Ever wondered what it might be like to have Succession’s Roy family as your in-laws? If the helicopters, yachts, and private jets are really all that glamorous? Behind the NDAs, charters, and fashion week’s front row, there is a reality to dating billionaires. However,  it may not quite be the HBO special that you might expect.

Picture this: It’s just your average Tuesday night, and you have a hand-written invitation to a Michelin Star restaurant that you’ve never heard of. Instead of roses, you’ve been sent a large, square Chanel box. When you pull the dress out, it’s tailored to your measurements and straight off the runway. 

Just yesterday, you returned from a trip to a small island off the coast, to a private beach, only accessible by yacht; just like the one that he had sailed down from Italy.

There are parties with crowds of investors, lavish dinners, and invitations to high society events. When he walks into a room with you on his arm you feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Billionaires are a type unto themselves, it’s true. They’re private, notorious, and, in 2023, increasingly common.

A good percentage of those billionaires are on Seeking too. 


Dating a billionaire will change your life. Everything starts to become effortless with that much money. Boundaries and obstacles disappear. It’s pure freedom, but there has to be a certain amount of moderation, particularly if it’s new to you. The change in lifestyle and the world of opportunity that has opened to you is something to be appreciated, but also, not something to be taken for granted. 

You’ll need to get used to the best of the best; couture gowns, diamonds, and gold. Maybe, he even collects vintage sports cars, just to look at them, or has art hanging in his living room by the great masters. To let these things overwhelm you and influence the way that you treat him could negatively impact the depth of your relationship, and act as obstacles themselves in further deepening that connection. It’s important to maintain a grounding in reality because once the glamor fades, you will still have the person. 


With wealth like that, there comes major eccentricity. In order to achieve that level of success, billionaires are out-of-the-box thinkers, who often are used to doing things in their own, unique ways. A brilliant mind can bring with it its own complications; he might, on a whim, decide that the pair of you need to jump in his plane and hike the Inka trail, or he’d like a dinner in Tokyo, at the very top of Tokyo Tower. These whims can drive you out of your comfort zone, or they can test your patience. 

This kind of eccentricity can also mean that he’s going to follow his own whims, and you may not see him for weeks at a time. In the end, you’re on his time, and that means a lifestyle that moves at a pace that very few can keep up with. If you can, however, you’re in for the adventure of a lifetime; in a league far above first class.


Billionaire dating might be a dream come true for many, but at the same time, you are still dating a human being, with a past, and their own secret history. You have to value the person, not just the luxury lifestyle for it to work. Billionaires don’t want to be treated with the same deference as their employees might treat them; you’re their date, and the relationship is still a relationship, just like any other. They’re people, in the end, even if they’ve elevated their lives to a point that not many ever will. 

You might find yourself at a loss for how to return his generosity or match up to wealth on that level. It’s vital to note that you cannot buy genuine connection and that all people, even the men behind the billions, are going to appreciate gestures that are specific and thoughtful and show care for them, specifically. 


With the parties and the Cristal champagne, the Chanel, and the globetrotting, also comes a certain crowd of friends and business partners. Usually, ones to keep a close, tight-knit circle, billionaires will have a wider circle of people surrounding them who are often equally powerful people. You will be seated at the table with high-level thinkers and businesspeople, and many may mistrust your intentions in your relationship. It’s important not to let the opinions of those who do not know the details of your personal relationship affect how you treat your partner, and also, how you view yourself.

He may also be surrounded by people who want something from him. That kind of wealth can lead to a plethora of people who want to befriend him for his status or connections, and those relationships can be compelling. You’re dating him, not his money, and keeping this in mind is a key part of retaining your own self-worth within the relationship.  


  1. Meeting a billionaire is possible, but you have to know what to look for. Chances are, their profile will look like any other profile; they’re not going to list their net worth, and if anything, they’ll downplay their wealth. Usually, you have to read into what they don’t say. Ask them about how they like to travel— a billionaire isn’t going to fly commercial for example.
  1. More often than not, their dating profiles will be managed by a secretary, dating consultant, or PA. They’ll be open about this in their messages to you, so take note if someone announces that they’re talking to you on behalf of the profile holder.  
  1. Seeking found that a good percentage of men lie about their net worth, but not in the way you might expect. A billionaire’s profile might downplay it completely, in order to prevent gold diggers, and to try to find more genuine connections.
  1. A billionaire will act fast; they’re used to getting what they want when they want it. They won’t waste your time. You’ll be on a date with them after a few days, they’re not going to let the conversation online drag on.
  1. Make sure your profile has clear, elegant pictures of yourself, and that your bio is eloquent and well-worded. Add a funny quip; something high-brow, a reference to a book that you love. Good grammar is everything, so write your bio in a word processor before transferring it over to the website. 
  1. Lastly, you need to curate your online dating experience in order to find a billionaire. Pick a website such as Seeking that has a positive, luxurious reputation; billionaires will not associate with brands that don’t speak to their own image and standards. 

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