted and it will be in a different or large font.
    He/she might ask if you need a cell phone
    The 2 scammers that hit me up stuck out like a score thumb. Both asked what I do on weekdays and weekends in a similar format.
    Also, they come off somewhat clingy and they already know “you’ll be the perfect sb for them”

  5. Anonymous says:

    If you’re dumb enough to give out your banking info or cash a check from someone you’ve never met, you deserve the life lessons coming to you! Don’t let your desperation cloud your common sense ladies come on!

  6. What should you do if you have your baking info out

  7. So I have a SD sending ne a cheque to deposite into my account and he wants me to buy some steam gift cards and send him the code for them. Is this legit?

  8. huniibaby says:

    So I’ve messaged the woman and told her to leave me alone and my bank will return the money. When I first started my search on SA I downloaded a texting app. That way once I feel comfortable I could give my real number. I’ve yet to feel comfortable with some one so far. I suggest not to give your bank login information. AND to use a texting app when communicating with others.

  9. Wawa says:

    So i met this SM and like an idiot, I gave my username and password. So what do i do now? She has deposited the money, and Il have it tomorrow. Now she’s want me to buy her a gift card now. What do i do? Im stuck, I dont wanna be screwed over the bank. Please help me guys

  10. retiredSB says:

    I am currently being scammed and threatened

  11. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had two SDs message me today about how they’re going to pay me $500/week and the gave me their number. As soon as I texted them their accounts were gone. One of them suggested I got a credit card and when I asked why he said so he can add me to his payroll? He also said he can’t use Venmo or cashapp because his bank won’t let him. Scam huh?

  12. Qariq Armstrong says:

    I’ve been scammed i think, please contact me

  13. Magaly Sanchez says:

    Have any of you had a sugar daddy ask for account details to do direct deposit? Sounds fishy to me

  14. Marcus says:

    I think I’m being scammed this guy said he wants to be my sugar daddy he said for me to get a amazon gift card and he will have his accountant make the transaction then he will meet me after he send the money but something just don’t feel right

  15. Anna says:

    I need a little help, I got a sugar daddy wanting my bank login information since he has tight financial policies since he’s at work which is surprisingly the military. He’s sent me pictures of him all done up in uniform. Also took a picture of himself holding a piece of paper saying he wasn’t a scam lol. He even sent me a picture of his I.D, granted I would never ask someone to send me a photo of their I.D yet should I trust him with my bank login?

    • Tay says:

      Just read about something similar, do not! the I.D. just instills false trust

    • Bluu says:

      Just ask where he is located and nearest base. If he can’t provide that info, its a scam. I’m prior military and by regulation we can not show our ID because of national security.

  16. timothy davis says:

    There is a woman who wanted me to get her a Walmart gift card. But I had to pay cash for the card. She would not let me pay with my credit card. So I asked why. And she wants to cash the card out without using it at Walmart. Just by me sending the pics of the card and a pic of the receipt. Thought I would let you know. She wanted this all sent on the app hangout.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been on this site for one day and have had so many scammers already try to hit me up with the “I need your banking log in info”. Obviously that’s a hard pass but I can’t help but keep messing with them and playing their game to see how far they will really go with this or when they will finally realize I’ve been messing with them back. I’ll eventually break it to them that I know what going on and try to see if they can give me some insight on why the hell they do this to people and what red flags to look out for. I’ll keep my fellow SBs updates!

    • Carmel says:

      I Gave my Sd my credit card info and he actually sent it and went thru never meet maybe this was luck

      • Hello, same happened to me. The first payment had cleared. When i realized what was happening I alerted my credit card company and the bank of the card used for ñstndvts. So far no payment has been stopped. What was the end result for you?

  18. New SB says:

    Okay so I’m new to the whole SB life and i came across a SD that was nice and everything we exchanged numbers and spoke on the phone he explained to me the type of SD he is and we continued talking for a while. After a little while we decided to plan dates for us to meet, we would plan them but then they would never happen. I started to suspect he was playing games with me so i told him and he claims he’s not playing games. To this day we still haven’t met up and it’s been 3months, i don’t know if he’s just scamming me or what’s going on? Can someone help. After we exchanged numbers he deleted his account so I’m kind of questioning him right about now

    • timothy davis says:

      Yes he is scamming you. They will talk sweet. Even use your emotions to work there way to your wallet! They play the game well and will work there magic on you. I almost got scammed by SM and she was sweet! Sent me pics and vids. Even with a kid! So I thought I was doing good. But after two weeks, she had the date set, she asked for a gift card. I knew it was suspicious so I gave her the why treatment. They won’t answer truthfully when you ask for details. So don’t fall for it

  19. Anonymous says:

    I had a SD want to send me money but he only does checks. Should I be worried?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Watch out for a man who poses as a pilot. He claims his wife died, he has a 7 year old son and his father or grandfather was a marine and spent all this money teaching him how to fly planes. He will try to find any and every way possible to get your bank account info. I was r budging and refused to give him and personal information. He’s a sweet talker. He tries to talk you in and get you to trust him. He uses reasons as to why you need the money as a way to get you to give him info. I told him if he wants to send me money he could either PayPal it to me or use cash app. He will claim he’s been hacked on apps such as cash app and now his bank won’t let him use it. He will try to get you to use bitcoin or purchase iTunes gift cards. Once I told him I’m not doing any of that because it’s a scam and your not gonna get me. I said “well since you clearly don’t want use my methods for security reasons and I’m CLEARLY not gonna give you any of my info or buy you no damn iTunes gift cards, if you want to help me like you Claim you do how about you just order what I needed the money for and send it to my po box.” He completely ignored what I said and is now asking me if he can send me a credit card to my home. He will also ask you several times throughout your conversation, “so who do you bank with” “do you have a credit card”. Make sure you guys don’t fall for the bullshit. Download s free app for a fake number when your talking to these people, never go by your real name, never state directly where you live or your personal address, bank account info, logins any of that unless this is someone you have a real relationship with and known for years and try’s them. Be safe ladies. He’s BLOCKED.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Guys i’m scared right now. Had a SD message me asking me to open a TD bank account so he can send me an allowance and i did, gave him my username and pass and he asked me to buy him i tunes gift cards worth $400 which i did then he let me keep $100 which i spent on uber rides & groceries and now when i try to log in to TD bank it won’t let me and I called and they said fraud detection needs to work it out and speak with me. I’m very worried that i will have to pay off this money i’m a broke college student has anyone gone through this before?

