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How to Properly Screen an Online Profile


If you’ve come to SeekingArrangement to find the perfect arrangement, chances are you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. With over 10 million members, there really is someone for everyone. The perfect arrangement doesn’t just happen, though; it takes a bit of searching and sifting to find who’s right for you.


We work hard everyday to eliminate fake profiles as quickly as they pop up, but sometimes you’ll get to them first. Here are a few tips on how to properly screen a user’s profile and protect yourself from wasting time on a fake.


Clear Profile Photos


If you can’t tell what someone looks like by the fifth profile photo,  you should probably skip it and move on to the next. Unclear, blurry or pixelated photos or no photos at all are all tell-tale signs it might not be an actual person.


In addition to blurry photos, if you believe a person isn’t really who they say they are in their photo, don’t hesitate to reverse-image search them. You can find out if they really are assuming a correct identity or or if someone is trying to catfish you.  


Empty Profile


Along with lack of pictures, if their bio is only half complete, missing important sections or extremely vague, use caution. If someone is serious about Sugar and finding you, they will take the time to fill out a complete profile.


Don’t confuse this with a brief profile. Many of our users fill out their profiles with short, sweet and concise answers so you can get to know them further through a conversation. This isn’t the same thing as an empty profile. Typically one to two word answers to a question aren’t reliable. Trust your gut and if someone has clear photos and a strong profile section, go for it.


Spammers and Scammers


Avoiding scammers is easier than ever with these tips from our support team; however, it can be difficult to tell just by someone’s profile if they’re trying to scam you. Beyond that, if someone is blowing up your inbox repeatedly without any response from you, you should stay cautious. People who are overly interested in your personal life, who ask for bank info or who promise things that are too good to be true should also be avoided.


If you’re getting bad vibes from someone’s profile, believe they’re acting a bit creepy or you just aren’t clicking on things once in contact with them, it’s best to stay clear. Trust your gut and you’ll rarely go wrong.


Premium and Diamond Members


If a member is Diamond verified, you can almost guarantee they’re in the clear. These members pay a little bit extra to enjoy the advanced perks of the site and to prove they are who they say they are. Members who are Premium have the ability to custom search based on a variety of criteria; Diamond members (Daddies only) are checked by the SeekingArrangement team to verify income and identity before achieving status, which means these members are who they say they are.


This doesn’t mean that members who aren’t Diamond or Platinum are fake. Daddies who are free members can sign up and view your profile, but they can’t contact you. The majority of Babies on the site are not Premium members, so these may take a bit more work to filter through.


Finding the perfect arrangement can take some work, but once it happens, it’s worth it. Follow these tips and you’ll be able accurately screen a profile and set up your perfect arrangement in no time.


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54 Responses to “How to Properly Screen an Online Profile”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The site still works. I have been using it for at least four years, successfully. You just need to set up proper filters, write a proper profile, and ask proper questions before investing too much of your time. Yes, I got a much better response when I had my photo up…because I am “handsome”, as told by EVERYONE who saw it. But it still works after I removed mine.

    Shawn Freeman. (They won’t let me post with my name and registered email)

  2. fres says:

    As one SD put it, the flake factor does increase every year under 24 imo. 4 years as an on again off again SD. Most of the Sugar babies I have met spouted out, no sex,strictly platonic at first,but after sometime we ended up doing the deed. My issues of late have been the initial meeting.The last few girls I have met in various states wanted a fee to meet. I don’t mind paying for a nice dinner or lunch but this pay to talk for 15 minutes is ridiculous.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just say no and move on. There’s no point even complaining about it. Some of these girls are just having fun at the older guys emotional and financial expense.

