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Dating Tips for Busy Men – Balancing Work and Private Life

Between work, more work, and, maybe even a round of golf with your buddies, your time is at a premium. And if you’re single, finding any time at all to devote to dating can seem impossible. But busy people do manage to have personal lives – it just takes knowing how to manage time, priorities, and expectations. Having a packed calendar doesn’t mean sacrificing a social life. Here are some dating tips for busy men on how to balance dating with your hectic work schedule.

Realize what you’re looking for

Before you bust out your calendar and start trying to shoehorn dinner into an already-slammed week, figure out what you want from the date. If the woman you’re out with wants something completely different, your time is better spent getting stock tips on TikTok. So before you start dating, decide: Do you want something quick and casual that fits into your busy schedule? Or a potential partner who can help make your life outside work easier? With that in mind, you’ll have a better idea of how much time you’ll need to set aside for dating. Plus, the experience will be far more efficient.

Invest time to figure out who’s worth your time

You don’t have time to waste on bad dates. Taking a few minutes to chat with a prospective date – either via direct message or old-school on the phone – will go a long way in figuring out if you’ll have fun or suffer through a long night of chihuahua pictures. Just like you manage any schedule, set aside some time during the day to communicate with potential dates and see if there’s chemistry. It’s a small investment to hedge against future losses and ensures you make the most out of the time you’ve carved out.

Make sure she understands your schedule

This is probably more of a life tip for everyone than a dating tip for men, but tell someone a job will take four weeks and finish it in two, and you’re a hero. Tell them you’ll be finished in a few days and take that same two weeks, and you’re probably getting sued. Expectations are everything, so you need to be upfront with anyone you date about your schedule, and how much time you can devote. For example, if you let them know straight away you’re on planes half your life, they’ll be a lot more understanding when you only see each other once a week. Or, they can decide they need someone who doesn’t live in hotels.

Make each date a priority

You’re successful, so you obviously know how to manage your time. And if you’re serious about dating you need to treat it like any important event in your life, and schedule time when you can devote yourself entirely. That means no canceling unless it’s an emergency and no stacking other stuff on top of the date. Most importantly, for the love of god stay off your phone and email. If whatever is going on at work can’t wait, don’t make the date in the first place. And if she’s on her phone the whole time, well, you can save even more time by paying the bill and getting on with your night.

Make small work sacrifices when you want to get serious

If you’re looking for a long-term partner, at some point you’ll realize whether she has long-term potential. If she does, you’ll need to start making at least a few work sacrifices to move the relationship to the next level. That doesn’t mean cutting back to part-time so you can sleep in and watch Netflix together. But taking one of the 400 PTO days you’ve banked to travel for a long weekend will go a long way in showing her she’s a bigger priority.

If time is scarce, find shorter-term dating solutions

On the other hand, if your work life isn’t conducive to serious relationships, you’ll need to find shorter-term dating solutions. Plenty of women aren’t looking for marriage either, and are perfectly happy with situations where everyone’s needs are met. Be upfront with your potential date about what you’re looking for, and you’ll be surprised how receptive many women are.

Now that you’ve looked over these dating tips for busy men, you should have a better idea of how to fit dating into your busy personal life. Login to your Seeking.com account and start searching for someone who fits what you’re looking for. Whether you’re trying to find a life partner or just someone to take to dinner, finding a date here is easy. And if you’re not a member, here’s more about who we are and what we do. Or visit the Seeking blog for more upscale dating advice.