    • AnonSB says:

      Hey, I was in the same situation as you a few weeks ago. Basically, I was scammed pretty bad and had to pay off a lot of money to the bank (luckily I had enough funds saved up to pay everything off). All you can really do is tell the bank everything that happend and file a claim. Hopefully they’ll be able to get that money back to you. If not, they may close your acct and make you pay one way or another. How much money did he give you in total? Was it thru a check?

    • AdvicefromSB says:

      How much money did he give you in total? The bank might close your account and make you pay for everything. You should first talk to the bank and tell them what happened. Good luck!

    • alternatedating says:

      I’m so sorry and good luck. This is a typical internet scam that I’ve seen on dating sites and scam emails. Some businesses and law firms have been scammed out of hundreds of thousands of dollars using an approach like this so you’re not the only one.

      There are legit guys on here but they will never send you money before meeting you. I might buy you an airline ticket if we speak on the phone and exchange social media info so that we both know we are legit but I won’t ever be sending you money or asking you to open a bank account.

      Once we have established an arrangement (meaning that you’re past the initial meet and greet and have decided both of you are ready for something more than platonic), you can be comfortable that a legit guy will start off by slipping an envelope in your purse when you meet or a venmo transation.

      Once we have built up some trust (meaning we have been involved for enough time), you’ll see a venmo deposit before we meet. If its long term, I’ll pay your rent or tuition directly.

      But … I’ll never send you money before we meet or ask you for your bank account before we meet. I’ll never give you money for a meet and greet — but will meet you a convenient place for you — and will never pay you for a platonic dinner. If, however, we are more involved, you’ll never have any question that I’m doing my part. Some of these blogs that suggest guys will give you money for texting or having dinner, without a datingish FWB relationship, lead you to believe someone might do this but no legit guy is going to give you anything before you’ve met.

  22. Imajen says:

    Recently, I received a message that contained little more than a phone number and a request that I immediately text. I declined, telling him I preferred to keep our interaction on-site for the first couple of days.
    Haven’t heard from him again, but it just seemed a bit odd. Why not spend a couple of messages to at least get a “feel” for a person before trying to take the interaction off-site?

  23. Anonymous says:

    So I got a message from a SD his name was big daddy or something similar he offered a weekly allowance of $300 and we began to text area code (313). He later brought up the allowance and asked for my account info. I said no, let’s use Venmo or paypal and I think we should meet first. He insisted on using this app called Coinbase, has anyone else used this? Is it a scam? He only wants to meet once a month.. I gave him my login info to the app but I have not put any personal info or account info on the app. And he deleted his account right away

  24. Anonymous says:

    So I got a message from a SD his name was big daddy or something similar he offered a weekly allowance of $300 and we began to text area code (313). He later brought up the allowance and asked for my account info. I said no, let’s use Venmo or paypal and I think we should meet first. He insisted on using this app called Coinbase, has anyone else used this? Is it a scam? He only wants to meet once a month.. I gave him my login info to the app but I have not put any personal info or account info on the app.

  25. Anonymous says:

    So, I’ve been talking two a guy who is supposed to be an MD in Texas
    And instisting i give him my back info, because he doesn’t trust PayPal or any other way of putting me on his payroll!?

  26. Anonymous says:

    I have come across so many “SD” scammers that want to send me money before going on a date and ask for my bank login to deposit money.. I had one guy make a payment on my credit card but have not touched it. Others want to send me money to buy an iTunes card or send money to a friend. What is this about?

    • Giovani says:

      Have the exact same situation gave them a bank login to my bank but not a bank I have my main money on. It’s literally a blank bank with no transactions on it or even a way to see addresses or info. Said they would send money everyday and give me 200 and buy iTunes cards with the rest. Waiting on a deposit but idk…

  27. Anonymous says:

    This guy asking me for my username and password to my online account to put me on the payroll. Doesn’t make any sense to me. Even though I don’t have any funds in the account, I was still scared to do it. He even asked me to open account and set one up. My question is, what can he possibly do with a empty account? Can he use my info

  28. Rajiv says:

    Help ! This guy asked for my routing number and checking number to send money ( and I have it to him like a dumbass ) he said he’s sending me money and some money to send to his co worker ! What’s going on ?

    • Olivia says:

      I would call your bank right away and do something… I just went on a sd website and this guy was apparently white and is name was Henry bright… that right there doesn’t sound right. He gave me his number and I looked him up and found nothing. I blocked his number asap and he was asking me for a account and routing number.. the internet is filled with scamers. Don’t believe nobody..

  29. Dee says:

    Has anyone been pushed by someone to purchase an iTunes card?

  30. Anonymous says:

    So I recently started using Seeking Arrangements and this guy Eric posing as a pilot reached out to me. He wanted to help me put a deposit on a new apartment and asked for my mobile banking info, after accusing him of being a scam he pulled some bullshit saying why don’t you just set up a new account and we can go from there with financial help. After I told him that I couldn’t do that and if he wanted to send me money that he could mail me a check. He got mad and started saying how rude I was for calling him a scam and that he was being so kind and generous. I reportedly his account and reported his phone number to a scam fathers website. Trash!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know a David Nelson? I was talking to him all day yesterday, he asked if I had a bank I don’t so I said no he asked how he could get money to me then I told him I have a relodable card he asked for the log in access to it,I gave it to him cause I didn’t think there is any way of scamming from that, I don’t use the car for anything else I don’t keep my money on it or anything, but then he asked me to get him a iTunes card, said he needed it to make company calls or something said he’d pay me back when he sent me money I told him I didn’t have any money so he said ok you can just get it for me when I send you money, is there something up with that? I can’t find his sa profile anymore tho

    • Anonymous says:

      If he deleted his account.. its definitely suspicious these past 2 sugar daddy’s lately took their account down after we exchanged #’s

    • Hannah says:

      Oh my gosh! I was connected with the same guy. I told him that I wouldn’t buy him a gift card and he kept sending me pictures of fake bank accounts. I finally told him I was going to block him and for him to stop texting me, but when I went to try and find his account to report him on here, his account was already gone. It was so weird.

  32. janedoe says:

    Ran into a guy his username is sugardaddy but told me his name was matt told me he would send me allowance right away just needed my account username and password Im new to this sugar baby stuff but i knew it was a scam because i kept asking him to paypal me and he kept saying it wouldnt work that way

    • Anonymous says:

      I got the same guy (sugar daddy). He told to text, deleted his account then asked for my info. I told him no! Deleting!! I can tell he was not very educated and a scammer!

      • Danielle says:

        OMG SUGARDADDY is literally texting right now about my bank info but I won’t give it. Y’all thank you so much for sharing your stories. He is getting blocked now!