  3. Anonymous says:

    As a newbie, here, I’m a bit stymied by how “blazingly contact-able” I seem to be for Daddies from New York, Michigan, California, and Texas… but I’m in Ohio! 🙁
    I’m having fun texting back and forth with some genuinely interesting, communicative people, but am unsure how to up my chances in a more local pond???
    Do you still do profile reviews? If so, would someone please review my profile and share your thoughts on how I might improve it, or my chances on finding someone closer by? I was hoping for more of a “contact sport” sort of arrangement!! heehee

  4. Anonymous says:

    Random observations from my 6 years of being an SD on here…whether you asked for them or not:
    – I didn’t get the memo for when this site became “Seeking Platonic Arrangement.”
    – Also new (to me at least) is that NSA seems to have come to mean No Sex at All.
    – I love the profiles that are: “I am a submissive sugarbaby and I’ll do anything my daddy says but no sex.” (Yes, I understand than not all D/s relationships involve sex, but it doesn’t appear that those saying they are sub truly do)
    – My new favorite message: “0.00169 Bitcoin for my number.” (about $10)
    – 5 out of 6 of any Korean SB I was involved with had a boyfriend (not a complaint, just an observation)
    – The flake factor increases exponentially for every year under 21. Learned that one fast and early.
    – We could start a subreddit about the photos, and yes, everyone puts the best photo up that they’ve taken in the past year, but the number of conversations at a M&G that went along the lines of “Oh that photo is a year old and I gained 30 pounds over the summer” is no longer in the single digits.
    As NF said: Tapping out.
    But FFS PLEASE don’t carry on like this…
    Yeah I’m done for now…I just needed to vent lol.

    • alternatedating says:

      Something’s definitely weird in the past couple of months. Everyone wants platonic only … so why do I want to take someone I’m not dating shopping or pay for them to go to dinner with me …

      And what is an online relationship anyway?

      • 24ill says:

        Everything starts platonic. If it can develop utmost feelings, sex can be euphoria even if ur partner is old, ugly, bad breath; if someone will agree.he-he!!!

    • Rick says:

      That’s a hilarious post. Well, it’s be more hilarious if it wasn’t to true. I’m particularly amazed by the “Platonic Arrangement”, and the redefinition of NSA. Korean girls are smokin hot, btw.

  5. anonymous says:

    Some common SB profile issues:

    1. Fake photos, ripped off the Internet from some beautiful model. This is EXTREMELY prevalent, increasing in frequency, and the site does little to nothing to police it.
    2. “Hey, I’m new to the city and looking for someone to show me around” (profile indicates join date of 2012)
    3. One-liner descriptions, no information whatsoever (“Looking for casual, NSA fun. Text me”)
    4. “Interested in meeting new people!” (I’m not “people.” I’m interested in someone who wants to meet ME).
    5. No clear photos posted, and no private photos, either. Just an “ask them to upload more photos.”
    6. The “all about me” profiles (looking for extreme shopping, spoiling, to be treated like princess, etc., with zero indication of what they can do for SD)
    7. Wanting “high” allowance, i.e., more than $10K per month. Yeah, right.
    8. Looking for guys in “20s/30s” with 9 figure incomes, fit, athletic, offering private jet, etc. N.B. No such guys on the site, they don’t need S.A. to attract beautiful young women, and certainly don’t need to pay for them.
    9. “I’m not an escort” (when every single thing about their pics and profile screams escort)
    10. Seeking “platonic” and big allowance to just hang out, but “open to something more if it develops” (translation: not a chance in hell)

  6. NF says:

    This site was fun while it lasted, unfortunately seems like the party is almost over. I enjoyed the chemistry, travel, and long term involvements I had with a few and the NSA hookups with so many. So many. I can now say what was unthinkable to me a few years ago….I have gotten enough 20 year old tail to last me ten lifetimes. All for less than I would have given/gifted/provided had we met in the old fashioned conventional way, and about 90% less time commitment. Tapping out. Carry on.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I just don’t see the purpose of paying 80 dollars a month to read messages when I know some broke college girl isn’t going to. So how is she going to read my messages? Why is it that so many profiles, who aren’t premium, are sending me messages? Seems fake to me.

