Ready to make a connection and find your ideal partner? Seeking has a hypothetical question for you: What’s your idea of a perfect date? 

Did you instantly imagine an intimate dinner at a fine-dining restaurant? Perhaps a movie with your hands both grabbing for the same pile of popcorn? Or even lying on the hood of a car and gazing up at the stars?

It all sounds lovely.

But you deserve more than a scene from the latest Jennifer/Sandra/Reese flick.

Try again.

Close your eyes and really think about it. What do you truly desire in a date, and more importantly, what do you desire in a partner?

Maybe that intimate dinner is in Rome with the sounds of the Trevi Fountain in the distance? Or maybe you’re watching a performance in San Francisco’s famed opera house? (Red dress and plunging neckline included). What about gazing out at the moonlit waters of the Mediterranean from a luxury yacht? 

Now we’re talking. 

We know what you’re thinking. Is this fantasy even possible? Can you make a connection this improbable?

This, friend, is what it means to find a partner who shares your passions and why Seeking was created.

We knew there were dating desires not being met from random blind dates and even other dating platforms, and we decided to turn ordinary dating into something extraordinary. 

But we also know it takes more than an expensive dinner to woo our discerning members. You want to make a connection too. To find that, you need to know what you want. And we’re here to help you figure it out.

How To Know What You’re Looking For 

It may seem fairly obvious what most people want: someone attractive, funny, smart, successful, etcetera, etcetera. Now that we have that out of the way, go back to closing your eyes and seriously think about your dating desire. We’re going to ask you to do something a little unorthodox. 

Think about your worst dates. 

Yes, wipe that magical night at the Opera out of your mind and think about those stinkers of a date. The ones that still make you cringe. The ones where you would rather have been at your own private Nickelback concert than on that date. What made them so bad? Was your date late? Talk too much? Not talk enough? Bad taste in movies, clothes, cocktails, jokes? While you may not want to revisit the dregs of your dating life, knowing what behaviors or idiosyncrasies raised red flags will help you uncover what it is you’re truly looking for.

What’s your ideal date?

It’s ok to want, and expect, more than a meal from somewhere with a “Two for $20” menu. In fact, we insist that you do. Whether you’d rather make a connection with someone while sipping champagne in first class on the way to Grand Cayman, or while cave diving in Cuba, Seeking is a safe place to be open about your dating desires. Think about the activities that excite you but may also tell a lot about your date’s character, affinities, and overall personality—and don’t be afraid to put one on the menu for a first date.

How do you want someone to make you feel?

Cue Rihanna. 

Other than being aflutter from living out your own fairytale romance, how else do you want to feel with this date? Confident? Safe? Sexy? Inspired? Both B and C? All of the above? The good news is there is no wrong answer. You just need to know what that is and not settle for anything less. 

Dating Up means not giving up on finding a partner with all of the qualities you’re seeking, from impeccable style and smarts to knowing exactly how to sweep (or sail or jet) you off your feet. 

How do you want someone to feel about you?

Of course you want (and deserve) to make a connection with someone who makes you feel all the things, but a partnership takes two. Do you want to be the 2012 Opus One to the seared lamb? The Louboutin to the LBD? In other words, do you want someone to feel like you are their perfect complement? 

What’s your end game?

This is the time to get really honest with yourself. Your Insta may be flooded with images of friends being whisked off to romantic getaways complete with impossibly sweet gestures, and you think you’d like that to be you one day. Or maybe you just want someone with whom to indulge in the hottest new restaurants, or who’s always ready to escape to a villa in Napa Valley. Again there is no wrong answer. Seeking allows you to do you. It was built to help Attractive and Successful people make connections that align with their personal interests and passions. 

But not only that, we want to help you realize—wait for it— you’re someone’s dating desire too.

Once you’ve wrapped your gorgeous head around that knowledge, join Seeking, the premier dating website for successful and attractive singles. For more dating tips, stories, and advice, check out the rest of the Seeking Blog.

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