      • Anonymous says:

        Anyone requesting to text or call you before meeting is a fake. I only share my number now, if we have agreed to an arrangement.
        I don’t need some stranger showing up at my door again!

    • Jameskelly says:

      I went through the same shit, my sugar daddy sent me money through my routing and account number I gave to him and then he sent 3 Separate payments of $950 after that he said it was for 830 shoot for somewhere in another country but now I said I don’t want to do that because it sounds shady I know he’s trying to report robbery.. can he do that? I wanna send the money back just don’t know where. His accent is so strong.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Guys, it’s time to start calling out these skanks, money grubbing, scam artist prostitutes on this site like they are doing to us. These women on this site are mostly escorts who trying conning unsuspecting guys, and then try to ruin them when they don’t get what they want.

  34. SD- a victim says:

    I understand that we have scammers in both sides of the aisle
    I am a SD from Phoenix and here is my story
    So I had a date with a SB at a local Starbucks
    She wanted to know how much the allowance would be if we liked each other and started an arrangement which we discussed and agreed on. The day of the appointment she texted me that she wanted half the money at Starbucks and the other half if we liked each other and went from there
    Long story short she took half the money from at Starbucks and the other half while I was in the shower and she was gone when I came out of the shower
    I was lucky I did not keep my wallet and phone outside otherwise who knows what would have happened .
    I have also met SB’s who charge a meet up fee and then never respond when you call them back – these SB’s are just out to make free money
    Also I met another SB and we decided on the next date but she conned me into buying her a gift from her wishlist before our next date and then of course she disappeared 🙂

  35. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone dealt with a SD under the name of Flores?

  36. Noe says:

    My sugar daddy asked for my username/password I told him no, but then he sent me his drivers license. Is that normal to trust, or still say no?

  37. Mya says:

    I had this guy scam me he said to send him my info and I did and he didn’t put any money in my account and he said oh I sent that and said send the whole amount in your bank account to me before I get the FBI involved and I just left it alone because I didn’t do anything wrong and he got my account blocked and everything and he told me they will be coming to pick me up soon…..What should I do?

  38. Monica says:

    If they insist on doing mobile check deposit and agreed using a prepaid net spend card, is it better that way since it has no information just a prepaid card?

  39. Gabbo says:

    I’ve encountered several POT SDs, but they all say they need me to have a bank so they can put me on their payroll, or they account officer needs online access to give me the money, or they need online access to make sure their money is going in, or some other reason relating to having a business.

  40. vivian says:

    this one seemed to good to be true but i wasn’t believing a thing until the fund were in my account the next morning they were and i was so excited to go shopping then he hits me with o go to your local Walmart and money gram 920 to his PA to pay for his hotel for the weekend he then went on saying how he wanted to travel with me ect then one of the deposits was put on hold so i called my bank to see if the hold could be removed and the tone in there voice seemed suspicious which made me nervous they said the hold wont be removed until there bank verify’s it quickly i changed my mobile bank and username password and sent the SD a message saying how i have to cancel the arrangement things wernt making sense and plus he promised me 3k shopping money which i never got he was waiting for that last deposit to be available and probably would have sent me some where els to pay for something i dont know theres other ways for SD’s to send money luckily i didnt give to much info to where i could change my password & username

  41. Alan says:

    Here’s an easy to spot a SB scammer – she is super hot, has recently signed up, and will always have an excuse why she can’t ever talk on the phone. The clincher is the phone. If she can’t answer the phone, BLOCK, REPORT, MOVE ON.

  42. Alan says:

    Avoid female user ‘t199111’ who claims to live in Denver but actually lives in Colorado springs. This useless tramp after getting a like or a msg from you will then call you being all nice. Then immediately the next day needs a “favor” of $350 for “school tuition”. Never mind what time of the year it is. Then she’ll call you a cheap ass and not understanding what the site is all about. I have reported her and hopefully she gets blocked and doesn’t trap any other more suckers into her attempt at thievery.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Ok ladies…Here we go again! Sugar Daddy is a scammer. He wrote me a very similar message that another scammer wrote me. He also left his number(917 area code) to text him and offered allowance before even talking to me at all…He seemed to really want to talk about the allowance… His profile is completely empty. His sign up date was today. Perhaps a scammer who closed his other profile and just made a new profile who knows… I bet his next move would have been to ask for my bank info(password etc);) to deposit fraudulent checks and have me send money to someone blah blah blah…Don’t do this…You will have big problems with your bank and owe money as well. Never give your passwords to anyone! 🙂

  44. Anonymous says:

    Abdul02 from New York is a scammer! Beware! Don’t text or give any info to him.

  45. Anonymous says:

    a sugar daddy got mad that I sent the money back. Is he trying to scam me?

  46. Jane says:

    So here we go again.
    A scammer, timewaster and telling me he Will go to interpol.

    IT started with a lot of requests saying he wanted to meet as soon as possible offering 50k for the first meeting, really who on earth believed that as i was very suspicious about him and sed I was not wasting my time as I smell scammers from miles away…. he offers to send some cash to proof as I’m Dutch he can’t do anything with only my Iban nr so I have it to him. He asked me how much… my response send whatever you want and there mister with his big mouth came and sed I will send you 50k but i don’t like that you don’t trust me….. more alarm Bells as No one Will send 50k without even knowing a sugar baby…. so mister sends me a proof of payment with due date the next day… (again fishy) so I sed I did not believe him that it al looked fake, his response I can send you more, so i sed we go to wester union Thats the Quickest way, Guess what he gives me a code and tells me to go to pick iT up, not thinking i was smart enough to scan the code on westernunion.com and Guess what fake again….. i confronted him with it and he blocked me.

    His account is beautiful feature.
    Supposedly from zwitserland but scanning his IP address he is from U.K. He does use a Swiss phone nr and uses 12 other names what he addmited in a email, plus his pictures on SA is not him. The truely owner I found trough image search and is now aware of this “”Sugar daddy”” using his photos.

    Aware lady’s once you confront him with all that I found out he will tell you he wil put you on the interpol list…. what again is bs that comes out his little mouth

    • Anonymous says:

      Ah, this is becoming like one of those sites for prostitutes where they shit all over clients. That is likely because this site has turned into a safe haven for escorts.

  47. Newtothis says:

    A sd i’ve never talked to in person messaged me about how he wants to start my allowance already. He says he can’t do Paypal because he has a “tge restriction”whatever that is and is asking for the name of my bank. Does he need that info? Can he take any money knowing that?

  48. Laura says:

    If someone wants to send me money via email transfer is this safe and smart or is he a scammer?

