You’ve signed up for Seeking, put together a fabulous profile with great photos, and have started to chat with members of the community. It’s a pretty fast process getting to this point, as the world’s premier elite dating website tends to connect like-minded singles fairly quickly! Safe dating should be easy and effortless, right?

So, what’s next? Going on a date, of course! Sure, you’ve exchanged some flirty messages in the past few weeks and you might have even virtual dated by using Seeking’s video chat feature. But now it’s time to make the leap and meet up in-person to see if you and your new Seeking friend have some undeniable chemistry. How exciting?!

Even if you’re new to dating, you likely already know that first dates can sometimes get the best of us. We get those nervous “butterflies” and obsess over even the smallest details. Is this the right outfit? What if we don’t click? Did I put on too much perfume?

As if this wasn’t enough to consider, online dating sometimes amplifies those butterflies. You’re meeting someone completely new—this isn’t your neighbor, someone from work or class, or the single guy you flirt with while in line at Starbucks every single day. It’s always exciting to meet someone new—especially if you found them on Seeking, where singles are a class above.

To make sure you have nothing but a fantastic—and comfortable—first date, it’s important to remember to take some precautions when meeting someone from any online dating site. Read on to find Seeking’s top safe dating tips!

Always Meet in a Public Place

As you’re planning your first in-person date, remember to always meet in a public place. Should you feel any pressure to meet in a private location, stress the importance of wanting to meet in public for the first couple dates. If they continue to push the subject, reevaluate meeting in person and/or end the conversation entirely.

Tell Someone About Your Plans

One of the most crucial steps is to let a trusted friend or family member know the details of your date: where you’re meeting, what time, the number to the establishment, etc. There are never too many details to share when it comes to your safety. 

Keep Private Details Private, For Now

It’s always exciting getting to know someone new and sharing personal details about yourself and your immediate circle seems natural. On those first initial dates, keep private details private. This can include (but is not limited to) your last name, address, social handles and frequent spots you hang out until you’ve both built up enough trust.

Always Keep an Eye on Your Food and Drinks

Never leave your food and/or drinks unattended. Should you have to step away from the table, place a napkin over your plate. And never feel bad about requesting a new drink if you recognize any suspicious behavior(s) from anyone at your table. 

Ensure Your Cell Phone is Fully Charged and Locations are On

Before, during or after your date, you want to make sure you have enough battery life to contact anyone for any reason. This includes having your location settings on to ensure a trusted family member or friend can track your location. If you find yourself always on the move before a date, consider investing in a rechargeable cell phone case to always be prepared. 

Report All Suspicious and Offensive Behaviors

If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable or disrespected while interacting with someone while on a dating site or when you meet in person, be sure to report them through the proper channels within the respective app where you first connected. At Seeking, members can ‘Report a Member’ from the user’s profile. Pick the appropriate reason from the list and provide a clear description of the violation. Additionally, you may also block the member which will prevent them from communicating with you and from seeing your profile. 

IMPORTANT: If a user has threatened you or committed an act of violence or theft, please contact your local law enforcement agency.

Being part of the Seeking community and dating elite singles is such an exciting experience—you’re dating the crème de la crème after all! But while you’re having a great time, just remember to trust your instincts and don’t feel pressured to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Keep these safe dating tips in mind to ensure your experience dating with Seeking is both safe and fun!

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