Everyone who uses the internet is potentially susceptible to online scams. If you think you’re too smart to fall for an internet scheme, you’re probably wrong. Scam artists work diligently to create ever-changing and increasingly sophisticated scams to trick even the most aware prey.  Being aware of the digital dangers that are out there is the only way to keep yourself and your assets protected.

If it sounds too good to be true, it is

If a Sugar Daddy is offering you a large sum of money prior to meeting, your gut instinct should be that something isn’t quite right. If he then asks you to accept a check or direct deposit while you keep a portion of the money and send the rest to him, it’s time to end the conversation. Many internet scammers will ask a victim to cash a large check for them and in return offer a small percentage of the money. What the victims don’t realize is that the check will not clear and they will then be liable for the full amount of the check.

Never send money to strangers

If a Sugar Baby is asking you for allowance before the first date, chances are that date will never happen. We have had several reports of SeekingArrangement being misused in this way. A Sugar Baby will tell a POT that she needs her allowance upfront in order to prove that he is not a Salt Daddy. Often times if the POT obliges the Sugar Baby will take the money and run. Don’t be that guy.

Keep your personal information private

These days there is absolutely no reason for personal information to be exchanged when sending money to someone. With apps like Venmo and Paypal you only need to share your email address or name. You can even send money to a person’s bank account using email or their cell phone number, so again there is never a reason to share your bank account number, your routing number or your social security number with anyone that you don’t know and trust.


The only way for us to get rid of the scammers on SeekingArrangement is with your help. If you have been victimized by a scammer, please immediately block and report this user. We take your reports very seriously. Your safety is our number one priority.