    • Princessemsy says:

      Somtimes yes, it is okay due to the fact that paypal is an email transfer, squarecash, circle, etc. just.. dont give out bank information!:)or your password, etc.

  49. Anonymous says:

    It is truly sad to see people scamming others like that. Watch out for pictures that look a little too perfect and fake. Many say they are engineers/construction. Their profile is usually very recent(sign up date). Do not ever give your bank info no matter what! Don’t give any of your username/passwords to anyone! Paypal or cash only. Take time to build trust. Meet in person and get to know them before any allowance etc. Stay alert and cautious!

  50. Anonymous says:

    Mathummel is a scammer. Beware ladies! Claims to be from Toronto. Just made an account today (April 13). I bet he will be gone real soon;). I saw his profile randomly and it was so obvious… The usual theme “engineer, do construction” Will pay allowance etc + a photo that looks fake. I blocked him instantly.

  51. lara says:

    how many times did you meet him and where? and how soon did he wanted to have sex?
    I think I’m talking to him over email and I want to know as much info as possible so I can trick him

    • Anonymous says:

      He wanted sex on the first date and then says he’s not into escorts. He’s still married btw to an actress. Update us if u can! Good luck don’t be fooled like I was!

    • Anonymous says:

      Did my comment come though? He wanted sex on the first date, he will tell you he’s not into escorts and make you think he’s interested in real dating. But he’s just trying to sleep with you for free. Don’t be fooled like I was, be safe and good luck! Btw he is still married.

    • Blue says:

      Did you meet him? Hope he didn’t fool you too

  52. Anonymous says:

    Is the reloadable amazon gift card a good way of transaction

  53. Annon says:

    What if surgar daddies are asking for account numbers and account login

  54. Anonymous says:

    I was contacted by an Alex Joe something…From Utah… He asked me to text him because he was uncomfortable being on the site, gave a number… His profile was deleted when I read the message this morning. The picture he has (well had) looks fake. Probably a scammer who wants me to text him, give him my bank info or whatever. Not going to happen buddy lol. 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      I was in idiot and gave my online information. My bank cancelled my account. Am I still in danger?

    • Anonymous says:

      I commented below but I was new to this site and started talking to a SD for close to a month. Gave my online banking info before meeting (such a silly move) and now I’m in the red and my bank has restricted my account, barring me from using their services again. Am I still at risk based on the info they had?

  55. Anonymous says:

    HI, so I’ve only met with 2 guys in person since I first signed up and this last guy is super good looking and has a nice apartment. After watching some tv and cuddling he started moving faster and when I called him out he said he wanted a “preview” (blowjob), I had only bought me one drink and during happy hour!
    I told him I had a good time and left a few minutes later. Does this happen very often? How do you know when to start making moves? I want to be treated nicely first so I can feel comfortable. Does this mean he’s a scammer?

    • Anonymous says:

      Hmmm not a scammer in the sense of getting your bank info/depositing fake checks… I think this guy just wanted a freebie…;) A splenda Daddy I think they call it lol. Good for you that you left:).

    • Rick says:

      Don’t go to someone’s apartment on the first meeting. That’s setting yourself up to be raped.
      Maybe this guy wasn’t a scammer, but he sure wanted to use you without offering anything in return. Well OK, he’s a scammer

    • smh says:

      Dear newbie,
      Especially the younger guys that cannot really afford to be a SD, will try to get something for free. I wouldn’t step into their house without seeing the money first. And definitely don’t get naked before money is IN HAND.

  56. Tom says:

    I am a SD with an arrangement scheduled in the near future. The SB I have made an arrangement continually disappears from the site for 4 or 5 days and does not log in or return messages. Then when logs on and gives me a bunch of excuses that I do not request or require. This behavior reminds me of a drug addict, am I being crazy or has anyone else seen this? I want to honor my word but don’t want to start a relationship with someone who is not in a position to be themselves.

    • Rick says:

      Undependable SBs are a huge Red Flag. Especially so early in the arrangement

    • Anonymous says:

      I’d stay away from her;).

    • Seriously?!? says:

      Hard to respond without hearing her excuses. However, she could be on vacation, working, or just plain busy with school and or work. Get real for crying out loud.

    • Anonymous says:

      Say goodbye to her and stay away. This is typical escort behavior. They are always trying to fit the next best deal into their schedules. That’s why this disappear — she found an easier target!

    • smh says:

      It depends, what do you know about her.
      Some SB are working three jobs. In this case, she certainly wouldn’t have time to get online often. Does she even have a computer at home, or is she accessing the site though school or the library?

      Most successful SD don’t have time to email or text every day, and it’s unusual if they do. Expecting daily communication without even being in an arrangement is unrealistic.

    • Christina says:

      I’m a SB. I get on the site AS, when I am not working. So there are 4-5 days I don’t get on at a time. I own my own cleaning service so I have long days sometimes. So there are some of us SB that aren’t out there scamming SD.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Wow I had the same experience ewwww! What a loser!

  58. Kim says:

    Beware of davisbaker in seeking arrangements. He got me.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Beware of Charmed_Life. He is only looking for a quick hookup not an arrangement. He will entice you by giving you the agreed upon cash, but as soon as intimacy occurs he will bribe you with the promise of more cash (Dont do anything unless cash is in hand, don’t trust him to give it to you after even though he gave you the agreed amount). There isnt more cash and when you ask about it he will tell you he isn’t looking for an arrangement with anyone and wants to vanilla date. Also, he lies about his age, he is in his fifties but lists himself at 41 (when he contacted me he was listed at 49, i knew he wasn’t being honest about his age and have seen him lower it more and more each week lol.)

    • Anonymous says:

      Ewww these guys are gross and taking advantage of women in need. Shame on them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Lol… I once met a man who had told me he was 47…The pictures were always a little blurry and he dyed his hair so I could not tell…Turns out he was 62… :S

      • Blue says:

        Yeah I met one who says he’s 43…he’s really 55. And had to take viagra wow. Steve/Stephen Davis in LA. Watch out he’s a liar and he sleeps with many women. He also tried to use no condom. Stay away danger zone here. His profile also says Beverly Hills. What a fraud he lives in a little apartment in Culver City. Ewww what a fraud.

      • SummerFun says:

        You don’t put a profile name but that sounds like AC/DC and his haur is dyed an awful dark color, he stretched his height and shortened his age in his profile. His real make is Nicky.

    • Anonymous says:

      UPDATE: his username is now Infinity_beyond

      DO NOT TOUCH WITH A TEN FOOT POLE. The guy isn’t a gentleman and his word means nothing.