  8. BossLady says:

    A real relationship with ANYBODY — Arrangement or not — must be based on both participants actual needs, wants and desires to be successful. I am puzzled as to why a grownup man must be told this by a dating site? And furthermore why members on a site that does spell that out clearly are seemingly offended by a Woman’s profile that details exactly what she is looking for. As the number one complaint from men about women is “I don’t what you want to make you happy – just tell Me and I’ll do it” — isn’t that kind of … stupid … to then get mad at her for telling you???

    • Lola says:

      I agree. I see so many profiles asking for transparency and for people to be honest with each other, yet when there’s profiles that clearly state what the SD/SB is looking for, it’s a problem. They’re using this site for its intended purpose so what’s the problem?

  9. Nat says:

    This is awesome. If a so-called SD can’t pay a small joining fee, he’s no SD at all. Many of these guys are pretty Salt, am happy SA has this in place.

    • emma says:

      I totally agree. I would also note, that if a guy doesn’t want to provide anything sweet on a first meet, then he’s a salty daddy as well. The ones who want to be generous just because are the ones you want to surround yourselves with, because you can learn from them and also show them generosity as well.

      • Lola says:

        So I have a question: Is it wrong for a sugar baby to expect a gift (monetary or otherwise) on the first meeting? I don’t see a problem with that, honestly. But a lot of SDs do and I don’t understand because to me, it makes no sense. You’re literally on a site hoping to meet and pay for the company of a beautiful young woman.

      • Anonymous says:

        As a SB I don’t expect anything more then good food for the first meet, unless I am traveling outside of my city then I tell them that I will also need something to cover for babysitting cost.

      • Rick says:

        There are a couple problems with expecting a gift at the Meet&Greet.
        First, it makes you seem either entitled or greedy. Neither of which is attractive.
        Second, it promotes rinsing. Women scheduling multiple M&Gs to get the “gift”, with no intention of meeting any of them again.

    • Anonymous says:

      I swear it’s extremely hard on here, the min I find someone who doesn’t want nudes within the first 3 text, they give me the scam story.” Getting divorced, Or married. so the only way I can pay you is by adding you as an employee To my company by taking your name, routing and account number” like really dude would you like my social as well?. I’m on the site because I don’t have any money at all. And you want me to let you take what I don’t have and leave me homeless in the streets. Come on! I also so hate the, “I don’t really like black girls but I’m willing to make an exception for you. Then offers 50 bucks a meet. I just want an honesty relationship. I want an older gentleman, to care for and build with. I love good conversations. I update my profile weekly with fresh current pics.

  10. Lonely Sugar bebe says:

    This makes me sad as a real sugar baby looking for someone.
    I find flakey guys or guys wanting a one night stand deal,
    Are you guys telling me I’m wasting my time writing guys
    who aren’t verified and diamond ? They wont write me back?
    It’s a shame I am a real person and yet there is no daddy lol.

  11. N says:

    I continue to receive from men who obviously have not read my profile. In which I clearly state that I am NOT interested in sex only hook ups and that I will not share my pictures with men who have not or have one sentence describing themselves.
    I’ve tried this site a few times and no luck.
    Many many mugshots that are just creepy or flashy pictures that are fake.
    Scammers are in multitude and so seem to be SD’s in their twenties.
    An arrangement to my knowledge is transparency/honesty in ones wants/desires and boundaries upfront. And that in itself has no sexual link.
    Something should only evolve from platonic to more, if there is chemistry: otherwise how is it different from …………………………… exactly!
    It is up to SA and the website moderators to filter out scammers (and there are many!!!) and to give a clear template on what an arrangement entails: because the majority is absolutely clueless.

