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Dating Abroad – 5 Brilliant Ideas for Unforgettable Dates

Few experiences are as exciting as traveling to a new country with a captivating new companion. What’s more, we have some suggestions for making any trip together truly extraordinary. Dating abroad might take some advance planning, however, so before you pack your passports and press play on any foreign language apps, consider the following:

Check out the calendar

Certain cities are known for over-the-top annual events, like the Venice Biennale, Monaco Grand Prix, and Cannes Film Festival. Score serious points with your date by scheduling your trip to coincide with these bucket list festivities. Then, take things up a notch by experiencing them in style: watch the excitement from a balcony, get access to a VIP tent or find out where the best upscale after-parties are!

Be open to the exotic and unexpected

Have you ever taken a swim in the Dead Sea, toured New Zealand’s Waitomo Glowworm Caves, or cruised the Norwegian fjords? You might have hit the slopes in Vail, Colorado, but have you ever tried Ski Dubai’s indoor black run? Most of us have eaten sushi, but have you ever tried an Omakase meal from a Michelin-starred restaurant in Japan? We promise these are the types of experiences you and your date will never forget while dating abroad!

Get culturally curious

If there is something especially intriguing you want to explore at your destination, hire a personal guide to take you and your date on a private tour for two. Look for special access at events, like artists who will open their studios, dancers who will include you in sacred ceremonies, and chefs who invite guests to dine in their restaurant kitchens. Some foodies love to meet the artisans behind the ingredients. And remember, though you can probably get to most places by car, a change in perspective can be refreshing; maybe the best way to experience something is underground, by seaplane, or even from a hot air balloon.

Research impressive experiences 

Dating abroad doesn’t have to be limited to well-worn tourist traps. Instead, investigate ways to access typically off-limits venues or those that often have long wait times. Can you get stage-side while a favorite band performs at Royal Albert Hall? Front row seats at Paris Fashion Week? An after-hours private tour through the Temple of Luxor? Maybe reservations for dinner at Michelin-rated restaurants such as Noma in Copenhagen or Maison Rostang in Paris? What about a private suite to watch the FIFA World Cup, The French Open, or another professional sporting event?

Dress like the locals 

Since impeccable style is always essential—especially on a luxurious vacation—head to the most impressive shopping district in town and find bespoke makers. Then treat your date to a signature scent, sophisticated souvenir, or custom bauble. And perhaps you both can get fitted for haute couture to wear in another glamorous destination— on a future date together.

Now you are ready to find your perfect travel companion and start dating abroad! Log into your Seeking account and start connecting with someone who loves adventure, too. Ready to join? Learn more about Seeking! For more upscale dating tips and tricks, visit the rest of the Seeking blog!