  60. Chloe says:

    Man from UNCLE is fraud. He asked to meet in my place he gave me envelope with supposed to be present (money) I was about to check but he took it back and placed in another room and then jumped on me. So I was distracted to check what is inside. After we had sex he asked about cigarettes and if we go out and smoke and I said you go ahead and form back. So he left and walked away and when I check envelope after a minute I see it’s paper and no money. I laughed cause I got into his truck but it’s rude I don’t wish it to happen to any of you!! Later I heard a friend had this same experience. And this guy uses fake pictures too. I feel scared now cause he been to my house, I never invite anyone to my home but this time was a lesson. I messaged customer support but they did nothing about this man! I think they better do as this is very unsafe!!!

  61. Anonymous says:

    Man from UNCLE is fraud. He asked to meet in my place he gave me envelope with supposed to be present (money) I was about to check but he took it back and placed in another room and then jumped on me. So I was distracted to check what is inside. After we had sex he asked about cigarettes and if we go out and smoke and I said you go ahead and form back. So he left and walked away and when I check envelope after a minute I see it’s paper and no money. I laughed cause I got into his truck but it’s rude I don’t wish it to happen to any of you!! Later I heard a friend had this same experience. And this guy uses fake pictures too. I feel scared now cause he been to my house, I never invite anyone to my home but this time was a lesson. I messaged customer support but they did nothing about this man! I think they better do as this is very unsafe!!!

  62. sugasuga67 says:

    I literally just fell victim to this type of scam. I forgot his user name but this man comes in at a low point in my life, I told him about my mother recently being diagnosed with cancer and how I’m struggling in school and he says he’ll take care of me, help me out all that and now because he deposited fraudulent checks to my account and had me send money off to someone else, I owe my bank 1,550 dollars. Please beware, it’s not fun 🙁

    • Chrystal Freeman says:

      Same thing happen to me, a man by the name of James Aldridge. He put $700.00 3 times into my account totaling $1200 and asked me send some money to his friend who was in an emergency situation and needed help getting out of state so my dumb self took the money out and sent it via money gram and I just know it was fake now that I’m reading everyone on here. The checks haven’t Bounced yet but I’m sure they will.

  63. This SD areanged to pay me 500 a week till he would be in state to see me but asked ne for all my bank information and security questions
    And said he had to set it up with his account officer and he says his name is Edward Cooper but hes really insistent about knowing my bank information? What do I do?

  64. Nicolee says:

    My SD wants my bank login and password?

  65. J says:

    JMASTER17 is a scammer. Asks for bank info so he can send u money then cancels the transaction so you owe the bank money. Nice guy. Oh by the way he’s in “Paris” right now but he’s willing to give you money before even meeting you.

  66. Athena says:

    Hey guys I need help. I have a sugar daddy who wants my bank info and im asking him if we can do it another way and he is refusing…. Is this most likely fake? I am scared to give him my info, but I really need help financially… Idk what to do.

    • Kai says:

      Don’t do it. I just had this happen. Guy promised allowance in advance and sent a bunch of money and now I am pissed off because I know I cant touch it or I will fuck my bank account. So livid.

  67. Dovetail921 says:

    I just tried to post to this page about my last SD experience but it wouldn’t let me. Why is the log in button broke

  68. Dovetail921 says:

    Lol I went out with a SD last night. He met me at one bar near me but it was packed so we went to another nearby. He bought one beer, paid more attention to the basketball game than anything I said (I ended up wistfully looking at the poker table in the corner thinking I would rather have bought my own beer and gotten in on that poker game). He spends the next hour and a half talking about the application he is building to go with specific drones and what it will do and how it will work. He says do you want to come back to my place and check out the drones and how they work etc. I stop him AT THE CAR that this is a get to know each other, so before I agree to accompany him he needs to know up front that I will not at this point sleep with him, we are getting to know each other, and I also have no expectations of him. That seems to be clear. I go back to his place, he starts flying the drone around, which is fine, talking about how it works what it does what he plans to do etc. I have gotten half way through my 2nd wine and I start interjecting new ideas for applying his tech in different ways, new ideas of how to advertise it at the next big show he is doing, etc. He likes my ideas and I realize there are ways that he could “fry bigger fish” with these resources and ideas. The night seems to be going fine. He then moves in for the “make out session” which then moves to “let’s go to bed.” WAIT NOPE! See spending time with you is one thing, sleeping with you as I told you before we got in the car was a different ball game. “Yeah well I think for $100..” I laugh at the guy, and explain that that is not how this works, which he was told both in my profile, and at the bar, and in the parking lot before I agreed to come check out the drone. Now don’t get me wrong he tried, but did you really just offer me $100 to sleep with you? Honey, I think you’re looking for backpage….

    • Ewww says:

      Gross. I won’t even get in their car until we’ve agreed on the arrangement, let alone go to their home. Glad you made it home safe.

  69. anon67 says:

    Recently a SD asked to have my bank account information. He brought up allowances and decided on the amount which I was completely fine with. But when I asked if he could send to it to my paypal or my email so that my bank could get it, he told me that his account officer needed the information for proper records because all transactions will be audited at the end of the month. I’m very cautious about this and have not given him the information. Should I block him asap?

  70. fairly new to the sugar industry and so far have met tons of scammers! beware scam sugar daddies ask for your bank account information and even your username and password for online banking, thankfully despite my gullibility, i did not give the latter ? they are really sweet talkers!
    and i’ve also met placebos who pretend to be sugar daddies yet refuse to give any sugar, they only want free sex ?
    i met a sugar daddy who was real thankfully but he left me after we met about 4x – – they say sugar babies are flaky, but it seems like the sugar daddies even more so, maybe they wanna get with all the sugar babies so kinda like flavor of the month thing?
    some potential sugar daddies who i don’t know if they’re scammers (wants to steal from sugar babies i mean come on, we sign up cuz we need it) or just really fakes, they talk endlessly and never meet you until you just stop talking.
    i guess the moral lesson for sugar babies is … 1.) premium accounts esp with photos are the legit daddies, scammers and fakers usually don’t have photos and/ or are not premium members;
    2.) don’t make my mistake if they ask for your account number, routing number, especially your username for online account etc, report that profile immediately!!!
    3.) never have sex with a pretend sugar daddy who is not even willing to talk sugar with you, he is just another of those evil men ripping sugar babies off for free sex, i sincerely hope they get severely punished.