    • dude says:

      Filter people by income: <500k cannot afford
      pictures look like they're taken on a 2009 digital point and shoot. skip them. Not willing to talk about allowance expectations or limits. Skip. It's up to you to be shrewd

    • Lola says:

      What she means is that she doesn’t want a purely physical relationship. She wants more of a connection. Which is reasonable. She has the right to screen out SDs who don’t meet her criteria the same as they have the right to screen out SBs. The whole point of this article is to be more wary and not jump into an arrangement with the first person who pays attention to you for more than 5 second. You’re the one who needs to “get a clue” and re-read what she posted. You came so rude and bitter it would be hard to take what you say seriously.

  12. Big rascal says:

    Been on the site for 2 weeks & im outa here as scammers are lining ip sugar daddies for robbing them @ meeting venues no matter how secure you think they are & when you ask SA for help you get no reply. After narrowly escaping been assaulted I reported it to the police as the filthy hobag describing her self as a SB had given me her bank a/c details that the police are tracking her through. The police have asked SA for her logging in email address & they SA won’t supply it. Id rather go to a high class brothel than this crap ?

  13. Anonymous says:

    I have been a member on this site for over 5 years. I have had a whole lot of fun, but also been been scammed. Just be smart. If the girl is agreeable to every little thing you want without any push back then be really careful.

    The only thing that I got out of upgrading to a Diamond membership was a huge increase in emails form Europe/Asia even though I clearly state I am only interested in something local (I live on the East Coast USA). I see absolutely no advantage in paying extra for a Diamond Membership.

    I’m glad they don’t provide trial memberships. I think this site provides a lot of advantages and is worth the risk. If you can’t afford to throw away $70 to try a membership why are you even on this site?

  14. duh says:

    This is more a thinly disguised plug for premium and diamond membership. Personally I feel SA has got the model all wrong and too much emphasis is placed on milking extra revenue from male site members only. So ‘free’ male uses cannot contact women? Free male users also caannot read messages so although they can see the profiles of women who messaged or faavourited theme there is NO way t tell if any of the msssages are actually real and relate to you contents f your profile or are merely computer generated ‘match’ emails made by the system/ As a non paying male user it’s impossible to evaluate if tis site is genuine as far as messages from women go as there is no free trial period which allows men to read messages nor any low cost limited peruiod trial. You have to go ‘in at the deep end’ and pay full premium for a month just maybe to discover that all the messages you seem to be getting are just generated by the system. Also if most women are not paying members how can THEY read any messages sent by men, even if those men have paid? What this iste needs is a truly honest ‘free trial’ maybe for 3-5 days or a ‘test’ sign up for a low fee…

    Lots of pretty girls have profiles here for sure but the more I read about scammers and fakes (even the site writers seem to always mention them) the more I am put off joining. The site when it comes down to it is one of a series of commercial money making machines run by a multi milionaite and each site has a separate fee, there’s no joint membership to the various sites and if all you can do as a free member is look at profiles there is really no way ot evaluate whether it’s worth paying or nor. I suspect there’s very little real going on here if the majority of female profiles are free ones, or is it all just about only men have to pay to use this site?

    • Caressa says:

      I’m pretty sure the site had a free trial at one point that lasted a month. It’s the most popular sugar baby dating site (and the worst) just look up reviews about the site to see if the girls are real. Look up the site on YouTube you’ll find hundreds of girls talking about it. Hell just go to their Instagram and see the followers it has.

    • 24ill says:

      I received msgs. From free members and every time I open it SA says “enjoy playing candy crush saga and to go on play2 store.” The site also only give me only 24 choices now down to twelve diamonds but they don’t respond. I wish I could see all the members to choose from and if they have no means for a contact I’ll just give them my number without hesitation ….

    • sb says:

      Exactly, it’s only about men paying to use the site. lol.

      If they start doing free trials for men, I’m out. Look bud, you’re not SD material…you know, I know it, and now everyone that reads this knows it. SDs don’t whine like a baby over a simple monthly fee.

      Don’t bother coming out of your parents basement.
      There’s nothing here for you. In fact, we block non premium members. It’s too damn creepy that you boys can view our profiles.

