Dear Seeking Member,

I am back as CEO!

As some of you may know, I met my soulmate, Dana, on in late 2020 and we married in 2022. I retired after our wedding to focus on our love, handing to the care of a management team.  After spending over 18 months traveling the world with Dana, we are back with a deeper understanding of love and with a clearer vision for where needs to go.

Since I returned to lead earlier this year, I have been working on fixing issues with our service, on rebranding, and on a new direction for the business.  I am lucky to have my wife, a 23 year old Gen-Zer, who will be adding the feminine touch.  She is currently being mentored by me, and we will soon announce her appointment as co-CEO of

There is so much we are excited for!  To give you guys a preview, here are some of what’s to come (as well as what’s already here):

Experience Hypergamy™:  First and foremost, is going through the second phase of our multi-year rebranding process.  It started two years ago with “Just Date Up”.  This year, we will be launching “Experience Hypergamy™” to highlight what sets apart from other Dating platforms.  We are the platform uniquely designed to help men and women in their pursuit of romantic relationships that not only complements but elevates their status – socially, economically and emotionally. 

Back to the Basics:  Next, we are going back to the basics!  We are fixing our product by making it harder for scammers and spammers to join.  As you may have noticed, we recently introduced passwordless login in an effort to make your account safe from hackers.  We are also raising standards requiring members to upload more photos. We have also rolled out multiple ways for members to verify themselves through social media, background checks, ID verification as well as liveliness tests.  Over the rest of this year, we will be working hard on dramatically raising the standards of our community. 

The Attention Economy:  The dating game, whether it is played by Humans or animals, is all about attracting the attention of the right romantic partner.  Expect to see further simplification of our platform, and the launch of new features designed to give you more effective ways of attracting the attention of those you want attention from.  A new gifting feature, as well as prompts, will give you more ways to flex and to stand out from the crowd.

New Discretion Features:  We understand that not everyone is ready for a long term relationship, and as such may be dating more casually.  For those of you requiring discretion, we will soon be rolling out features to make it easier for you to get verified by  This will allow you to demonstrate your trustworthiness, while maintaining your anonymity.

The @AskBrandonWade Podcast:  Moving forward, Dana and I will be more active on our social media channels – @askbrandonwade and @danabrandon108 on Instagram and TikTok.  Our goal is to give you greater access into how we run our business, and how we live our lives.  Along with social media, we will also be launching the “AskBrandonWade” podcast, a bi-weekly podcast where we will share advice and insights on how you can also achieve all that you desire in life, namely, money, sex, power, happiness and love!

Ask Brandon Wade

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for your continued support, without which I would not be where I am today, and would not have been as successful.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me via one of my social media channels.  


Brandon Wade
Founder & CEO

Money, sex, power, happiness, and love. All humans desire them. But is it possible to have them all?