  71. AnonSB says:

    Sorry not sorry, but When SD’s going to actually realize it is ONLY about the money. That’s why we’re here. We want your money, not a relationship with you because your marriage failed. It’s NOT scamming, I get $4,000-$10,000 per month for just going out to bars or clubs with men and having a good time and NOT having sex or a relationship. I get my rent and bills paid and designer clothes and bags. That’s why I am here. Honestly, only about 5%-10% of women are actually looking for love or a relationship. If you’re looking for that, you’re on the WRONG site…

    • JFC says:

      Yup, I just ran into a similar one myself. He wants a SB to WANT to do it with him, and not just for the $. He says he can find a decent escort for $300, and wants to pay SB less.

      I am not that good an actress. I told him to check out AFF. I’m also not the Oprah Winfrey of free rides. He doesn’t get a free ride, and neither do You, You, or You.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m afraid I’m going to have to call you out as a liar. You claim to be making $4k to $10k a month just by going out, and not even having sex. While it’s possible to find SDs who are all of: extremely wealthy, willing to part with lots of money, and not wanting anything in return; they are as rare as unicorns. And yet, you expect everyone to believe that for going out a few times a month, you earn more than the average salary.

    • i'mwithstupid says:

      I hear you about the men with failed marriages. I don’t feel sorry for them either. In fact, the more they moan about the abuses they suffer the more i notice i acclimate and start treating them that way too. In fact, latest one is just lied to by his family for their financial gain or kids private schooling. I actually can google to verify stuff because it sounds so untrue and it is. Yet, this guy never checks any facts told to him but wastes allof his money on stupid wasteful stuff. So do i cut him off? No. But do i think that’s is a relationship hearing how other people are wasting while he guilts me over a crust of bread? No, that is not a relationship of is an arrangement.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is just another escort who has invaded SA and is trying to scam guys out of money. These women are a scourge to sugar dating. Real SB’s don’t have this view (i.e., man-haters) and understand that it is mutually beneficial.

    • Bre says:

      Tell me howww ???

  72. Bi Male Alert says:

    In other safety issues:

    MITroy wants other young men involved in our dates, next. I resent it when SDs do not identify on their profiles that they are bisexual. I never would have met him for lunch had I known. What a waste of time.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Twice in the last month, a man On the SA site has tried to get my banking info. I am not dumb enough to give that. If a man wants to deposit money in your acct., has not met you yet and doesn’t live near you, he is trying to Rip You Off. Unfortunately in the 1 1/2 yrs., I have been on this site, every man I have met wants to “Hook-Up” for Free sex. I have not met even 1 who wants to be a Sugar Daddy. To those of you like this, please don’t contact me. I am not on this site to find casual sex, that is what a bar is for.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Twice in the last month, a man on the SA site has tried to get my banking information. I am not dumb enough to give that. If a man says he wants to deposit money in your acct, doesn’t live near you and has not met you, he is looking to Rip You Off. Unfortunately every man I have met on this site wants to Hook-Up for Free sex but NONE have wanted to be a Sugar Daddy. Please, if this is what you want, Don’t bother to contact me.

  75. blueeyesniceguy says:

    After ten years as a sugardaddy with two very successful long term arrangements under my belt, my standard response to women who want the financial part of the arrangement to start immediately but want to keep it platonic until they feel “comfortable” is simple….your benefits start when mine do. Until then, I’m more than happy to buy you dinners, engage in conversation and let us get to know each other. It’s the flip side of guys asking for a “test drive”. How about we’re intimate and when I feel “comfortable” I’ll start your allowance? Yeah, uh…no!

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s reasonable, but what if the guy doesn’t end up paying after getting his benefits? How do u know a guy is serious before giving him what he wants?

  76. Anonymous says:

    Anyone get message from Derek004 from Colorado City, TX…his phone number has 865 area code which is located in TN. ???

    This guy messages me then says his name is Lucas then when I ask him more questions his profile is deleted or he blocked me. I cannot believe how many scammers have messaged me the past few months being on here and it wasn’t ever like this before. Luckily none of them have asked me for my routing number and I’m not an idiot to give that away anyway. This site is becoming a waste of time with this bullshit.

  77. Gerald99 says:

    I was scammed recently by a MissP30 real name Priscilla A Kent of Truro Cornwall, she promised to meet me in London but asked for £800 up front which like a mug I paid. Date was a no show. A few days later she contacted me and said her father had died, but would meet me on a second date, this was set up and again she asked for money, I told her I would pay on her arrival which was accepted, she pretended to be in London for the meet, but never left for it. It is irritating when this happens, but it does.

  78. Guest says:

    Are there guys on this site that are really this stupid?

    I respond to a profile. We exchange a few messages. I send her what I would propose as an allowance set up if we meet and are comfortable to move forward. She says she wants to meet.
    I then get a SOB story about a previous SD that did not go well.
    She wants me to send $1,000 in advance of meeting. YES $1,000.
    I laughed and say best of luck.
    She then sends me a photo shop of this blog about internet warnings and it is changed to say that any real POT SD will always send at least $1,000 in advance of meeting to show they are serious. Goes on to say that any POT SD that would not send $1,000 in advance of meeting is not real and should be reported.

    Are there really men THIS STUPID and gullible?????

    • Anon says:

      The crazy part, there are numerous ppl that have sent her the $$. It has worked for her at least once.
      I don’t expect anything the first time I meet someone. Unless the offer to cover my sitter. It is a meet and greet, see if there is chemistry. If not rinse and repeat.

  79. YeahRight says:

    Anyone ever heard of VIP TOKEN. I was asked to purchase one by an SB for security purposes before meeting

  80. sofitopy says:

    i see tons of wanna be daddies that wants free test drive or 250 euro fuck, there must be something wrong with the economy

  81. joe says:

    Geez if not scammers their game players. Seeking should do a better job in screening SB then let anyone create a profile. If it was a free site then I can see it, but our memberships are expensive and to find so many scammers does not sit well with members.

  82. rurally rinsed says:

    Beware the online-only/platonic SBs. They’ll say they just say that as a “bozo filter” then delete their profile because they “just want to meet you” which seems to be an M.O. (hint — not their only profile eh) The first time? Shame on her. The second time? Shame on me. The third time? Maybe she’s my true SB, maybe she really is in the hospital due to surgery today… in which case is asking what hospital and room # so I can send her flowers somehow creepy? Or am I the biggest moron SD on SA?

    • rurally rinsed says:

      Now up past my bedtime, researching whether a particular surgical procedure could possibly be in-patient.

      Because Unicorn (for oh-so-unexpected reasons if those pics are really hers, worth the initial online-only $50 even in a world of unlimited free porn). Sigh. 🙁

    • Gerald99 says:

      Give the name, and save the next guy

  83. lookin4sweetgirl says:

    I’ve been on this site for two years now, and in that time I’ve probably met over 100 girls in person, yeah, I have a lot of free time.. lol.. and I’ve seen a spectrum in terms of personalities, ambitions, agendas, and character.