      • Haha says:

        Totally agree. As an SD, there should be a rite of passage. Free trials just increases misuse.

      • duh says:

        My peice was written on the issue of evaluatio of sugar dating sites, this one amongst others, and some fo the issues I have mentioned about fake accounts, system generated messages are flagged up by a good many sugar daing rview sities and are entirely valid. My comments on SA’s membership policies and fee structures were an invitaton to others to comment so of course you are entitled to add a reply, however it’s a shame you had nothing better to do than to spew out some puerile insults – what does that say about you I wonder? Web anonymity clearly brings out the worst in some people.

    • Anonymous says:

      The joint account idea is an interesting one, but it’s not like it’d cost you less. If you’re not willing to pay a small fee to access, are you really able to provide sugar?

      • 24ill says:

        Yes bay… Those free members who came to seek me has an average networth of 5M…

      • emma says:

        in response to the gentleman comment, then why is it so hard for daddy to provide high allowance and a high end gift after the initial meet? If the guy wants my attention and to stick around, then the night needs to be above average or else I won’t stick around.

    • Rick says:

      SBs don’t need to be Premium members to send and read messages.

    • Lola says:

      If $70 or even $100 is too much for a monthly payment, how will you be able to afford to keep a SB? Just put it down to this site isn’t for you, and keep it moving

    • Lola says:

      If you are going to call someone “ignorant”, it would be good if you could spell in the first place!

      The fact that you sit here, writing long responses to everyone, shows you are no SD and obviously have too much time on your hands. I am welcome to my opinion and so are you, you gave your’s and I gave mine. Nowhere did I ever say you must be a looser, typing out of your mum’s basement, trying to get SB’s from a free SD site.

      I’m not a millionaire, but I wouldn’t go on and on about a few $100’s. Principles do not make you rant about free S***! it’s not for you, keep it moving.

      In MY opinion, everyone should be required to pay, SD’s more than SB’s for obvious reasons. But that would take out most of the riffraff and leave people that have shown commitment to finding an arrangement.

      FYI! I spend sterling!! Not American. I said $ cause it is an American site. Where you are from doesn’t really mean anything to anyone. But in you calling me ignorant show showed you were. Smart!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Assume that every person on here is some guy living in his parents basement in Kenya. Until you meet them – they can say / show anything. Skip all the discussions and meet them in a public place. That weeds out most, but not all, the scammers

  16. Anonymous says:

    What about the female profiles that take model and semi-celebrity (such as latina musicians) pics? these seem to stay up

  17. Anonymous says:

    so many scaming ladies mostly hooker and escorts here now that back page was shut down,but seeking arrangement keeps giving them free advertisement

    • emma says:

      in response to your comment, I think those people are on here or turned into escorts, because thats what men primarily want. They contact wanting a one night stand, or pay for play. No allowance, no nice gifts, just money in exchange for sex. So that can turn an honest woman looking for an arrangement to help them with school and bills into an escort any day.

  18. Tammy says:

    “If a member is Diamond verified, you can almost guarantee they’re in the clear.”

    SA allowed a young fat guy who used a fake bank account app to pretend he made millions per year and become diamond. The “team” is a joke.

  19. Chris says:

    Well I have reported scammers and ripoffs and their profiles never got deleted. So this sounds all nice but doesn’t think SA does anything.

  20. Dave jr says:

    Easy for me! I just delete messages from the Philippines and Russia!

  21. Megan says:

    “People who are overly interested in your personal life, who ask for bank info or who promise things that are too good to be true should also be avoided.”

    Exactly. I can’t tell you how many “daddies” demanded my bank account information before we have even met. Now I have an easy link to share with them. 🙂

    • emma says:


      guys say they get scammed, but honestly I don’t see how that is possible. And if you are a wealthy daddy, do you expect something in return for all of your money? What happened to being generous. When I make it, I would love to help others out, even if its a few hundred dollars. It would be nothing to be and perhaps everything to them. Just think about that please.