Online dating is great because dating profile pics give you a glimpse into someone’s life and a hint of who they are before you even meet them in person. Though just as you’re excited to peek, your potential dates are also looking at your dating profile pics—and learning more about you based on what you share.

All singles in the online-dating game struggle with the question of what pictures to post on their dating profile. We get it. There’s so much to say in just a few pics! To help you make the best first impression, here are some tips on the three dating profile pics every Seeking member should have. Nail your profile pics and you’re guaranteed to get more—and better—dates faster than you can say thirst trap!

Start with Your Headshot

This one’s a must-have. For your main profile pic, you need a clear photo of yourself looking straight at the camera, flashing your best smile. Potential matches definitely want to see what you look like under natural light with a simple background.

If you’re unsure what this picture should look like, just think about it from the other side: How do you want your potential dates to introduce themselves? Surely, you want them to be honest about their looks and approachable. So, when it’s time to take your Seeking headshot, remember how much you have to offer and let that show through the lens.

Let Them See You from Head to Toe

You work hard to stay healthy by eating right and consistently working out. Why? For your full-body dating profile pic, of course! So, choose that outfit that turns heads and flaunt your favorite attributes with confidence.

While Seeking offers many online safety features, seeing a pic of your full body offers reassurance to your potential matches. It doesn’t have to be a swimsuit photo if you’re not comfortable with that. Just be you in your favorite outfit—and loads of attitude doesn’t hurt!

Give a Sneak Peek of Your Lifestyle

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and your chance to prove it with your dating profile pics is your lifestyle shot! If you say you’re into hiking, show it off with a picture of yourself at the top of a snowy mountain. Are you a home chef? Post a picture of yourself in an apron and make your matches drool—over the food, of course!

No matter what you’re into, people want to see who you are and what you bring to the table. So don’t be shy to show your interests! Your lifestyle photo is the key to creating genuine online connections.

Other Dating Profile Pics Tips

It sounds easy, but when it’s time to choose your dating profile pics, many of us feel unsure and don’t know where to start. If that sounds a lot like you, here are some extra tips to help you find the best way to present yourself:

  • Keep your pictures current—one year old at the most.
  • Choose a flattering outfit—one that you look awesome in!
  • Avoid sunglasses or hats—show off those pearly whites and sparkling eyes!
  • Keep the makeup natural—just put on what you use most often.
  • Avoid group photos—you don’t want to be confused with someone else!

Things To Keep in Mind When Taking Dating Profile Pics

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect pic in your camera roll, it’s time to snap away! Consider getting some professional headshots taken, or call a friend over and ask them to be your photographer. Here are some best practices to keep in mind when taking photos especially for your online dating profile pics:

  • Make yourself the main focus of the picture.
  • Don’t hunch—maintain good posture!
  • Enhance your jawline.
  • Choose flattering lighting—think: no shadows or extremely bright lights.
  • Avoid props. Your dating profile pics should be all about you!

No matter how many pictures you choose to post, the most important factor is to show other Seeking members who you are. It’s easy to choose the best photos when you think of them as conversation starters that give other singles something to connect with. Remember, photos are the best way for matches to connect with you and kick-start new relationships!

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