    I have met sweet girls that genuinely had no clue what they were getting themselves into, to professional hookers that were masquerading as sugarbabies. I’ve had fairly good success at meeting and connecting with women, I treat them with respect, I am upfront about what I bring to the table, and I make them laugh… but I also run the other way if they show the red flags…

    1. if they ask for money upfront.. run. Any woman that can’t give you 10 minute over a cup of coffee has no flexibility and even if she’s real, everything is about dollars and cents.. unless she’s super hot.. i’d say skip it.
    2. if they bring their drama before ever sleeping with you, run.
    3. any girl that won’t text you or call you, run.
    4. if they talk about expectations and being accomodated, run.

    I’d say that out of 10 women on this site, 2 or 3 are genuine and real.. the problem is, to be fair, that some guys are douchebags and ruin it for the rest of us, the whole.. I need to test drive crap is pretty lame, or let’s go out on a few dates and see if there’s “magic”.. that’s also lame.. let’s be honest, there are some guys out here that are trying to get sex for free.. so that’s why some girls are jaded.. having said that, if you’re a real guy that’s really looking for a mutual connection, just keep fishing and watch out for the red flags.. the good thing for us, is that there is way more of them than there are of us.. especially here in LA… the quality here is unreal.

    • D_Anon says:

      Yeah, the LA scene is off the hook. Here in Chicago I’d say 1, _maybe_ 2 in 10 are genuine. I’ve had roughly the same experiences as lookin4 overall tho. Fortunately the few great connections I’ve made have offset the many time wasters.

    • immortal walker says:

      I have found the “goldilocks” zone for me. It seems to work. Through reading on this blog. I found what amount is adequate for my area in North West Coast, and since many SBs dislike the per meeting allowance. I decided to risk it a bit and divide the monthly allowance in two week periods. I have given the allowance for the first two weeks, and tell them we are on a trial period of one month to see if how much compatible we are in the different aspects of the relationship, and before I give anything, I am very clear that I will dine and wine them, but sex is expected (discussed in the second date), and only then, on the next date, proceed with the allowance part. It worked very well in the first arrangement I had, and it is working in this new one I am giving a try. I am actively trying to look for red flags, and a genuine mutual connection, it is hard.

  84. Anonymous says:

    So often I see mentions of bank accounts, sending money before meeting, and I find it confusing. I’ve never had to deal with scams, just because I have very simple rules.

    – Arrange a first meeting in person, with no obligations from either side. Just to get a feel of the chemistry.
    – Allowances, once agreed on, paid in cash.

    I’ve never had a problem doing it like this. Why do it any other way?

    • sd with open eyes says:

      One would want to do it the other way if you were a sugar daddy who was trying to defraud money out of naive sugar babies.

  85. D_Anon says:

    Thank you for posting this article. Based on some of the blog posts I’ve been reading this was long overdue.

  86. Guest says:

    Is it me or is this to shady? ( Some type of Scam?)
    I am exchanging inboxes with a female profile,.
    We have 8 messages exchanged and she wants to meet.
    I ask if we can communicate off the site by either text or email.
    She says NO.
    I ask if we can talk on the phone before meeting.
    She says NO.
    Her profile has NO face pictures. Only clothed body shots that all look professional. (That look copied from a fashion website) . No natural type shots. Her Face is blocked out or cut off in all shots. The body size does NOT MATCH in all the pictures on her profile.

    I ask if the pictures on her profile were of her and she got offended that I would ask such a question.
    She said she did not believe that a women on this site would not use their own pictures.(SERIOUSLY???)
    She wants me to drive to her to meet.
    I said her lack of comfort to communicate off this website (to verify its really a women) and the lack of seeing a face picture was coming across as shady and I did not feel comfortable to drive 60 miles to meet.

    She blasts me as being a time waster and not real.
    Am I the only one seeing loads of RED flags here or am I looking to hard for red flags???

    • sd with open eyes says:

      Skip this one. Obviously a fake, and probably has bad intentions for you.

    • R R says:

      Here’s a tip for sussing whether the pix are real: TinEye. It’s a site that searches the web for images, much like Google does for words. It is NOT infallible but I have used it to weed out dozens of profiles w/ pix from places like Ukrainian mail order bride sites, Russian escort blogs, porn sites and fashion blogs. Google has a foto search function, too. I’m kinda surprised that SA doesn’t use these tools or, if they do, that so many still slip through.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree that must be a fake run!!!!

  87. Anonymous says:

    I’ve come across two scammers on here in the same week. I can’t remember their profiles but I’m very sure they blocked me while we were talking. One calls himself Henry or Ramsey. He told me he’s from Norway but lives in New York with his daughter. Right now he’s in Brazil doing construction work. He surprisingly told me that he’ll give $350/weekly.He told me all of that after I asked why did he become a SD. So no,I didn’t ask for money at all. In fact,I never bring up my allowance until a SD mentions it first. Money is important to me because I am a college student. But treating someone with respect and as a human is far more important.So anyways,Mr Henry Patrick asks me for my bank information. He wants full access to it so he can transfer money into my account. He must’ve thought I was naive and stupid. I encountered scammers before on instagram. They all sell the same pitch. I told him I’m not giving him my bank information. You don’t need any of that to send me money. So I sent him my cashme information so he could send me money if he wanted to. And it would deposit into my account instantly unlike paypal.He says he’s been scammed before using third party apps (ironically). So I told him about paypal but he insists he have my bank info. I called him out on his shit and he told me that I should just trust him….I blocked him on my texting app. The other man call himself Frank Van Dyke from SA.You tell him no and it means yes to him. He wanted the same thing as the first guy. When I told him no he got mad at me for not trusting him. Funny thing is,he told me to give him my paypal information so he could send me money. Then he told me to open up a bank account with capitalone then give him full access. I knew instantly just to let him go. We live in the same city and not once did he arrange a meeting.I don’t get it with the “SD’s” on here. It’s either two categories of SD on SA. The scammers and the ones that wants to just fuck. I’m tired of both. Backpage is the place to go for that mess. Idiots,stds,and cheap hookers is what you’ll find on there. If that’s what some of you want then be real about it.I think my profile is too real for some of these men…oh well. I’ll stick with my one SD that actually cares and mentors me. Be safe out there.

  88. FedUpAnon says:

    Wanted:a Sugar Daddy that transfers money into my account for nothing in return other than a selfie with a smile on my face.

