4 months ago
Brandon Wade Addresses the Sugar Community


Founder and CEO of SeekingArrangement, Brandon Wade, addresses the community regarding recent changes in legislation.…[ read more ]

5 months ago
How to Make the Most of the Sugar Bowl


Whether you’re new and getting started, looking to mix things up after a few years, or just want to change your approach, there are little things you can do to make your experience in the Sugar world that much better. We all want the Sugar rush without the crash, and today we’re going to help …[ read more ]

SeekingArrangement is coming back to New York City! April is going to be a big month as we have not one, but two special events for our members. Learn the best tips for empowerment from dating professionals and other Sugar Babies at our annual Sugar Baby Summit on April 13. Put your newly found skills …[ read more ]

6 months ago
Different Types of Sugar Dates


Have you ever wondered what a date in the Sugar World is like? Truth be told, the dates themselves aren’t much different from what you would encounter in the typical dating scene. However, the benefits of an Arrangement go far beyond what vanilla dating has to offer. Here are a few popular first date ideas …[ read more ]

Treat others how you want to be treated… remember that saying? This is the premise of our new SeekingArrangement Etiquette Agreement. In order to start messaging, you first need to agree to follow our Etiquette Agreement. We know many of you were asking about it, so we’re going to explain. You should have been prompted …[ read more ]

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