There’s something about fall that has couples, pardon the pun, falling even more for each other. Maybe it’s the chill in the air that makes us want to cuddle up next to a warm body, the amber trees shedding their leaves, or the sun setting early to make way for a romantic evening together. Or maybe because it’s the time of year dedicated to spine-tingling terror.

It’s Halloween, witches!

You may not think there’s a connection between feelings of romance and full-on fright, but there’s a reason our hearts may pound a little more beyond the houses of haunts on every corner. Studies show that when we do scary things or experience fear with someone we already have a connection with, it actually brings us closer. 

Since Seeking is all about connection, we decided to help you make the most of this season of spook with six Halloween date ideas designed to fright and delight.

Rent out a Luxury Theatre for a Private Viewing of Your Favorite Scary Movie(s)

What screams romance more than cushy seats, an exclusive space, and the bride of Dracula (especially if that bride is Monica Bellucci)?  

Movies are one of the original date night activities, but a private viewing in a luxurious setting is the perfect way to take it up a few notches. Whether you prefer Jamie Lee Curtis or Jack Nicholson, there are plenty of films perfect for a night of hiding under a cozy blanket together.

Stay in a Haunted Castle 

You may be used to residing in places known to host the elite, but what about the notoriously deceased? There are opulent castles around the world that are famous for more than their sparkling chandeliers and sprawling terraces.

Dare to take your date on a getaway that may have you rubbing elbows with some five-star spirits at the Roch Castle in Wales or the Thornbury Castle in Bath, England. Or test your luck at the Shelbourne in Dublin, Ireland, a palatial palace famous for its phantom menaces.

Do a BOOdoir Couples Photoshoot

Pictures speak a thousand words, so why not snap some that say you’re the sexiest couple this side of Crystal Lake? Don some hauntingly haute couture and channel your inner Addams’ for a frame-worthy photo sesh. 

Bonus points if you can secure an extravagantly eerie location for this Halloween date idea. Think Victorian mansion or one of those aforementioned haunted castles.

Throw an Upscale Costume Ball

Planning an event with your partner is a great way to see how well you can work together, and it’s fun! Become the (g)hosts with the most by throwing a Gatsby-inspired affair complete with live music, lavish food, elite guests, and more boas than you can imagine. It will be the Autumn affair people will be talking about for years to come!

Set Sail on a Haunted Cruise

Romance on the high seas is a classic story. The sun dipping beyond shimmering water is the ultimate setting for any couple. Now add in some spirits that don’t come with a twist of lime, and you have an adventure that promises to whet your appetite for more — catch our drift? 

Haunted cruises explore everywhere from Mexico’s Mayan Ruins to the Bermuda Triangle. Some Halloween date ideas even come with their own crew of paranormal professionals for that something extra.

Attend a Haunted Masquerade Ball

Don’t have the space (or time) to throw your own ball? This time of year, there is no shortage of exclusive events designed to recreate famous fêtes from films like Phantom of the Opera and Van Helsing to Romeo and Juliet — but with an added twist of fright. 

Dine and dance amongst mysterious masked guests waiting for a night of wonder to reveal itself.

However you plan to celebrate this season renowned for hair-raising haunts as much as romance, do it in style with your Seeking connection. If you’re looking for someone special to explore one of our luxurious Halloween date ideas with, log into your Seeking account. Start Dating Up™ —  Join Seeking Now! For more dating tips, visit the rest of the Seeking Blog!