  89. R R says:

    AW2TW. Watch out for this scam: the SB claims to have been scammed by a previous “SD,” costing her hundreds or thousands. She then asks for help recovering from the scam.

  90. Anonymous says:

    How dare you call a “curvy” woman obese?

  91. ;) says:

    A lot of SDs on here said they don’t like Paypal, I do not see why they don’t? They don’t have to take out cash, have to meet you in person that day, or have to provide personal information.

    • Maj. Gains says:

      1) PayPal requires a linked bank account and verified personal details, 2) PayPal exposes your name/email to the recipient when sending $, 3) it keeps great online records so you can simplify your bookkeeping and remember to deduct at tax time ?

      • ;) says:

        People have paid me through PayPal and did not require a linked bank account

      • Maj. Gains says:

        Without linked bank account, PayPal flags as increased risk and imposes transaction limits based on usage and country; around $1K – $4K total, which could make for a fun weekend or four, or I suppose more if opt for the economy model

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s an urban legend among SBs that PayPal does not reveal payor’s information.

      • R R says:

        What does THAT mean? Does PayPal reveal personal info other than email address to payees? Unless you’re Hillary Clinton, it’s easy to open an email account, which can be used for PayPal transactions only.

      • Maj. Gains says:

        PayPal terms of service require your real name or real business name, plus your SSN/EIN or verified card/bank account in order to lift risk limits on the account. The name you give PayPal is given to the recipient of your payment. D’oh!

    • Maj. Gains says:

      Without linked bank account, PayPal flags as increased risk and imposes transaction limits based on usage and country; around $1K – $4K total, which could make for a fun weekend or four, or I suppose more if opt for the economy model

  92. ZZZ says:

    I don’t always claim to be down-to-earth.
    But when I do, I prefer to be obese, in debt, and think I’m better than you.

  93. TwistedWords says:

    Anytime a POT hints at desperation, I run. Desperation makes someone unpredictable and willing to do things they wouldn’t normally do (and, I’m not talking about joining a site like SA).

  94. SD Vet says:

    Here in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, SA is mostly filled with scam artists. Only maybe 10% of profiles are legit these days.

    I was in a good arrangement once that ended amicably. I have come back here a couple of times every few months or so to try to find someone again and am convinced that something changed in the past year with the quality of SB’s.

    Seeing the same women online every day for a year or more is the first clue. They will message the newbie and play one of two games: the “cash gift at first meeting” nonsense; or the “some major emergency just happened two days after our first meet and I really need cash now!!” game.

    Luckily, I was wise enough not to fall for these games, but only after I was stupid enough to fall get swindled by a woman who said she was single, only to have her boyfriend “accidentally” find out by seeing our texts and threaten to out me.

    SA really needs to do something about this.

  95. Lainey says:

    Yea some girls are shitty but not everyone is there are some men and women on this site that are looking for something more. Some girls want a relationship with someone financially stable and guys want a relationship with someone nurturing and appreciative. VIOLA you get the perfect sugar RELATIONSHIP not SITUATIONSHIP which seems to be the problem here. Everyone is out to see who can play whom first!

    • ZZZ says:

      Your post made perfect sense.
      But you’re wrong. It’s Aliens.

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe you are correct. Many say this is not match.com, but it can be, why not? The site is about connecting people initially looking for an arrangement, I do not see why a LTR cannot grow into something more. Not all SD are just looking for NSA. The problem I see with match.com, Tinder and the like is that many women blatantly dislike an age gap of 20+ years with a man. So this site allows that gap to be bridged IMO and see beyond just the years (do not judge a book by its cover).

  96. sd with open eyes says:

    Something is odd with the search feature. Some of the profiles that I have seen before start coming back as unviewed. Would this be because they updated their profiles?

  97. Anonymous says:

    The site lends itself to scammers by offering choices of expectation amounts from outer space that won’t happen.(10k and up). Actually 5k won’t happen for 99%.
    Disingenuous things like that attract the wrong people, give the good POT SB’s unrealistic expectations ending in disappointment rather than something that could be good for them. The only site I know of where a 2k a month offer is dream crushing as opposed to exciting.

  98. Guest says:

    Is the site going to delete profiles from women who insist on sending money before meeting?

  99. sunshineD says:

    Could anybody explain me what BACKGROUND VARIFIED really means? Does it mean that ‘s the real person described in profile?

    • A Long Hot Summer says:

      It means precious little.

      As a SD, I did this a few years ago. Now long story short I have experience in background checking (CRB/DBS in UK) to highest levels due to my job.

      You can’t properly check someone’s background beyond spent offences simply by an online form.

      I did this from a UK position, I got the confirmation back within a day. I queried this, and IIRC was told it was a U.S. database. So largely pointless.

      Even if UK, this kind of check offers very little at all. SA should be clear what it means.

      Btw I did try to log-in to post this comment – won’t let me.

    • yougottabekiddingme says:

      It means they haven’t been caught yet…

    • Anonymous says:

      It means another revenue stream for SA.

  100. sd with open eyes says:

    I am convinced that many of the profiles are AI program driven. I had one SB from across the country give me access to her pictures. I thanked her but told her that I was only looking for a sb local to my area. Then then tries to start a conversation as if nothing happened. I wonder if three hours later I will get another response, this time “responding” to a nonexistent reply message?

  101. FisherMan says:

    I think in the past few months my “block” list is longer than I had it in the past few years…

  102. Anonymous says:

    Be careful out there as a SD too; as there are women SBs who will play you (meaning they will break your heart if you become too blind to see what is really going on) if they are giving the chance. Money seems to be the only motive for some SB, and they will lie to your face in order to get what they want. I just had that happened to me. My SB lied to me, and I refused to see the red flags, got my heart broken in the process when she left for the ex-boyfriend with whom she said did not had any more contact.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re right, you have to keep in mind that it’s all about money no matter how sweet or caring they act. Some are so good at this that I have to keep reminding myself of this fact.

      • Fisherman says:

        It is (almost always) about money. But not always and sometimes only almost.
        Keep fishing. Learn to throw away the ones that are almost always. Keep those who are only almost and not always.

        Your friendly Fisherman

    • TwistedWords says:

      This isn’t Match.com

      • Anonymous says:

        Perhaps it is not, but there is a market for everyone here, including those seeking more than just a typical business-like arrangement.

    • via says:

      next have contract drawn, i am a sb that dont want no attachments emotionally so i make sure there is a legal contract between us and so far i’ve not had a bad experience yet

  103. Seriously says:

    Whatever it takes to get a little some some

  104. FisherMan says: