They say gratitude is the best attitude. And when it comes to personal relationships, it’s always more fun to date someone who has a positive outlook. Especially when you know how much they appreciate your company. To help, Seeking has some suggestions for how to show your partner you’re thankful for them.

Remember, gratitude goes both ways. Don’t be shy to show your partner just how much you care! Making them feel extra special will inspire them to do the same for you. Here are some ideas on how to show your partner that you’re thankful to have them in your life.

Send a Special Delivery

Receiving an unexpected treat is the most romantic way to brighten your day! No matter what you send, your partner’s heart is sure to skip a beat when they receive this special token of your affection.

These are some popular deliveries to say thank you for being you:

  • Send flowers to their office
  • Make them feel like a kid with balloons
  • Order their favorite lunch when they least expect it
  • Say “welcome home” with a box of chocolates at their doorstep
  • Put a handwritten note in their pocket

Say Thank You, and Really Mean It

Be specific when letting your partner know that you’re grateful. If they had a heartfelt gesture that you really loved, acknowledge it and let them know why it was so special. This will motivate them to do it again.

Did they rub your back when you felt stressed? Show up with a bottle of wine to celebrate your success at work? Or did their text make you feel more attractive? The little details definitely go a long way. When you let your partner know how much that meant, they also feel appreciated by you. Verbal appreciation is a surefire way how to show your partner you’re thankful.

Compliment Them in Public

Sure, you tell each other you’re hot when you’re in private. But to really make your partner feel truly beautiful, try giving them a genuine compliment in public. Just remember to keep it appropriate!

These are some good ones:

  • When you go out with friends, tell your partner that you love their sense of style
  • Post a picture of them on social media and add a caption about their beautiful smile
  • Don’t focus your compliments on looks. Praising your partner’s brains, creativity, or kindness is just as sexy
  • Share something that you love about your partner with a friend  — but do it right in front of your significant other! For example, if someone tells you they’re stressed about work you could say “My partner’s really good about doing yoga regularly. This helps them relax and I appreciate that they have a self-care routine.”

Give Them Your Full Attention

It’s easy to get distracted by our phones, computers, or our own thoughts. Our attention spans are just shorter these days. That’s why it’s extra special when you give your partner your undivided attention.

To really take it to the next level, be sure to do the following:

  • Make eye contact throughout the conversation
  • Ask questions to try to understand how they feel or what they think about the subject
  • Offer your insight or advice
  • Follow-up on it a couple of days later

Support Their Interests

Does your partner love sports? Show up at their pickup games every now and then. Bonus points if you take beer for the whole team to hang after the game.

Are they artistic? Pur their artwork up for display and invite friends over to admire it. It’s like a private showing without having to go through galleries or curators.

No matter what your partner’s into, encouraging them to keep working on their craft is a great way how to show your partner you’re thankful for them. Here are some suggestions:

  • Buy ingredients for them to try a new recipe they’ve been talking about
  • Get them a pass to try a new class or learn a new skill
  • Send them links to articles that talk about the subjects he’s interested in

Speak the Same Love Language

We don’t all express our feelings the same way. Some people show that they are by being nurturing. Others are more physical and prefer a hug or a kiss. 

When you’re trying to let your partner know how much you appreciate them, say it in their love language. There’s no translation needed when you pick up the dry cleaning for someone who appreciates acts of service. Or if your partner’s into quality time, booking a romantic getaway is the ultimate way to thank them for being by your side.

More “Just Because” Ideas

Any day is a good opportunity to say thank you to the person who brings a smile to your face. These are some extra ideas that add sweetness to your relationship:

  • Make them a playlist
  • Give them a foot massage
  • Pick up coffee
  • Give them an unexpected kiss
  • Walk their dog so your partner can sleep in a little longer
  • Say “Thank You” at the end of a date

Gratitude is an everyday practice. When you know how to show your partner you’re thankful for them, your partner feels valued and cared for. They might just put that gratitude right back into your relationship!

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